Thursday, January 12, 2012

Attempting to heal...keepin' it real

The shoulder was not pleased with me for sleeping on it the previous night so it was hurtin' like a mofo yesterday.  The fact that I injured myself doing the Jillian workout meant there was no way in heck I was doing it for last night's exercise.  So I decided to slip on a weight vest and break out the 3 mile Walk Away the Pounds.  The compression from the vest on my shoulder actually felt good.  So I knew I couldn't do anything where I raised my arms over my head or did rotator cuff type exercises so I modified while she yammered.  The Mr and I forgot how perky and grating her voice was and it made us want to mute it or throw it through a window.  Luckily Mary Anne picked up halfway through to give our ears a break before Leslie joined back in to make you want to finish up asap.  I actually burned 725 calories which was the same as I burned last night but I still wasn't happy with it.  I'm used to 900-1000 calories but I have to do what I have to do to heal the shoulder. I did use little 5 lb weights for some parts just so I could keep a bit of muscle maintained.  The Mr was kind enough to let me sleep on his side of the bed to hopefully not end up on the shoulder.  I just want this healed up so I can move forward.

We bought some Trader Ming's (Joe's) General Tso's sauce last night to add a wee to our new lunch.  I'm doing brown basmati rice and adding some veggies to it and cilantro chicken breast.  It seems to be really doing a dance through the Mr's system but not so much in mine.  Hopefully a little more of it will do some good.  I just feel like this weight is trying to hang on for dear life.  I don't have a good feeling about this week's weigh in between the lesser amount of calories burned due to injury and my uh "system" being off this week.  It was like friggin' clockwork last week.  This week it's like "are we going for some kind of record for the longest time without a true #2?"  Sorry, TMI I know but this is my world right now.  I do need to up my water intake as its suffered a bit too.  I've got less than 6 months until vacation and while I no longer do the whole "I'm going to lose XX pounds by the trip" because that's like jinxing it, I really just want this weight to get a move on.  We both have a good feeling about this year and I'd like to run with it.  (Hear that fat cells?)

This weekend will be more decluttering.  We'll get most of the basement in order and then move on to the guest room.  That is a disaster but a table became available at an antique store that would be perfect for photography and I need to clear a space for it in there.  So I gots motivation, peeps!

Do you alter your workout routine when you're injured or not workout at all?

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  1. Nothing worse than a shoulder or neck injury (I just suffered both recently from sleeping funny.) I adjusted my workout for almost a week to accommodate my aches and pains. It was interesting; that was the week I found new muscles that hadn't been worked while I was doing a yoga workout.

    As far as WATP, I watch that one on my laptop. The laptop is on my desk with a television one level up from there. I turn on the TV and watch the news and I turn down the computer. It's actually a pretty good workout when she's not talking!!

  2. I think keeping off it while you sleep and taking it easy is going to be the key to healing up over the next few days or however long it takes.

  3. Depends on the injury I guess. When I sprained my ankle a while back I pretty much stopped everything. I should've done some chair based exercises, but that's hindsight for ya. When I've had other injuries I've just modified.

  4. Got all caught up on your blogs...I will not work on the area I'm injured at all. I will find something else to do, but I'm too old to mess with my knees and shoulders (my usual areas of injury) and don't want to make it worse. The only exception is my hips, because the dr and pt has assured me that exercising over arthritis pain won't hurt anything, so I push through that one.

  5. If injured, I find something else to do if it is at all possible. I see it as just a suggestion to work on something else for a while.

  6. I hope your shoulder feels better soon!!! I know your pain with the lovely #2. Ugh, the worst. :(


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