Monday, January 23, 2012

All over the place

Yeah, sorry for the meltdown Saturday morn.  As usual the awesomeness that is all of you came shining through and helped me feel better about the whole thing.  I'm moving forward.  I did take down the 200 lbs lost moniker because I'm real with myself and I want to earn it, not have it be a constant reminder that I hit it and lost it.  To be honest, I jumped the gun shouting it from the rooftops knowing I was about to go on a big culinary vacay, so I did it to myself. I did the same thing with my stupid zipline challenge weigh in sheet that was above the scale.  I actually did that in the middle of a workout last week.  I was thinking about how setting a number related goal by X date is like saying "here's a number I won't reach, now let's torture myself."  Then I thought about how I never remembered to write my loss (or gain) down anyway and I was so far behind all it was going to do was remind me I'm still too fat to zipline in Hawaii.  So I ripped it down in the middle of a punch, threw it away and went back to it.

We had company over and it was a good excuse to try a recipe I pinned called Volcano Cookies so we wouldn't have a bunch of these bad boys sitting around the house.  I bought a muffin top pan and went to work.  I put 2 dark chocolate Dove candies in the middle and watched them puff up in the oven.  I made them the day before so I wouldn't be slaving over a hot stove when they were here.  I baked them for 13 minutes and left the four I was using slightly undercooked so they'd be gooey in the middle.  When it was time to serve, I put it in the microwave for 17 seconds so the cookie wasn't scorching hot but the Dove was still lava like in the center, then scooped some crushed vanilla bean ice cream and fleur de sel caramel sauce and a little hot fudge.

If that didn't give me diabetes, nothing will.  By the way, I never want to see a chocolate chip cookie again.  It was good but I wanted to barf later on and was still full from it 10 hours after I ate it.  The others are going as payment for moving items.  But I plan on putting that muffin top pan to good use in the future.  It should be fun!

The male half of the friends that came over graciously helped us get the computer desk we tried to give away to the garage.  Man, I just pictured that thing giving way and crushing the poor guy.  I could tell the Mr really wanted to be on the bottom so he could control it and use his brute force to stop it in case it started breaking apart on the stairs but thankfully all was well.  A local charity is coming to pick it up today.  Luckily yesterday was pick up day for people who got freebies from us so the former guest room is now almost completely empty except the nightstand that goes to its new home tomorrow.

Guess what I get to do this week?  Paint.  The Mr hates to paint.  He makes no bones about it.  I say I'm going to burn some extra calories without having to step on that dumb ass treadmill so score for me!  We looked at some desks and antique stores and this one table I was planning to use for photography just didn't look right in person so it's kind of back to the drawing board to some degree.  I found this chair on West Elm's website and totally love it.  I like the cocoon feel of a barrel chair but don't want something that will invite me to sit for too long.  Plus I like how the tufted look gives it that grandma appeal but the lines are modern.  I'm surprised we like this look and I know it's not for everyone but I think we nixed the idea of a twin sleeper.  No one stays here and if they do..."sofa city sweetheart."  *snap*  (I know people know what movie that's from, right?)

So that was our weekend, well that and getting up at the butt crack of dawn to make sure we got to Trader Joe's when it opened yesterday morning so we could get our groceries for the next two weeks before people started coming over.  No skinny cows or sugar free puddings for evening snacks, we got clementines instead. Tons of chicken for chicken and brown rice lunches.  New light bacon to go in with my brussels sprouts.  Can you believe we've let the past 3 packages of bacon go bad!?  Who are we??  They're going to revoke our bacon carrying license!  But we use it so rarely and since this batch came from Trader Joe's that means no preservatives which means I'll need to freeze it and use it as needed so I'm not wasting money.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. I had my spa weekend, and while the facial and massage were awesome, I could have done without the salt scrub. It was ok enough the scrub was, but when you had to take a bath/shower it turned to slime and didnt lather up, so you had to use another soap to get it off. And the tub had no stickies in the bottom so it was slick and I was afraid of going out the door on my arse. And I was down a pound so all in all not a bad weekend. No biking, but I will be back at that tonite.

  2. Love the chair by the way :)

    Sounds like a busy weekend and wow does that dessert look delicious! Sorry about the meltdown and glad to hear you are feeling better now.

    Here's to a great week!

  3. What I did with my weekend: I did some walking on my 100-day (at least) 1 mile/day challenge. I walked inside at a shopping mall Friday, went around the perimeter of it twice, that's 1.4 miles.On the third time around, I allowed myself to shop their Lemon Day specials. OOHHH, that was tough to resist stopping and looking at all those sales, the first two times around. Saturday I headed out to Kohl's Dept. Store and walked around for 20 minutes, figuring that was at least 1 mile. I can do a mile in about 17 minutes. Of course I had to dodge people here and here. As I was walking I made mental notes of everything I wanted to look at later, then went back and spent $65. That's the problem with walking in shopping places, you spend money when you're done. was nice enough outside FINALLY...and I got a 5K in, in my own neighborhood. But overnight it snowed, so it looks like it's back to inside walking again. When will Spring be here?

  4. Love the chair! My Mr. would be less than enthused so I probably will never get anything like that, sadly. I've resisted the pressure to set goals about losing X pounds by Y date; that never seems to work for me either, no matter how hard I try. My body loses at its own stubborn rate and my weight bounces around a lot. Eh, I'm working on a lifestyle change, not a diet, so I will get where I'm headed eventually. I got in a workout at the gym finally (they have had power issues and had to close a lot last week) and celebrated my birthday with my Mr. and our daughter, son-in-law, and grandson, then got my hair colored and cut on Sunday in the dark--no joke, my salon was running on generator and had to use a coffee maker to heat up water to rinse hair. I was desperate to get my hair done, though, so I didn't care; my colorist/stylist is amazing, I totally trust her, and it turned out great.

  5. Did someone melt down? I never noticed! :)
    (I am still getting back to you... it just may take me a bit.)

    You couldn't make me eat those cookies (though my Mr. would probably knock the child over to get to them, lol), but I want that chsir!!! So my style!

    We laid low this weekend as a family... we're enjoying the Christmas is finally over and no one expects anything of us feeling. We watched movies, built epic lego and played music... introdudced the child to Vivaldi... she loves it, LOL!

    The Divine Miss O was home sick last week (I spent two days cleaning up puke... and fighting off nausea, if you know what I mean), and I'm fighting off a cold... I have a good day and then I feel like my head is going to explode, and then a good day... I don't know what to think about it all.

    I did try some new recipes... I amy share them at SP.

    {{{{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}}}}

  6. Oh, that's an awesome dessert. I must remember that one for some future splurge.

    Since I live alone and don't eat bacon too often, I always have to freeze it. Fortunately, freezing doesn't seem to affect the taste.

  7. What's happening hot stuff???

    OH. MY. GOD. That cookie looks so freaking GOOOD!!! I am going to have to try it.

  8. As we know this lifestyle adjustment is so much more mentality challenging than physical. The ups and downs can be draining on ones mental welfare. I know for me it has been. That dessert looks fantastic I have saved the recipe from your link and will make this Saturday. Baking and cake decorating is a hobby of mine but for the next few weeks I am limiting myself to one baking day a week ( Saturday) as i have yet to master self restrain when it comes to bake goods. Have a great weekend and maybe try some new moves during your workout sessions since the mr won't be there. ;)

  9. I'm with you on those weight goals. I'm trying small goals to see if that's a better option for me. 12 pounds lost by St. Patrick's Day. (5 are already gone)

    That dessert looks simply amazing!!

  10. I would have been in heaven just having the fleur de sal caramel topping on a plate! Looks so pretty.
    Was sick all weekend so...yeah...nothing exciting to report.

  11. LOVE the chair! You have such great taste. Sounds like you had a great weekend and I know you are anxious to get your studio ready to go! Have fun painting!

  12. For those trying the cookies, you'll have to report back how you like them. It's rare I go out to buy a pan specifically for a dessert (don't look at my yule log pan I got on clearance from Sur La Table recently) but deep dish cookies are just too good to pass up. I'm conjuring a recipe that will use the rest of the ice cream and hopefully recreate something we had in Chicago.

    Glad some of you like the chair! I think it's the perfect mix of "grandma style" and modern. I'm mixing a few styles and hoping they turn out well so fingers crossed!

  13. The cookie dessert looks good, I think its the caramel sauce that has me drooling. My weekend was low key. We stayed home, played on the computer some, watched tv some, and slept some.

  14. It was Bill's second weekend home and our favorite local group, Crescent City Celtic Band, was playing at The Irish House in uptown New Orleans. I could LIVE in the house that is now one of the finest restaurants in a city FULL of fine restaurants. So it was a fun weekend and my honey heads back to the ship this evening for his 28 days on. He'll miss all of Mardi Gras. :( So I won't be doing a lot of stuff in the city without him. Painting. Yuck. lol

  15. Oh. My. God. That cookie.. I want it!!

    I'd also love a chair like that, I wish we had room for it but our apartment is filled to the brim already :D

  16. Don't you worry about venting on your own blog. it's frustrating, this journey, the scale has been a rat b@stard to you and you have every right to be frustrated.

    Keep kicking butt. It will come.


  17. That is such a stunning chair..then I saw the price and almost died! LOL! I want a cooookkkiieeee!!

  18. That cookie looks completely ORGASMIC. Wow!

  19. I really like that chair. I guess that I'm a bit old-fashioned/traditional as well because I love the tufted look as well as nailhead detailing.

    I hate trying to carry things with Eddie, I'm so much shorter and he's stronger, and it just never goes well. Glad everything went okay though, and no one was pinned by a desk.


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