Monday, April 15, 2013

Food fest weekend

This weekend went well.  I will say that our first full week of no restaurants and basically no high cal day garnered good results.  Double edged sword.  I will mull it over more after this coming Saturday's weekend especially if we get more good results because after a big loss, we both usually tank scale wise.  That's about all I'm going to say about that stuff right now.  I'm trying to keep to my word about weighing in here at the end of the month.

Saturday was good but again, it was hard.  We both thought "woo hoo, it's Saturday!" and then remembered no break for me cooking wise or a nice meal out with a sweet...or follow.  Friday night I put a beef roast on low and let it cook overnight.  Since we had to go out of town Sunday, that meant grocery shopping got moved to Saturday morning.  Boo.  So we did what felt like a 3 hour tour of the grocery stores...actually I think it was 3 hours.  If only there was one mega store that carried all the things we get from the different places.  I got sidetracked at Target and tried on some stuff.  There was this really cute skirt but it was lightweight silk (meaning one good gust and I could Marilyn Monroe it) and it was full price so I will keep my eye on it as the season moves on.

I paired it with a cute top and it was flattering and $15 so I snagged it.

It doesn't look as good in the pic as it does on.  I'll try to remember to take one for ya's.

I think my brain doesn't work properly on the weekends because again I forgot to take pics of breakfast but it was cereal with chia seeds and peanut butter and jelly toast.

Lunch was BBQ beef sliders on Hawaiian rolls with caramelized onions and chipotle potato bites.

Our sweet was splitting a box of our favorite Maui Caramacs.  Basically turtles with mac nuts instead of pecans or cashews or whatever.  YUM!  Dinner was Mexican beef nachos.  There's some chipotle jalapeno refried beans under that mess too.

Total for the day was 2500 calories and came in MUCH better sodium wise.  We were actually about 2050mg of sodium so almost 1300mg less than last weekend.

It was good food but man, I hope this gets easier.  I didn't realize how much I needed a day off from cooking and I will look forward to that when we get back from vacay.  I think we've agreed once a month we can have an "old school" high cal meal and sweet and do this the rest of the time.  Sigh.  *kicks pebble*

Saturday night I pre-made stuff for Sunday so our morning could run smoother before we had to travel since we had to fit in a workout.  I pre-made some chocolate chip pancakes then made eggs and 2 slices of bacon to go with before our workout.  I pre-made lasagna so I could cook it while we got ready.

We had a slice before we left, grabbed an apple and orange for the road with the promise of another piece with a Hawaiian roll after the road trip home.

It was a long weekend but good.

What did you do this weekend?  Did you do any prep to make your meals easier for the week?

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  1. It was a fairly busy weekend but still enjoyable enough and the food, as always, was wonderful! The fact that for the second week in a row I wasn't up 5+ lbs after a Saturday is testament that this is definitely the right move for us!

  2. The food looks great, as always =) I LOVE that shirt! Bat wings to hide MY bat wings!

  3. Not a lot this weekend around here. Just some basic house stuff. Boo. I need to make next weekend better no matter how much I just want to sit around and do nothing. I know I feel better if I make myself get up and out, but it's still easier not to.

    It does sound like a double edged sword. I hope it gets easier.

  4. thats a cute top!! I love that style!! I went to target the other week and they had nothing..maybe time to check them out again..I have been steadily gaining weight..and am freaking out..I think I need to get serious again..i have been sliding...i know I have been exhausted to work out and all but thats no excuse...

  5. I love tops like that because they do such a great job of highlighting someone's figure. I bet it looks great on you. That skirt is really pretty too. You could wear that outfit year-round, depending on which shoes you put with it.

    I've come to the realization that I need to pre-cook on weekends; otherwise, this scale will never budge again. I've been stuck for three weeks. I have a TON of crock pot recipes, so I need to get crackin'.

  6. Cute top -
    I did my menu planning for the week and the grocery list. I am sure amazed how much simpler it is to cook when I have the menu planned out. Thanks again for the tip.
    I am still having a problem planning lunches - sometimes I am hungry, sometimes not. What I did for planning sake is to schedule things that I can swap if I am not real hungry.
    Any suggestions for an afternoon snack?

    1. I'm sure you take fruit with you. You could do like apples and cheese or apples and peanut butter. Banana with some Better N Peanut Butter. Hard boiled egg. A wrap of any kind like peanut butter and banana on a low carb tortilla (if you can find gluten free ones). I'm kind of drawing a blank, I'll let ya know if I think of more.

  7. I still follow the 'splurge-meal-a-month' plan, and for me, it's enough. Some months (okay one month every now and then), I don't even realize I've missed it.

    All this to say, it does get easier!

  8. I have a very hard time eating out also, and until I get a plan (translation - figure out one or two menu options that aren't crazy high calorie, fat and sodium) I make bad decisions over and over and over. Our family normally has pizza nights on Thursday, Chinese take out on Friday then Mexican for lunch on Sunday. After months with no weight loss I made a change - I fixed pizza for everyone else and I ate chicken, veggies and quinoa, no Chinese on Friday and we went somewhere else on Sunday. Like the Mr. said, getting on the scale and seeing a loss after skipping the restaurant is confirmation that this is what I need to do. I enjoy eating out and hope that I can change my attitude about going so that I make better choices instead of acting as though it may be my last meal there. The pizza is homemade but again, I have got to recondition myself to accept that it's ok to just eat a couple of slices not half a pizza :).
    I like the top and the skirt!

  9. What a wonderful challenge, and GOOD for you for stickin' to it. I always set goals, and break them wayyy too fast. I am always so happy when I see the self-discipline. :)

    Love those Target picks... Spring breaks out fun clothes!!


  10. This week we didn't go out to eat on Saturday as we usually do because the husband was still doing the juice fast, and man did it throw off the day. That's such a part of our routine and what weekend means to us. But I'm sure it will be easier as time goes on, especially if you see results from it!


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