Monday, April 1, 2013

April's Fool

That would be me.  Us.

It was not a good weekend.  The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.  I realize an old habit is slipping back in and I'm going to do a little self examination to figure out why.  The only bright spot was realizing that despite Simply Caramel Milky Way candy bars being the best candy bar for caramel lovers like myself, their holiday version of anything (bunnies, hearts, etc)  is nothing like them and sucks rocks so his co-workers get them.  It should've been a way bigger victory but that candy was replaced by another so it ended up being a draw.

The co-workers should've gotten the mini Easter basket my mom made us that we turned down initially and then consumed with guilt because you could tell she wanted us to have them.  Of course if we had our shit together, we would've taken them and given them to someone else but nooooo, we didn't.  We both went to bed feeling disgusting.

We knew better.  We didn't do better.  Sorry Maya Angelou.

April is going to be strict.  Gross strict.  Like, I'm going to be in a REALLY bad mood the entire month so buck up buttercups if you decide to come along for the ride.

I'm also not weighing in here for the month.  I'm sick of it.  It just makes me feel worse.  (Up half a pound (within the same whole number pound though.  273.8 over last week's 273.4) despite cutting my calories by 300-500 all last week and being Survivor like hungry all week long.  That was a stupid idea given how many calories I burn.  I've tried that before and gain weight every time.  But now I'll get Easter candy to burn off which means I'll be lucky to break even if not gain this week.  Aces.)

If you're thinking this is some stupid April Fools joke, you're going to be waiting for the punch line for a while.  I don't do that crap.  It doesn't mean I don't have a sense of humor, I just prefer to use it for every day moments and not stupid "holidays" like this one.  I've already seen a few bloggers do it today and it irritated me enough to unsubscribe.  It was just the push I needed to trim the way I spend my time.

Yeah...I'm in an awesome mood.

I'm sure I was the only one that ate a Guinness World Records worth of candy.  Hope your holiday was better.  Feel free to share about your holiday in the comments.  I've got no witty interactive question today.

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  1. I also ate a truckload of Easter candy that never should've been in my house to start with. I know better, but somehow I rationalized it to being ok.

    I'm so not a fan of April Fools jokes either. If fact they just really piss me off. I teach jr. high and have a 6 year old at home so you can imagine how my day is going to go.

  2. No Easter Candy in India... :) Maybe have 2 or three Soup dinners to feel full and kickstart metabolism...All the Best, Grouchy :)

  3. I went to Trader Joe's and bought Honey Roasted Peanuts for snacks for my husband. Half the bag is gone in two days and hubby hasn't eaten any of them.
    I wish I understood why I do this to myself. What is going on when I am able to focus with laser intensity and control my eating and do my exercise versus what is going on now??
    Hopefully your week and my week will get better!

  4. Chewy Sprees. Damn them. That is all.

  5. Arghh...i ended up buying chips ahoy chewy cookies which I didnt even care for but ate half the box:(...argh....

  6. Obviously you're not in the mood for perky comments, but I hope you can find a way to box this up into the "it was just one day" category. That's where I put my two different kinds of potatoes, two rolls, and banana pudding from yesterday. There's plenty of room in the box for your candy and the Mr.'s!

  7. April is going to be MUCH better. Has to.

  8. Really?! Easter egg hunt at church Saturday...all the cookies, candy, chips and dip I could shove in my pie hole. Sunday morning...reese's minis for "breakfast" followed up by chips to keep myself from getting sick from so much sugar...followed by iced sugar cookies with the kids plus the half a pack I took home with me! Sister, you ain't by yourself!

  9. Well, you're not alone. There's a lot of feeling gross today. Reboot. That's what I'm doing!

  10. I got pissy with my husband because he bought the kids a ton of candy. I hate them having that much, and then it being around to tempt me. He put a lot of it up in his man cave, so out of sight, out of mind. We celebrated Easter on Saturday, and I did pretty well that day. I did have a cupcake for dessert, 1 reeses egg and a couple small chocolates, but that was it. Family gatherings are hard for me. My MIL has enough food and candy at her house at all times to feed a third world country, and she loves to send us home with it. :/ I had a couple treats yesterday, but didn't go crazy. I was tempted to eat some of the kids' candy when they went to bed, but instead got up and cleaned the bathroom. LOL Tonight I have a gathering at a friend's, so another time I will have to be strong. It's so hard to avoid the food in social situations. I do great when I am at home surrounded by all the healthy stuff I bought. I hope this month is better for you. I feel like I am constantly trying to figure out how much to eat and work out so it's working. It was so much easier to lose in the beginning.

  11. Sorry mama, I'm there with ya! *HUGS* I got sucked into starburst jelly beans and those damn reese's pnb cup minis. I had roughly 4,387,922 of them...

  12. Yeah, I hear ya! Hate April Fool's jokes (don't get me started there), and Easter candy is evil. I'm finding it easy to slide back into old habits with sweets (CANNOT have sweets out in my house, I WILL eat them). Gotta stop it before it gets out of hand. Hope April is much better for you; when you've been at this for a long while, it is a real challenge to find the right balance of food and exercise to keep losing. Shouldn't be that way, but it is. Boo. :(

  13. I hear ya. A few stressful weeks capped by Easter "holiday" mentality has derailed my efforts of late. I just have to get back to work at it, back on the wagon, and buckle down. I hate the feeling of having no "wiggle room" that I must be super careful about what I eat all the time, but that's the way it is.

    I'm not a fan of April Fool's Day either.

  14. This weekend can only be referred to in my world as a "hog fest".

    Saturday was a family Easter party where I snarfed down 3 different kinds of cake, sugar cookies (the ones with icing and cute sprinkles), chips, and fried chicken. Sunday was Reeses eggs, Butterfinger eggs, those damned malted eggs, jelly beans, and coconut cake on top of the ham and the bacon wrapped sausages. Yeah I'm pretty sure the scale growled at me or it could have been me growling at it. Up 6 lbs since Friday, I'd love to say its water from all the salt but yeah that would be a lie and we all know it.

  15. *raises hand/hangs head*

    I haven't been able to get my crap back together since my dad passed third week of February. I am quite literally having sugar detox today, as well as extremely sick stomach pains. Will it change anything? GAH! Must get shit together!!!

    Anyway, I hear you on strict. I believe you and know you two will do strict like crazy this month.
    I didn't even bother weighing in this morning. I am going to weigh in tomorrow, log it and get the heck GOING on losing the weight I've regained.

    Here's to April, and trust me, NO joke here.
    Hugs to you, thanks for the honest recap ( as always!).

  16. My mom will still get me candy for Easter and Christmas and I always end up eating it. It's hard not to because it's not just the free delicious food thing, it's also the whole guilt thing too. Well, this year I'm proud to say I avoided the candy. But let's not talk about the pizza I had this weekend, mmkay?

    I hope April is a better month for you!

  17. Sounds like we all need something to kick that motivation back in. I ate tons of candy crap and I can't seem to get it back together. Just when I think I have everything out of the house that gives me problems then I pick something up when I'm out. What happened to that will power I used to have. TOMORROW IS A NEW DAY!!!!!

  18. You are definitely not the only one that overdosed on Easter candy and other sweets. They handed out chocolate Easter eggs at work, my Mum gave me an Easter bunny, and my best friend gave me a small easter basket full of good chocolate and Creme Eggs. She knows Creme Eggs are my weakness. And to top it all off, Sunday was my birthday and I ended up with two birthday cakes, plus salted caramel cheesecake pops. It just didn't stop and I don't have it in me to throw it out. I will be pacing myself and tracking instead.


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