Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How I Spent My New Years Eve

We went to the Windy City!  There is nothing like Chicago for the holidays and this was an absolutely wonderful way to ring in 2012.  We both agreed it was the best New Years Eve of our lives.  I'm dog tired but let me share a few pics with ya...

We did our own self guided and much researched John Hughes tour which included the Curly Sue school.

 The school used in Sixteen Candles and Weird Science exterior shots.

 A visit wouldn't be complete without seeing the McAlister home from Home Alone!

Or seeing Cameron's dad's garage from Ferris Bueller.

Or relaxing on the bench where Cameron had his freak out after getting the Ferrari back.

 Paying our respects to the man who gave us such great movies.

Heading to Millenium Park.

Thankfully the rain kept people away from the Bean/ Cloud gate.

 We walked to the Willis Tower from a restaurant about 23 blocks away.

I HATED standing on the ledge the hangs out from the side of the building.  Took my pic and left!

We went on a fireworks cruise that opened up last minute to ring in the new year.  It was amazing and amazingly cold!  (Sorry it's blurry, we're on a boat, yo)

Bought my purse at Bloomingdales, it only took 2 years to find one I like!

I LOVED seeing snow our last day coating the Christmas greens!

 I'm going to miss seeing the festive decor and beautiful architecture!

I share the same sentiments Chicago Theater!

I wish you all a wonderful 2012 and will have some Chicago oriented posts this week.  Right now I'm just plain pooped and am hitting the hay!  We never celebrate but this year we are SO glad we did!

How did you ring in the new year?

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  1. Wonderful pictures!! Looks amazing. :) We just stayed at home and relaxed, until the neighbours called us over .. didn't get to bed until 5am :D

  2. We stayed home, watched a Syfy special on dvr, and watched like 5 minutes of the ball drop. Then we toasted with sparkling apple cider, finished the movie and went to bed. Boy are we exciting huh?

    Chicago sounds amazing. I'm glad you had a good time!

  3. Looks like you had an awesome time! Happy New Year!

  4. LOVED the pictures from all the famous Chicago-set Hughes films. He made some great ones, didn't he? Chicago is one of my hubby's favorite cities. We've only been there once as a family, but he has been several times on business. Maybe I should give it another chance, because judging from those amazing pictures, I think I missed some great stuff last time I was there. Of course with a husband and 3 sons, we always concentrated on the sports in Chicago. Always the sports!
    I don't know about you (you're much younger than me) but before my weight loss I would NOT have been able to walk and do all the touring you obviously did in Chicago. I don't take regaining that ability lightly, and have been immensely enjoying being able to go anywhere and do anything I want. It's such a sense of freedom. Good luck as you pursue continued healthy living in 2012! LOVE your blog!

  5. Love Chicago and try to get up there every couple of years at least. But never in winter. :)

    Looks like you had a lovely time!

  6. Oh my holy bueller!! I had no idea you could see camerons garage!! I must go to Chicago now. As I remember you also visited breakfast club school right? Omg i have to See that too. I wonder if any pretty in pink locations are available... I would love to see the street where the record store was....

  7. I also wouldn't mind hitting up some blues brothers locations...

  8. Great pictures! It sounds like you had a great time. We spent our New Years with my sister and brother in law. We prayed in the New Year's and then played board games. Nice and mellow!

  9. Nice! My husband is from Chicago, and we never go there! Great pics, as always!

  10. Fabulous pictures, I have a little Windy city envy brewing.... I've always wanted to go there! Looks like you had a great time. Happy New Year!

  11. Sorry to be a stranger! Finally, the house is quiet and DH is back to work.
    I *love* Chicago!! So very glad you two had a wonderful get-away. I've just been the two times, when the boys went through USN boot camp a little north of the city, but those were just quick day trips. LOVED seeing familiar pictures. I think we'll go ourselves someday for our own trip.

    Thanks for sharing, and Happy New Year to you!

  12. Wonderful pictures--sounds like a great time! I am headed to Chicago for the first time on Thursday for a conference; if I get any spare time during the day, now I have some ideas on what to get out and see!

  13. Since we live in Milwaukee, my husband and I were planning to go to Chi-town for his birthday like last year but sadly it wasn't in the budget this go round. When we do go back I think it would be SO much fun to see the Hughes tour! I love it! Glad you had so much fun! We should really go more often since it is quite close! ;) HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  14. It takes me forever to find a purse I like too. Still searching for mine. Happy New Year!

  15. You were only about 100 miles from me! I was born in Chicago (south-side girl)so all these pictures made me smile. The hubs was up here and I showed them to him too and which one did he like the most...the one with the see through bottom! EGADS! No thank you, says the woman who's terrified of heights! These were terrific pics and I'm thrilled you had such a great New Year's! Here's wishing you and the MR all the best in 2012!!

  16. Looks like a REALLY awesome trip!!! So glad you and the Mr. had a good time!


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