Friday, January 13, 2012

Product Review: Amy Dixon's Super Fit Bod!

We have been doing different exercises for a long time. We tend to latch on to particular instructors and stick with a lot of their offerings.  Some of our favorites are Billy Blanks (though I do wish he'd mix it up a bit), Chalene Johnson and Ilaria Montagnani. (To see the specific favorites from the those instructors, click here and they'll be listed out)  We've hit the proverbial wall where workouts are concerned.  While I love my Turbo Fire (and am looking forward to the new Beach Body release later in the year), Tae Bo and PowerStrike, they just aren't challenging us anymore.  Boy I never thought I'd see that day.  So I put Amy Dixon's Super Fit Bod! on my wishlist.

Since no one was buying me workouts, the Mr bought it. Amy Dixon's Super Fit Bod!   (affiliate link)  It had been so long since I added it, I didn't even remember what it was from when I previewed it but for me to add it to my wishlist means I liked what I saw.  When we tried it for the first time, I was a little surprised to see that it required an aerobic step.  I must've added it during my short lived step phase.  I could tell the Mr was a little turned off by that and honestly, I wasn't overly jazzed either even though step workouts do really torch the calories.  But we got them and a set of light weights out.

Boy did this deliver!  I remembered after doing some of the moves why I got it.  Some of the strength moves were challenging the muscles at different angles than we were used to which is what I thought we needed.  I like that she provides a person doing modified versions of the moves on a smaller step to make it easier and another doing super-charged moves to make it harder.  She tends to stay on the harder side herself and that really appealed to the Mr because he's at a point where he is burning much less now and needs harder moves to burn more calories.  I tend to fall between modified and "normal" pace because there are some things I'm not comfortable doing but will allow me to keep the workout challenging because I can work up to the harder moves.

As an instructor she's a good middle of the line personality.  She's positive but not annoying.  She'll say things like "now that you're finished doing the left side, you get to do the right side" to make it seem like evening up is a gift.  I can see how that could either be motivating or annoying depending on your mood.  I didn't mind it.  She has a no nonsense attitude but isn't a task master which I like.  I don't need some trainer yelling in my face.  That doesn't motivate me.

For the cons, I'd say the only con is the amount of lunges in it.  If you have bad knees or are working to build up the strength, you may need to modify a bit.  We had just done over 30 miles of walking in Chicago and nary a sore knee...less than 10 minutes into this workout and our knees were killing both of us.  (Yes, we know how to do a proper knees over toes, etc)  So that's the only thing we didn't like about it.

I burned over 950 calories with it and that was a real surprise because I wasn't expecting that.  So this will be a regular one in our rotation and one that will only get better as I lose more weight and can push my body further. Super Fit Bod!'s a keeper!   (affiliate link)

Have you gotten any new exercise DVD's you really like lately?

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  1. Love super fit bod! Great workout, & she isn't annoying at all to me either!
    I just got the new Les Mills Pump workout from beachbody & love it too! Its a good change of pace from turbo fire & chalean extreme.

  2. I haven't bought workout videos for a fact most of the ones I own are VHS! But with Curves in the past and hiking iffy because of weather, guess I'd better either dust off what I have or get some more. I happen to love step workouts, but don't have a step. Guess THAT means prowling through thrift stores. There are bound to be some available soon, when the NY resolution people drift away.

  3. I noticed it promises that you will "get ripped" on the cover! :-) I haven't bought any new ones lately but glad you found a good one.

  4. That sounds awesome! I thought this looked like a good workout; I'll have to add it to my wishlist.

    I just ordered 3 new workouts for the winter months:
    - Kelly Coffey's 30 Min. to Fitness: Stepboxing
    - Michelle Dozois' Peak 10 Cardio Strength
    - PowerStrike with Ilaria Montagnani! I have heard SO many good things about Ilaria...I've just put off ordering any of her DVDs because I weren't sure if they would be a good enough calorie burn. Here's hoping! I do love kickboxing, so it'll be nice to have an instructor that knows what she's doing.

  5. I haven't heard of that weight loss dvd before - glad it kicked your butt! :)

    I do love Billy - he's my favorite. Sometimes if I get in a rut, I go to my local library and they have tons of work out dvd's so I'll get a few and return them the next week so I never get tired of them. If I really like it, then I'll buy it!

    Happy Friday!

  6. I don't spend the money on the workout dvd's anymore, especially since the knees have staged an all out revolution to anything resembling a lunge. But I was seriously thinking of getting a pilates dvd just so I can get stretchy and bendy again.


  7. I've been reading your blog for sometime now, but haven't commented earlier. This post made me so happy when I reading it! :-) I just love your attitude! And I admire how you plan your monthly workout schedule and stick to that. I also find it great that you are doing the weight loss and exercising together.

    I don't have any workout DVD recommendations, just wanted to tell how much I liked your positive post :-) I have just started my weight loss journey and am down from 269 lbs to 261 lbs. I find your blog truely inspiring and want to thank you for sharing your experiencies this way.


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