Thursday, April 11, 2013

Non Scale Victories (4/7-4/11)

Time to celebrate some non-scale victories this week.

Yesterday we went dinosaur hunting and saw Jurassic Park 3D.

This is one of our favorite movies and it doesn't hurt that it's mostly filmed on Kauai.  It gets us in vacation mode and I may shed a few tears.  Good thing dorky glasses hide that.  We didn't get any movie snacks...didn't even sneak in our usual TJ's Lite Kettle Corn.  The calories have been planned for the week and kettle corn wasn't scheduled so none was had by either of us and we were fine with that.  In the past it would've been a pack of Twizzlers or Red Vines for me (the whole thing, not the split like we do now so that would've been about 400-500 calories) and a big box of some kind of candy for him which would be about the same amount of calories.

Because we went to the movie, we had to workout alone.  In the past, I would've really had a hard time motivating myself to get down there or even been tempted to skip and make it up when we could workout together.  Nope. I went downstairs and started to do a workout I made up but then the music overtook me and I danced for 35 minutes burning 710 calories.  It felt good.

I've been rocking the water this week which means I've also taken up residence in the bathroom.  If anyone needs me, I'll be in there.

What are your non-scale victories for this week?  If you don't have any yet, make a goal for one to accomplish by tomorrow!

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  1. I am so glad we saw JP 3D. It was great watching it in a theater again next to my most favorite person in the world. It was kind of a like when we went there as a date in 1993 back in the day. I have to say I was quite emotional at times while watching it too. And seeing Kauai on the Imax screen along with the 3D was almost like being there!

    I am proud of us for not even bringing up the idea of anything to eat at the theater. We did good. Now if we could just get through a movie without having to pee! And I'm not just getting after you for that. I was busting a gut by the time that movie ended!

  2. Yes, it was like dating back in the day. I know, we just watched it not too long ago but I guess with all the anticipation, we know we're going home and we need it desperately. Nope, didn't even bring up the idea which was good! I tried to pick the least eventful time to go wee but of course I missed the water ripple from the TRex. BLARG!

  3. Non-scale victory?

    I've walked 24 miles (so far) since Monday. And I've had one yoga session and one strength training session. So I'm completely on track for my exercise. The weather may tag me out for any more walking this week (I only schedule it for M-F) but I'm aiming for one more yoga session (today) and one more ST (Fri). Then, I get the weekend OFF. Any exercise I do will be "bonus".

    And (in a non-healthy accomplishment) I registered some art to be displayed at Art All Night. Now I just need to finish it! (I'm making a 6 foot long stuffed toy squid)

  4. Not much in the way of scale or non-scale victories for me this week. It's been too cold to get out and walk at lunch and I've been having what I call bottomless pit days - no matter how much I eat I can't seem to fill up. I don't know what that's about, the only thing I can do it make sure I have healthy snacks with me today.

  5. I noticed a faint outline of what will one day be abs this morning - rather excited. After my run, I did some random movements in my living room (I'm in a points challenge with people from college so I wanted to get some points today)

    I also had my best 30s plank EVER last night =]

  6. my non-scale victory was getting into a size 12p jeans!!! I haven't been in a size 12 in at least 14 years!!!

  7. oooh I wanted to see JPark me some T-REX!! Good going on the NSV was fitting into my jeans that were a tighter squeeze..yay

  8. I am super happy that while my husband and I went on vacation I was able to enjoy the food and not go overboard. I made good choices overall and allowed myself a couple of indulgences. As a result, I didn't gain any weight. Normally days of eating out would have me up several pounds, but we did TONS of walking there, so I think it helped. So, I guess you could say this victory is sorta scale related, but even if I did gain weight I wouldn't have been that upset, because I truly felt like I ate well and it was balanced, and that is progress for me.

  9. My victory has been a full week of abstinent eating which, for me, has been 3 meals a day with one snack of either fruit or vegetables or cheese stick at 11am (I don't eat lunch till 2pm) with no eating in between. It's been challenging to rethink my eating and not obsess about it, but it's really been ok. And as so veeeeeery tempted I am to weigh myself I'm not going to...not until July 8th, a full 90 days. I even when to dinner tonight with some friends to a new Mexican place (new to me) and had a lovely meal and felt no desire to overinduldge. Now I'm done til tomorrow morning. I've been making an awesome egg sandwich in the morning and have felt so satisfied with that!


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