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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Post Easter weigh in

Well, I'm up 2 lbs.

Nobody's fault but my own after the great Easter debacle.  I get a little irritated though when the Mr gets to break even despite being up the same 9 lbs I was Monday and being up the same three last night.  Men's metabolism sucks ass.  It makes me want to punch his metabolism but I can't get to it without punching him.  I'll save it for when he really deserves it and say "oh yeah, that's for Easter too!"  It's frustrating when you burn 700 over your suggested calorie burn, suck down water like a champ and mind f*** yourself saying "maybe if you'd worked out on Easter instead of skipping, YOU would've broken even too."  But, can't do that.  It's over.

I guess I should be grateful since I was up 2 last year and ate about 1000 calories less than I did this year.

But I've gotten into good water habits this week that I hope to take forward and no high cal days for the rest of the month.  (Well, we have two out of town meals at restaurants, one next weekend and one the last weekend of the month the day after weigh in)  But we'll see if it's going to be as dreaded as we thought or if it's going to be just what we've needed.  Honestly, we have a hard time coming up with places to go unless we're craving a specific pizza place or maybe a burger from our favorite joint because it just seems like restaurants suck anymore.  Like today is only 125 calories over what we normally eat instead of 1000-2000 depending on where or what we ate.  I'm hoping for big things this week, let's hope I'm not disappointed.

I'm in the middle of 10 different things and the Mr decides he wants to edit vacation footage from October.  Um, pick a worse time, why don't you?  So I'm about to drop the bomb that it's on him.  I'm not going to take this on when I have so much else to do in addition to cooking all freaking day.  Sigh.  I guess I'd better get to it, lots of prep to do for meals today and tomorrow.  I guess we'll be missing out on the only sunny day of the week.  Everyone else enjoy it for me if you've got one.

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  1. Those 10+ things you've got on your plate will all hold a while. Get out for a hike and enjoy the sunshine. I bet the outside air and sun during your workout will do wonders for you. I know it does for me.

    Then you can work on your other projects with a renewed energy and state of mind. I'm hoping to do the same. There is a walking trail out away from town that I didn't know was there until recently so I'm going to try it out this weekend. It's further than I want to drive (it just seems wrong to drive somewhere to walk) but for a once in a while or once a week thing it may be just what I need.

    1. Unfortunately they won't. Our time is very limited so gotta do what I've gotta do. :-\

      Have fun on your trail walk!

  2. I think a short while in the sunshine might be just what the doctor ordered. (Or this doctor, anyway, who has a PhD from The Medical Internets.) ENJOY your weekend!

    1. Unfortunately the weatherman didn't exactly nail it (shocker) so I'm not missing much.

  3. I sure hope you enjoy just a piece of the sunshine today.
    FYI- I just finished doing an entire week of meal planning - thank you for the suggestion. I have never planned an entire week of every meal. I am excited about having it completed. Should be less stressful on a daily basis.
    Now on to the grocery store.

    1. That is AWESOME!! So proud of you!! Let me know how it turns out!

  4. I was up 2 lbs this week also! Had to be all those Easter eggs! :)


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