Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Two projects? No problem

We remodeled our kitchen 9 years ago.  It used to be completely builder grade white, which was in when it was built but one day I walked by and couldn't deal with it anymore.  So for "curiosity's" sake we went to the local Home Depot and $8000 or so later, our wee 2 butt kitchen was instantly cozy.  We couldn't justify granite at the time.  It would've pushed us beyond our budget because we don't finance stuff like that.  We got this beautiful dove gray laminate that we both loved.  Fast forward 9 years and the cabinets look amazing, especially with all of the stainless steel appliances we got 3 years ago (how did I ever live without a double oven before!?) but the countertops leave a bit to be desired.  When we decided to get new appliances we checked around to see if anyone needed some all-white appliances and a friend of The Mr's co-worker said they got a new house and couldn't afford anything.  Lucky for them, we were giving them away for free because they were just going to be hauled away anyway by the delivery company a few days later.  We sat the microwave down on the stove and when they picked it up, the brackets on the side scraped our countertops on either side of the stove.  Gee, thanks.  You try to do something nice.  Grrr.

We started noticing over the past year that little nicks were forming by the seam and its not like we use the counter as a cutting board.  Then The Mr asked if that's where I core my apples.  Oh, you mean the when I push down with all of my weight with a metal apple corer on a paper towel?  Pssht, please!  Give me a little more cred...

Yes...yes, I do.  *shame*

Yeah, so I started using a potholder under it and lamented my stupidity.  Then it was time to head back to the ol' Depot and just see how much granite or quartz countertops would be...you know, for curiosity's sake.  We're getting the new countertops next month after we approve the slab.  We decided to go with granite because in talking with the woman about resale value she said even though we are down with quartz, many people aren't savvy enough to know it's the better choice maintenance wise.  We agreed and since resale is something we now have to think about where home projects are concerned, we thought it'd be the smarter choice right now.  Incidentally, she's the lady who put together the design for our kitchen 9 years ago!  We're there all the time and haven't seen her there so we thought it was a sign.  She said "you guys look great, you haven't changed a bit!  I wanted to say "you didn't see us 3 years ago!"  So there's a new thing on the checklist.

Wasn't I supposed to be turning the guest room into a studio?  Yeah...two projects?  No problem.

I have to say though, I'm really proud of us.  The Mr worked some overtime, not by choice and it looked like I was going to have to workout alone but then it was looking like he was wrapping up.  By the time he got home, we said he had to get over to Home Depot to sign the papers and thought it would be a quick thing.  We had to pick out a sink, faucet, new disposal then off to the grocery to buy Home Depot gift cards so we could get a few free tanks of gas and back to HD.  By the time all of that was done, it was 8pm.  We went straight downstairs and did Power 90 original which is just over 30 minutes.  I got a good 700 calorie burn in which isn't bad.  It would've been so tempting to say we'd make up the workout later in the week or double up but we didn't.  We took care of bidness like the exercise badasses we are.  *wink*

Do you have any home improvement projects you want to tackle this year?

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  1. Just to organize what I have now although I think It might be easier to throw it all out and start over!!

    Have fun!!

  2. Good Morning!
    Just 2 things this year, the hardwood floors all refinished and painting most rooms. I have painted every room in the house at least twice in 13 years but it's time again. We redid our kitchen in 2010 but couldn't swing the granite and kept our laminate(light blue!) and it's looking cwappy. I had heard that the granite you cannot get olive oil on it or it stains. I said that is ridiculous cause it's a staple in my house and I was sure to spill some sometime. Like you I am also decluttering, feels awesome! Enjoy your day

  3. HOORAY for you and the Mr. and your getting the exercise in--you both rock!!

    I was just thinking the other day that the girls' rooms need a re-do. I blinked and they are no longer the little girls who liked pink and lime green and flowers and kitties--so sad.

    I have so been drooling over a double oven for years now. As much as I cook for others who have had babies, surgeries, etc, it would be so handy...some day.

  4. There are so many things I'd like to do to my house I don't even know where to begin. I need to spend some time landscaping and the outside needs a paint job. My kitchen floor is terrible and needs to be replaced, like yesterday. The kitchen counters that were here when we moved in are a horrible orange color that doesn't appear in nature, but since they're holding up remarkably well I can't justify replacing them. I'd like to repaint/rearrange/redecorate every room in the house. Plus I'd really like a room stretcher. I could so used an extra 10 square feet or so of space in every room of the house.

  5. There are SO many things we want to do, but just don't have the money. I think it's because my vision is too big. I can't be happy with a new counter top, I want to blast a hole in the side of the house and make a whole new kitchen. He doesn't get it!

  6. We are too po' to replace our countertops, so we're going to try Giani Granite. We saw it on the DIY Network, and it looked pretty good. If it turns out hideous, we'll have to find the money to replace them. Never hurts to try though!

  7. "Do you have any home improvement projects you want to tackle this year?"

    ...um... every square inch of my house (inside and out)!

    SIGH. Since the flood and the fact the The Divine Miss O's health issues and subsequently our own were front and centre at the time, I'm just finally 'digging out'. I't going to be a long year.

    Way to go on the exercise... that's the balance I'm trying to find... do the important stuff AND take care of ME.

    {{{{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}}}}

  8. I have GOT to update my kitchen this year, preferably before spring. There are just too many options.

    My budget is probably going to require laminate (I'm blessed with lots of counter space), but if budget wasn't a deterrent, I'd go with quartz. I've read that granite isn't good for kitchens, which is why you don't see it in chefs' kitchens.

  9. Okay now everyone is freaking me out about the granite that we've already paid for. Anyone got granite that has has a *positive* experience with it? I've only got 2 more days to get my $2500 back!!!!

  10. I'm pretty much a home improvement junkie, but I have to just watch as the home we live in for now is rented. I definitely got my say in when the landlords asked if we would cooperate with a kitchen remodel while we're here...their way of being nice although it has kept us from fully using our kitchen or garage all month. But my contribution (stealing the linen closet that backed the stove in the kitchen and turning it into useful kitchen space, since it only stored my plastic ware anyway) really opened up the space. Sadly, I couldn't talk them out of granite, which is a terrible choice for a rental for the reasons named above. That's what's holding up the works. Two weeks to fabricate the countertops, and for that reason the water can't be hooked up. So I'm cooking in an electric skillet and crockpot and washing dishes in the bathroom. Ick.

    But you are right about resale value. Just make sure your granite is properly sealed, and be as careful as you can. (Says the former real estate broker.)

  11. Question - how do you get free tanks of gas by buying HD gift cards at the grocery store? I want that special!! Good luck on the projects!


  12. Lots of different "big box" grocery stores that have attached gas stations have deals where if you buy X amount in gift cards at their store, it applies toward gas credit at their gas pumps! It's a great deal if you can score it so check locally and see if any in your area are running the deal!

  13. Good on you for getting that exercise in even though it was late! We redid our kitchen a couple of years ago, replacing the cabinets and doing a bit of reconfiguring and putting in granite. I LOVE my granite countertops, no issues with them at all. We were originally looking at a solid surface, but after we looked at the options, granite just had so much more life to it, we went that direction. Haven't had any problems at all with the granite, and it definitely is what most people are looking for when it comes to buying a house. BTW, I use olive oil all the time (about the only oil I use) and haven't seen any stains from it. Maybe it's the color (New Venetian Gold, if I remember right), but it doesn't show anything.

    No major projects on the docket at our home right now outside of the ongoing, never-ending battle to declutter and organize. I'm sure we will come up with something, though; nary a year goes by that we don't tackle something!

  14. So awesome!!! My dream kitchen would be butcher block counters!! I can't wait to have a house! You guys would come over and decorate, right?!?! I'd need you haha!

  15. I think the granite is going to look amazing in our kitchen and its all coming together finally. Only took 9 years LOL.

  16. Good on you for getting your workout in, though I wouldn't expect any less from you two.

    We're going to do a mini-remodel of our kitchen this summer. Just paint the cabinets, add a few more builder grade cabinets, maybe do some wainscotting on the exposed side of the cabinets to dress them up a bit, and put in a new counter top. We can't afford granite either, and are looking at a higher-end laminate.

    Hopefully, when we're ready to expand the kitchen, we'll be able to afford exactly what we want.

    Other than that, it's just normal projects: staining the deck, painting the roof (okay, that's not so normal), putting stone in the driveway, finishing the bank, landscaping stone...


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