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Friday, April 26, 2013

Streaks, exer-lies and eats for the week

How is it Friday already?  I mean don't get me wrong, I'm glad but this week moved at a pretty decent pace.    This is week three of hitting the water wagon.  I'm averaging 130 oz a day even on weekends I'm forcing myself to drink it.  My pipes have never run so smoothly.  Want some more TMI?  Whatever idiots say that exercising helps with menstrual cramps are lying Sasquatches.  I had to forego a few moves because the gut and uteral (yes I made up a word) area were not on board with violent jiggling.  

We're meeting a friend of ours out of town Sunday so we're lifting the restaurant ban for a meal.  We've known all month but I'm proud of us for sticking to the plan.  This will likely be our routine from now on anyway so I guess we should get used to it.  We're both dying for a burger so that'll likely be the poison of choice and I'll try not to mindlessly shove fries into the potato hole.   

Now that we've got all that out of the way...let's eat!

Sunday was BBQ chicken naan pizza with ultra thin pepper jack and a side of brussels.  Calories:  655

Monday was orange roughy over quinoa duo.  Calories:  465

Tuesday we were feelin' like Mexican so I made chicken enchiladas with roasted red peppers and lacy colby jack, chipotle jalapeno refried beans and a side of brussels.  Calories:  645

Wednesday was a mahi burger with spinach and BBQ sauce, cheddar chipotle potato bites and green beans.  Calories:  429

Thursday was lemon pepper light alfredo pasta with langostinos and a side of brussels.  Calories:  730

Tonight will be fish taco and...altogether now...a side of brussels!

Eat anything awesome this week?  Anything good planned for the weekend?

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  1. The week did go by kind of faster than I expected but I'm definitely not complaining. I will say that I am so glad we're lifting the restaurant ban this weekend because I am sooo craving a burger! That is getting back to what cheat meals were all about. Nice to actually have a true craving for something this time. But April has proven that we can be very good for most of the time while still giving ourselves that one special treat we really crave. We got this!

    1. Dude, I'm so eating that burger with gusto! I can't wait! I hope our friend doesn't mind us eating like sows! LOL

  2. I'm sensing a brussels theme here.

    Exercise does help me, but like walking and swimming for exercise not jumping around like a crazy person exercise. That wouldn't feel good at all.

    Enjoy your weekend and your restaurant treat.,

    1. Agreed...light cardio helps a lot but not squats and other things that squeeze my insides.

    2. No, jumping around or inside squeezers are out. I don't like to poke the sleeping bear known as my uterus!

  3. the food looks delish!!! as always:)

    Have a good weekend...
    Im off to cleveland to meet my friend and her little 10day old baby boy:)

    1. Thanks girl! Enjoy your time with your friend and her bambino!

  4. Yum!

    I have the same issue when working out when on my period. Sometimes I'll be ok at first, and then it starts to feel way worse. UGH

    1. Yeah. I don't take a break then (I know some people do) but I try to make the workouts a little less jarring. ;)

  5. Enjoy your burger!! I don't have much planned other than a meeting in the morning and then doing some Mother's Day shopping. The weather is supposed to be beautiful, so we're hoping to walk the dogs down on the riverwalk. The hubs took them to the dog park today so they are nice and tired. =o)


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