Saturday, April 27, 2013

April Weigh In

Here's how April broke down for me.

I went into April weighing in at 273.
That day we had our Easter basket which was grotesquely full of goodies with the intent on eating our high cal meal the next day.  That happened but so did my mom's Easter baskets for us which I asked her not to get us but you know how they give you that mom look like you'll disappoint them if you say no.  We could've totally taken the basket and then take it to the Mr's work.  That didn't happen.  The next day from ham and candy, we were both up 9 lbs.  We knew that wasn't permanent but still.

April 6th weigh in- 275 lbs.  I gained two, the Mr stayed the same.  Lil effer.

April 13th weigh in- 271 lbs.  Four pounds lost!

April 20th weigh in-  270.5  Half a pound lost which was to be expected because after a big loss like that, we lose nothing or very little.

April 27th weigh in- 268  Two and a half pounds down.

Total of 5 lbs lost for the month or 7 lbs down from my highest during the month.

So from now on, weigh ins will likely be monthly.  I'm going to try that out here and see how it goes.

What did we change?

I increased my water to double my amount of pure water for 130 oz average per day.  I force it down no matter what it takes and some days it takes more than others.

We cut out all restaurant activity.  No meals out whatsoever.  This sucked.  Most because I had to cook but it also brought out a fire in me to make it feel like we weren't missing anything either.  I mean, does it look like we suffered?

We were able to incorporate sweets we like (though we both admit the 3 small cookies were like torture because they were so wimpy in size.)  I kept our calories at about 2500 calories.

Tomorrow we're meeting a friend and were going to do a new normal high cal day.  This includes a reasonable sweet (2 of something, likely normal sized cupcakes) and we're both dying for a burger so burger and fries and focusing on eating slowly and stopping when we're full and lots of water.  This will be our new normal.  One normal high cal day of reasonable sweet and one meal out then the other meal prepared at home between 500-600 cals.

The Mr lost 7 lbs this month so it's obvious this is what we've needed to kick start our weight loss back up.  Now there's going to be a temporary wrench in the form of an upcoming vacay and you guys know we don't hold back on vacations where regional cuisine rules so our focus is to have chia smoothies, lots of water and get in 3 formal exercise sessions per week.  So I know this little victory into new numbers is going to be a short lived one but we now feel we have the tools to take the weight off even quicker than normal when we return and then get down to bidness yo!

Have you recently made successful tweaks to your plan?  Anything planned for the weekend or just glad to be enjoying a lazy few days?

(Excuse any typos, I had to type fast and my proofreader is 'indisposed!')

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  1. No doubt this is what is going to work for us. So glad we finally have some hope for a solution to get us out of this nearly 2 year rut! It is of course a double edged sword since you have to do even more cooking but just as you demonstrated with your pics, we most certainly did NOT suffer. It was all so good and I did not feel deprived (except for that day we had the cookies). Congrats to us! Woo hoo!

  2. That is incredible! I am so happy for both of you.

    I've tweaked my plan to include more water, more potassium, more exercise, and *strict* logging. It's paying off so far. I was stuck for a few weeks, but the scale has moved down two pounds in the past few days.

    I read that potassium helps your body process fluids and move the fluid in/out of cells, so I've been taking potassium supplements (in the vitamin aisle). They weren't kidding. It's like I've been taking water pills or something.

  3. Sounds like April was a very successful month. It is too bad that you have to do all of the cooking to make it work though. Your vacation will be a well deserved break and you guys will come back refreshed and even readier to work. Have a great weekend and enjoy your meal with a friend.

    Not a lot planned here, I have "homework" to do and there are a lot of odd jobs my Mr. has to do around the house today that will take most of the day and then he works tomorrow. Hubby and I will take turns today keeping the little guy occupied so the other can get our work done. It will feel good to have the "stuff" done, but it will be less than exciting. Unless the plumbing repair goes badly - then it will be very exciting just not the good kind.

  4. That is such great news! Congratulations on your perseverance; it's paying off!!

  5. Glad to hear your plan worked! I wish I was motivated to cook the way you do, but I can't seem to do it when it's just for me. Everything looks so yummy!

  6. Congrats to both of you on the loss, that's great! I'm not weighing in until May 1st, I can't take the torture of weekly weigh ins anymore. ENJOY that vacation = )

  7. Nice work, both of you.
    Your hard work WILL pay off. I totally admire your dedication.
    The only thing I've changed is doing weekly meal planning. What a great help that has been.
    The one thing I didn't count on this last week was the cake my kids had delivered for my birthday. So far I've only had one thin slice. Then there is today..............
    I am sure there was at least 5000 calories in that one thin slice.

  8. Great job on your April weight loss! Restaurants are where I get all my extra calories I am afraid but judging from what you guys ate I would have been happy at your house instead! My mom is always talking lalala about how homemade meals are better--yours yes hers not so much!

  9. SUCCESS! Tweaking the diet, exercise and restaurant habits and drinking tons of water sure showed up on the scale. It is amazing to lose that much in a short period this far into a weight loss journey and obviously what you did....WORKED!! Congrats to both you and the Mr.!!

  10. You both are double amazing!! What is that good looking drink in the first pic? Love your writings, pics and daily musings. I keep wondering when the great motivators will hit me. You need to reach thru the screen, grab me and give me a good shaking. Disgusted with it all!!!

    1. Cherry juice lemonade! Just add a splash to my lemon shake up recipe and it's pretty and delicious! Thanks so much for the compliments and consider this my reach through the screen! *shake, shake, shake!*

  11. CONGRATULATIONS HOT STUFF!!!! I am so happy that your weigh-in experiment worked and you found the tools you both needed to tweak things along the way to astounding results! Your food was devine, your water intake has been awesome (like one of your other readers, I tend to drink mine at room temp because it goes down faster for me), and you still allowed yourselves some treats as all part of your plan. Way to go!!

    For me, I've been pasta-free for almost 90 days and honest to goodness I don't miss it. I'm discovering some other trigger foods as well and am working on eliminating them as well. I've upped my exercise and just today I managed to do a 50 minute workout which burned 646 calories and I feel marvelous! I'm going to hurt like the dickens tomorrow, but right now I feel great. The battery is out of the scale and I'll be doing my weigh in come July (my birthday month) so here's hoping these active changes I'm making will finally show up on the scale. I even treated myself to darling pair of red and black plaid ballerina flats--they are SO cute! =o)

  12. Congrats u guys for losing that weight!! woohooo...

    Yummy food as always:)

  13. That is awesome news--I'm so happy you've found your groove again! And now that you've seen the results, it will definitely be easier to keep to the new plan.


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