Friday, April 19, 2013

Water woman and this week's eats

I've been kickin' arse on the water again this week.  It sucks to chug it like I do but it's the only way I can get both big ol' vats in.  I'm averaging about 125 oz per day.  Any more than that and you might as well hook up a catheter so I can have a life.  Man, this week of exercise has whipped my bootay.  I am looking forward to doing Walk Away the Pounds later this morning and being done with it for the week.  This week was full of some pretty good eats too.  Let's get to 'em!

Sunday was a slice of whole wheat spinach lasagna and a Hawaiian roll with 1/2 tbsp light butter.  (I don't know why I seem to like re-heated lasagna about as much as fresh.  I think the Mr concurs.  Weirdos)  Calories: 543

Monday was a BBQ salmon burger with spinach, russet wedges with 1 tbsp ketchup and grilled asparagus with caramelized onions.  Calories: 499

Tuesday was a lobster roll with roasted red peppers, steamed red potatoes and a side of brussels.  I was going for a New Englandy kinda theme I guess.  Calories: 560

Wednesday was a BBQ chicken burger with arugula, an ear of roasted corn, light butter and a side of brussels.  Calories:  579

Thursday was crab stuffed flounder over thai lime rice with a side of brussels.  Calories: 680

I think we're going to start going through the suitcases this weekend and getting some cleaning done so we're not stuck doing a bunch of it next weekend since we have plans to meet a friend out of town.  If I'm smart I'll do some of that today.  

Tonight is chicken tacos with roasted red pepper and corn salad.  Calories: 656

What do you guys have on the agenda for the weekend?  What were your favorite eats from your week?

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  1. I am proud of you for hitting the water goals. You rocked it girl! And here's the broken record part of my post: The food, as always, was amazing! I saw an ad yesterday for that PSY (Gangnam Style) guy. He's looking for a chef for 1 month and is paying $40K but I haven't told you about it because I don't want to go a month without you and your cooking. (hmm, I guess I did just tell you but pretend you never heard that).

    1. Aww, thanks hon! Don't worry, while $40K would be nice there's no way I'm leaving you for a month!

  2. Food here was less than inspired - again. Little guy has a soccer game tomorrow morning, but otherwise the weekend is wide open. I'm going to try to fill it with some fun stuff.

  3. I have a conference tomorrow morning that I'm looking forward to, and then my weekend is wide open, just the way I like it. I've had a bit of a cold all week, so I'm looking forward to getting a bit of rest. One of my favorite dinners tonight was caribbean jerk chicken in the crock pot...the hubs was so happy with it he ate two huge sandwiches of it! Since the man is a stick, it always makes me happy when he really induldges in a meal. I have a wonderful salsa recipe that I'm going to try this weekend too.

  4. I prefer reheated lasagna, but I do like fresh. I don't like spaghetti fresh, though. My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy because I'll make spaghetti, mix it up in a big bowl, put it in the fridge, and then reheat it for dinner later. :) It seems better that way, maybe because the sauce "sets".

  5. Leftover lasagna is awesome! It needs a day in the fridge to let all the flavors meld together. Deliciousness!


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