Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Latest movie reviews

We've been on quite the movie kick lately.

We were late on the scene renting the thriller "Mama."

I saw commercials for it but it was never a priority and slipped my mind.  Then when our friends were over she said her sister rented it and liked it so I decided to go for it since it didn't appear too over the top scary.  (I know, I'm a wuss in my old age)  Basically two girls are abandoned at a cabin in the woods and left there for years.  A dedicated family member who never stopped believing his brother's family was out there had a search team finally locate them.  They took the girls in but they didn't come alone.  (Cue creepy music)  The woman caretaker was SO annoying with her "I'm above it all" crap it made me want to flick her but I suppose it needed to be that way to make the ending effective.  "Mama" is actually played by a wicked thin creepy dude which only adds to the heebie jeebie factor kind of like Zelda in Pet Semetary.  ("Never get out of bed again!  Never get out of bed aga..."  Sorry)  There were a few of the typical jump scares and stuff but honestly nothing that made me cover my eyes, turn away or anything like that.  It was slightly less thrill than I expected out of a thriller.  The ending was weird but honestly something I cheered for and seemed to be the way it should've been...just try explaining that to authorities though.  If you like super scary movies, this isn't for you but if you like something a little more tame in the scare realm, you might just like Mama (affiliate link) .

We saw Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University and all I can really say is neither were as good as the original and I think if you don't have kids that are dying to see it, don't bother.

Now to last night's rental, Admission with Tina Fey and Paul Rudd.

I needed a comedy.  I thought with the comedic chops of these two that's what I was getting.  The script had other ideas.  I mean there are some funny parts but there are a lot of deeper subjects involved from adoption to single parenthood to people putting their big fat noses in where they don't belong even if well intentioned. I expected more but I'll say that the Mr liked it.  I think my opinion of the movie may be swayed over what I thought I was going to get compared to what I got.  If you go in knowing it's not all gonna be yuk yuks then you might like it more than I did.  I wouldn't turn people away from Admission but just know it's a dramedy over a full on comedy.  Lily Tomlin was awesome.  (affiliate link) 

What movies have you seen lately?  

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  1. Mama was suspenseful enough to keep me entertained but not one I would need to see again. Despicable Me 2 and Monsters U were kind of disappointing to me. I mean, there were funny parts but both failed to really bring it the way the first movies did, but I guess that's a sequel for you. I did enjoy admissions but I guess because I really didn't know what to expect going in and it was definitely more of a dramedy.

    1. Yeah, Mama held my attention for the length but not one I'd need to own. The animated ones were crappy compared to their predecessors. Bummer. As far as Admission, I just didn't want to be bogged down with all of the bummers. I wanted to laugh and it was 30/70 in favor of drama. Boo.

  2. Inception: It was horrible. I fell asleep a few times during it and didn't even bother to go back and see what I missed. The only good thing about it was Jonathan Gordon Levitt. He's officially been added to my Man Stable.

    Sorority Row: We got it from the library solely because a building my husband worked on (architect) was used in the movie. We were expecting it to suck a fat one. It was actually really good. It didn't take itself too seriously and it also had some good horror killing. And Carrie Fisher getting all bad ass with a shotgun.

    We're also working our way through "The Wire". Really enjoying it. And "Curb Your Enthusiasm" (in small doses).

    1. Inception is one you REEEEALLY have to pay attention to and you have to be in the mood for that. If you've added JGL to the man stable, consider renting Hesher.

      You've piqued my interest in Sorority Row since it didn't suck a fat one. ;)

  3. ooh I saw mama..yeah ia gree not too scary and the ending was weird...

    I wanted to see despicable me 2..i might catch it online then...

    admission was not what i expected...

    I havent seen many movies lately:( Iknow its summer and not even in laws dont watch english movies...August will be my movie month

    1. Yeah the ending was kind of like "WTF just happened?" but the little one annoyed me anyway sooo...

      Yep, not what I expected either. Meh.

      Tell your in-laws it's date night and you'll be out at the movies. They don't need to be attached EVERY minute. ;)

  4. I haven't seen Mama yet, but it's on our list to rent. I will also be seeing Monsters U and Despicable Me 2 because it'll be fun for the little guy whether or not the movies are as good as the originals. We'll be seeing Planes when it comes out too.

    We rented the new Red Dawn over the weekend. I had really low expectations going in, but it really isn't bad and I have to say that I prefer this ending to the original ending. We Netflixed an awful B movie called Jack the Giant Killer. It was as bad as expected, but kind of fun to watch anyway. Then last night I got caught up on Falling Skies.

    1. You'll have to let me know how you like Mama. The little guy will like the animated ones.

      I think Red Dawn might be on the Mr's list to rent.

  5. we saw World War Z last weekend. It was entertaining. But nothing like the book, which I loved. But I knew that going in, so I was prepared. LOL

    1. We wanted to see WWZ at a drive in a few towns over but didn't make it before they pulled it so we'll have to wait for the DVD release. I heard the same thing but I haven't read the book...just watching it to see if Brad Pitt can still carry a movie in my mind. :)

  6. My husband saw Mama and also reviews movies! I'll let him know to check out your blog!!!

    1. My reviews certainly aren't as in-depth as his but I agree, for true horror movie fans, Mama isn't going to hold their attention. After movies like Saw and Hostel came out, I lost interest in horror movies. I'm not a gore gal. 80's classic horror...hell yeah!

  7. I like having movie talk --I'm a big movie fan though I don't go to theaters (the picture show) as much due to cost.

    So TV is keeping me busy. I've been watching The Sopranos from season 1 through every season which is on Mon thru Friday night on HBO. We have 10 recorded shows at any time just can't keep up. Now that James Gandolfini passed it's weird there is so much foreshadowing in the show a.
    I was a big Mad Men Fan and kind of want to watch the whole season over again on On demand.

    Last theater movie--Before Sunset (critics gave it great reviews and I liked the first two in the trilogy) talk talk bitch bitch bitch ..bummer)

    --Oblivian-I like sci fi. I have an unwanted Tom Cruise "thing". I liked it. And the actor from Game of Thrones that I like was in it also.

    Premium Cable channels:
    Liberal Arts--I enjoyed this..probably the smarter version of Admission.
    Pitch Perfect--I am not a Glee fan, I have to say I like the actress Anna Kendrick which is the only reason I saw it.

    Movies I want to see " MAMA" is on the list because that same actor from Game of Thrones is in it. I will probably see The Conjuring on the weekend it opens...that looks like a classic, scary house movie. For some reason, The Bling Ring looks really cute/sad.



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