Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wanna go window shopping?

It's time to see what I'm crushin' on.  Let's go window shopping!

West Elm released some cool new stuff, let's take a peek!

I love the cute coastal look of this Outdoor Metal Drink Bucket.  You can decorate it for parties, take it to a family picnic or heck even bathe the dog in style in the yard.  (Um, then wash it out thoroughly before using it for drinks again.  Don't tell people you're doing that though.  Forget I said anything.)

They have some super cute new totes for you to take to farmers markets.  From sayings like "Totes!" to "Carry On" to my favorite "Totes Ma Goats" because it reminds me of my cousin, they have a bag to suit you.  My favorite is "Love Thy Farmer."

I instantly fell in love with these orb lanterns.  I would love these hanging all over my patio.  I want it to look like our wedding day when everyone was blowing bubbles at us.  That might look tacky...I'll try to control myself.

It's time to go down the street to Pottery Barn.  I walked in and what did I see?  These stunning Seaside Pillar Candles.  I want them.  Now.  Be right back...

I have seen this Melamine Rope Outdoor Dinnerware in person and I LOVE it.  You think it's ceramic until you pick it up and then can't believe it isn't.  That material sure has come a long way and yes, it's BPA free.

I love hemstitch linens like place mats and napkins so you can imagine I might've tinkled a little when I saw these Linen Sheet Sets at the PB.  I would love nothing more than to wrap myself in their silkiness but unless I hit the lottery, $200+ is a little out of the budget right now.  Dear Pottery Barn gods,  PLEASE put these on deep discount.  I want them desperately.

That's all I can stand right now because I feel like grabbing the credit card and the Mr is sensing danger.

What are you crushing on?

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  1. Those are all really nice things. Maybe if you're a good girl you'll get some of them :-)

  2. You always share the prettiest things. Right now I'd just like more storage space for what I already have. One of the free standing cabinets in my kitchen is about ready to bit the dust so I'm keeping an eye out for a (hopefully prettier) replacement.

    1. I'd like more storage space as well. We're bursting at the seams. I guess it forces you to go through things every now and then to throw out/donate what you don't use. See if you have a Habitat for Humanity ReStore close to you. You'd be surprised what you can find and refinish on the cheap!

  3. I am a sucker for sheets:) and love those candles and lanterns!! Now I have to live by the beach...hehehe

    1. Me too! (Obviously! LOL) I wouldn't mind living by the beach either!

  4. I never used to love "summer" colors, but I've been crushing on them lately. I was always more of a jewel tone person, but now I'm learning summer colors are just sparkly, happy jewel tones. Plus, they remind me of the 80s. When I went to Lane Bryant the other day, I felt like I was looking at my middle school wardrobe. I have so much turquoise, bright pink, and grape going on right now it's ridiculous.

    Bottom line: I want those seaside candles.

  5. LOVE West Elm. I was just there last weekend and could have spent so much more money than I did. I totally want to hang lanterns like that on our porch, but Chris is not convinced.

  6. wow, just thought to tell you that my hubs actually manufactures stuff like the lanterns and (more)
    Found you via runsforcookies.

  7. I REALLY like the dinnerware, too! It looked perfect on the placemat. Good crushes!


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