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Saturday, January 21, 2012

I give up - Weigh In

Are you effing serious?  I'm UP a pound!?!?!

I'm really beginning to wonder if having to switch my pills yet AGAIN back to what I was originally on but wanted to get off of is what is fighting me this month.  I'm going to wait to see what my options are when I go back to the gynie in 2 months but I seriously don't know what else it could be.  I burned 4500+ calories this week, was spot on with my calories, fiber was decent but not where I usually like it but the water suffered again this week.  I think I only hit my goal one day and I can't believe that it made SO much difference that I can't move my rings this morning.  I am so beyond frustrated.  So down comes my big accomplishment of 200 lbs lost because it's no longer true and I said I'd give myself 3 weeks.  I feel like an utter failure.

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  1. I will be better about getting after you for your water. I think that is the biggest thing honestly. I wasn't as good with water either this week but I will correct that and if I need to I will get after you every time I take a drink.

  2. I discovered a new way to drink water this week. I squeeze lemon into the glass (lemons = liver detox and better PH) and then I drop in some Stevia. And honestly it tastes like real homemade lemonade. Which I guess it is. But it is so delicious and quenching that I crave it now.

    You didn't gain a pound! It's all water. Make water a goal this week, and see the difference next week.

    Good luck!

  3. Sweet help from your husband...... You are NOT a failure, but rather a great inspiration.

  4. *hugs* and you are not a failure.

    I hope your doctor has some good options for you when you go in.

    I've been making more of a point of getting all my water in this week and I can't believe how much better I've felt. It's so easy to miss and not notice, but when you get it all in it makes such a difference. I fill my water bottles in the morning, and they have to be empty by bedtime. I know a lady that sets her phone to beep every 2 hours to remind her to drink a glass of water that often.

  5. I feel your pain, sister!! It is hard to not feel like a failure but you are FAR from that, and you know it. You are an amazing person who has had great success and you've hit a crappy bend in the road--we all do. I know how strong you are and that you will kick some big time booty--it seriously does just get harder and harder the smaller you get. You will get through this! Thanks, Mr. for being so supportive!!

  6. I am sure it is water but disheartening just the same. You need even more water when burning calories like that. Push the water this week and see what happens.

  7. Honestly, if things were that on target, it probably was the water. Truly, if I don't get 12 glasses a day, I'm up the next day. I know I shouldn't weigh every day, but that's how I stay on top of it. I'm sorry you have to take down the 200 pounds. Now go have a glass of water!

  8. I feel your pain. I used to call these types of gains "NED"s, as in Not Effing Deserved. They're frustrating and can be demotivating,which is one reason why I don't set weight-based goals.

    When it comes down to it, all you have control over is what you DO. And it looks like you were right on target there. So you had the moral victory. (And yes, I have a good idea what I can do with the moral victory.)

  9. Hey now, you're not a failure. We all know that the scale doesn't reflect our efforts sometimes.. Don't let it get to you. You've hit 200 before and will again!

  10. I know you're frustrated, but losing 200 pounds (give or take a few!) is the complete OPPOSITE OF a failure! You've done everything right--maybe you'll drop a big number next week.

  11. Gah! Super frustrating! You are in no way a failure. Go ahead and drown your sorrows in water today!

  12. Okay... YOU and failure do NOT belong in the same sentence!

    I had as long comment with a theory typed in here, but I lost it... don't have time to re-typeright now, but I will be getting back to you.

    .... just don't underestimate the water angle, and don't forget:

    YOU and failure do NOT belong in the same sentence!

    ...oh... and what mammadwarf said.

    {{{{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}}}}

  13. Begging your pardon, I don't see any failures around here!

  14. To borrow a line my friend used on me today, 'at the risk of stating the obvious, you are awesome!' All of you. It fills me with such comfort to know there are people who aren't nearly as hard on me as I am an myself and urge me to keeping looking forward.

    I feel like January is going to be a wash but I'll be damned if I'm not going to give it my best effort this week to at least come out a little ahead.

    Thanks again, all of you, you're the absolute BEST!

  15. I'm new to your blog but have done some reading of older posts. You are not a failure, just the opposite.

    I have trouble with water intake and it always seems to be my top goal for the week.

    I'll be back to read about your next success, because there will be one.

  16. I've noticed that I'm just not as thirsty in the winter as in other seasons, and it's hard for me to force water when I'm not thirsty. I agree with the others, though it may well be that your pills have something to do with the plateau you've been struggling with. I beg you not to take down the 200 lbs. lost. You did that. The fact that for whatever reason some of them have come back temporarily does not in any way negate the fact that you did it.

    No one can change what you FEEL, and only you can decide what you will do about it. I hope that tomorrow the decisions you have already taken will be reflected in the way you feel...i.e., better and in no way a failure!

  17. No way are you a failure. Water makes a HUGE difference and is almost certainly a big part of what is going on. Hang in there and get that water in, bet you will drop next week right back down and beyond. ((( hugs )))

  18. You are not a failure!! Don't let that crappy metal box make you feel like that. Since I'm new to following you, you may have already stated you have this or know to do this. Do you have or use a bodybugg or fitbit? I use a bodybugg because I didn't understand what my weight issues were since I was doing everything right. I quickly learned that I was not burning enough daily to have a deficit worth losing the following week. Also, water retention is common. If you like lemon, I recommend putting some in your water throughout the day. The lemon flushes out the bloating. I hope these recommendations help! :)

  19. There is no way you are a failure at anything...and it probably is the fluid especially if you can't move your rings. You will do this.

  20. I know you're dissapointed, but look at everything you have accomplished!! You're amazing and I love you for inspiring me! (((hugs)))

  21. I'm a new reader...I just happened to come across your page. CONGRATS on losing an incredible amount of weight!! It can be frustrating to slide a tiny bit in the opposite direction BUT your overall picture is amazing! Don't forget that!!

    I just stared my own journey getting back into shape after having 2 kids 13 months apart. (Yes, I'm a tad bit crazy!) Check it out at The fitness program I'm using is amazing, too!

    Keep your head up!



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