Friday, January 20, 2012

To Fan Page or not to Fan Page

I see tons of people who have Facebook fan pages for their blogs.  I wanted to do one a while ago but then saw where you couldn't ban people who spammed your page or block them but now I hear you can.  I don't know if this is something I should have or not.  I'm kind of indifferent to it but I know that's how this blogging thing can roll sometimes.  You go with social trends or get left behind. I don't know that I would post a ton of pics there so I wonder how interesting it would truly be to people.

I'd like to hear from both sides, the perspective of someone who has a fan page and is it a pain in the butt to run in addition to everything else.  How often do you post and does it end up being more than you can keep up with.

From the "fans" perspective, does keeping up on Facebook make it easier for you than subscribing?  Do you see any advantages to me doing one?

I honestly don't know which way I'm leaning so I wanted to go to the peeps on this one for input.

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  1. I don't know if my previous comment worked. Basically, I'm sorry for being a shit friend and an all around shit person. I had some crap to take care of and I got so wrapped up in my own head/problems that I forgot about everyone around me. And, I'm sorry.

    I've been follwing Jen's fanpage because it's easy to get to FB from my phone (because the internet at home is crap and I've been trying to stay off of it at work). I love that she posts links to her blog so that I can follow them and keep up that way.

    But, I don't run one and I haven't run one.

    So, yeah. I miss you and I'm glad that you're doing well and you hit the 200 lost mark even if a few vacay pounds did slip back in for a while.

  2. I read a LOT of healthy living blogs. I've only ever subscribed to ONE fanpage on FB and that's Oh She Glows - but I adore her blog. Of the 20 or so other blogs I frequent I've never had a desire to "like" their page on FB. Well, I actually tried a few, but "unliked" them because I just preferred to get the scoop from their blogs.

    Seems like it'd be a lot of work. I don't think you'd be left in the dust if you don't go that route.

    I actually prefer to not "like" a lot of stuff on FB because I don't want their promotions and such taking over my FB page.

  3. As a reader I don't see an advantage. I have your blog bookmarked and just check it everyday. That doesn't work for everyone though and since you're trying to get more people to read a fan page might be the way to go.

  4. I'd never "like" a facebook page you made. Bottom line, I don't want the nosey petty folks on facebook knowing my more personal stuff like what weight loss blogs I read. For me, facebook is for games and silliness, not "real" stuff.

    (and true confession, ever since I had to listen to my MOTHER talk about facebook it really sucked the interest all out of it--I just don't want to be a part of any section of the internet where my MOTHER is--MOM = "uncool")

  5. I "liked" one on Facebook, but dropped it because of all the negative "fat bashing" that was happening. People could get on and basically say what they wanted, and it would cause big arguments between the basher and the subscribers.

    Too much drama, away I went.

  6. I don't "like" pages like that, simply because I feel I get enough updates from the actual blogs. :)

  7. ...doI need to actually say it here? :)

  8. I had started a fan page, just because I found some people like do manage things from Facebook, especially people who don't regularly read blogs but have a special interest in your blog, such as if they know you personally.

    I only have VERY few fans on there (5) but I think it's okay. I don't do much with it, simply because the fans are so few.

  9. What most people don't know about Facebook is that it is essentially an advertising medium. If you want the social outreach and the free organic SEO that comes with FB, you should do it. For people like you with an established blog, it is an extra...and free...way of gaining more readership.

    Yes, FB will place keyword-associated ads in the right margin for your readers, however I have never paid any attention to them when I go to a fanpage for content. To make it worthwhile, you need to post three to five times daily, and the best posts are those that connect with your fans. If you had a fanpage, I would 'like' it, and every time I commented on one of your posts, it would be shown to MY 300 some-odd friends in their news feed. Some of them would likely come to see what it's all about, some wouldn't.

    You can delete posts to your fanpage wall that you deem offensive, although I don't know whether you can block people.

    I run about five pages for businesses in which I have an interest, and I automate the posts for some of them with an RSS feed through Google Alerts. You could automate your daily blog posts to post to FB and have FB set to email you when anyone comments. Shouldn't take much of your time if you want to do it, and it wouldn't interfere with your existing readers here.

    If you decide to do it, be sure to let me know. A fanpage, like a blog, isn't seen without promotion of some kind.

  10. PS, if I can help you in any way, PM me at SP.


  11. There is so much crap on FB I am afraid I would miss your blogs. Ever since they changed the feeds I am always missing posts I am interested in and just seeing the blah-blah-blah kind of stuff.

    I love the way your blog works here because I can subscribe and I get it in my email every day. I may not always post but I am always reading!

  12. I'm torn. The Facebook Fan pages that I'm subscribed to honestly become like background noise. Every now and then something catches my eye and I may click to go see, but I like to keep things seperate too. As someone stated before...FB now tells all your friends EXACTLY what you just did and that annoys the hell out of me.

    So....I come to catch up on my blogs about two sometimes three times a week. I would rather keep it that way....BUT I love if you had a fan page I'm sure I would "like it". LOL :)

  13. I have a fanpage for my blog, mostly to gain more followers... I was hoping to have more on my actual blog by now but I actually have more on facebook... I have no issue with spam if that helps!

  14. I have a fan page, but I don't really know WHY ;) I made it right after I was on Dr. Oz, just in case someone who watched the show wanted to find me. I have a Facebook page that is ONLY for my "real life" friends and family, and then the fan page is for everything blog-related. That way if I want to "like" the pages of other blogs, I can do that with my fan page rather than my private page. It helps me to keep everything separate. But I rarely post on the fan page--maybe twice a week I'll write something. I like to save my good stuff for my blog!

  15. Thanks so much everyone for your feedback! I really appreciate it. I think I'm just going to hold off and if one day this blog becomes something big (containing laughter) then I might but for now I don't need something else to manage if people don't really care one way or the other. I appreciate both perspectives!

  16. I follow Jen on facebook but I've been following her on Spark for years at this point anyways. I debated also putting an FB badge on as well but decided against it. If I want to share my blogs on FB for my friends, then I post them but I don't like to share anything too personal about weight loss on there. I would vote no to the badge for now. :) I found you on Jen's page and really enjoyed reading your blogs so I "followed" you, hope you don't mind!

  17. I'm the Scrooge of social media in that I don't much care for it. While I care what's going on in people's lives, so much of what gets posted and inserted into timelines is just verbal clutter. I do care if someone's having a stressy day and would benefit from a kind word. I don't care what their score was on whatever game.

  18. I don't do the blog scene other than yours and only because I love you and appreciate the way you share your life with us. Wherever you go with it, I'll be there. That said, I find FB very convenient in many respects and I think you might get more exposure there. Whether that would be a good thing or not I do not know.


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