Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Empty guest nest and being domestic

You ever have one of those days you just feel "on?"  I've got a lot to do this week and honestly, painting hasn't been one of them.  The Mr has had some big issues going on at work that have required unplanned overtime and he's the one who preps the room whilst I paint it.  I believe he may have a mental health day coming up and I imagine that's when he'll tape for me and put down that sticky plastic so I don't have to trip over drop cloths all day.  He took the nightstand today for the lady at work so there's nothing in there but a few bins. Oh and that big computer desk we donated?  The charity dude broke it.  Yeah.  They loaded up the desk and then he comes back for the file drawer and small drawer.  I tell him the manual and keys are in the small drawer, he says have a nice day and I see he's going to grab the big file drawer by the drawer pull.

Hello McFly!

I knew that wasn't going to end well so I turned around quickly and I hear THUD and "ohhh."  I went inside the house so when he turned around I wasn't there then I peeked around the corner and saw he was outside the garage and closed the garage door.  Sorry bub, don't you try to come back and get my tax receipt because you broke it!  I was a little ticked because there was nothing wrong with that desk.  Sigh.  Hopefully they were able to fix it.

As I was going up and down the stairs all day, I would take a bucket of paint up with me.  I know that doesn't sound like much but we usually procrastinate and the 4 buckets of paint and accessories would've sat in our foyer until the template guy for the counters came Friday morning.  So that's all cleared up.

My aunt is turning 50 soon so because I'm apparently some video wiz, I'm always nominated to do family slideshows.  Well I didn't have a lot of pics from her childhood so I had to swing by Grandma's and get some photo albums and start scanning.  I messed with a lot of the scans to breathe some life back into the pictures and I hope they'll all be happy with the end product.  I won't even tell you I had over a month to do that and its needed on Sunday.  *blush*

Not knowing what time the Mr was going to be home, I decided to chuck a bunch of stuff in the crock pot to make chili which means dinner would be covered for the next 2 nights.  Then I got all domestic goddess and made brown rice and veggies and cilantro chicken for our lunches for the next 2 days.  He usually makes his lunches after dinner at night and I wanted to save him some time so hopefully he just had to grab and go.

We did our research on granite countertops and talked to a lot of people about them getting varying opinions and okayed the counter company to come out tomorrow to make the template.  Fact is, people expect it and as long as we take care of it, it should be fine.  I got a call from the bank about "suspicious activity" and I said "was it for 2K because we just got countertops" and that was good with them.  Luckily our bank has our backs.

On a final note, the wonderful blogger who inspired this post has put up an RSS and email subscription feed.  I know many of you asked about subscribing to his blog so now you can!  His birthday was Sunday so you can swing by and rib him about being 30 now.  ;-)

When you cross stuff off of your "to do" list do you feel less stressed or always find something else to add to it?

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  1. Can't believe the guy broke the drawer. All that trouble we went to to make sure it stayed nice, especially as we busted butt to get it downstairs in one piece.

    Oh well, at least we can move on to the next phase of this project.

  2. I want new countertops so badly. What is the deal with the granite? Someone else mentioned to me about how much upkeep they require. So is there another product that is better? I guess since people think GRANITE is the way to go you are getting them instead of the easier upkeep product so that the house will sell eventually?

    Did the countertops cost $2K, or did that total also include the other things you bought? Just wondering how much I should budget for this project. I also need my wood floors redone. My little dogs sure did a number on them. Now the dogs are gone (they sadly got old and died) and my floors are still a mess. Like you, I tend to cross one thing off the "to-do" list, and then just get stressed about something else that needs done. As Emily Latella used to say on SNL, "It's always something."

  3. I LOVE the satisfaction that goes along with checking things off my to-do list. Since several areas of my life don't allow me to ever really feel like a task is "completed", I like to have somethings I can point to and say DONE! It seems to give me a boost.

  4. Dupster- The countertops we 2K with a 10% off sale running (til the end of the month at Home Depot). Our kitchen is SUPER small at 27 sq feet of granite needed for the project including 4 1/2" backsplash. We spent $2400 because had to buy a new sink, disposal and faucet. (All are getting a little worse for wear so it's time) The quartz was about $500 more and they SAY it's the better choice is you're spilling crap like mad but I've done a lot of research in the past few days and here's what I've learned:

    Light granite is more porous than dark granite. Dark granite (especially our color, Black Pearl, and Absolute Black) are so dense that they likely won't even absorb sealer so they might not need to be sealed because it could dull the finish right off the bat.

    Spills needs to be wiped up with hot water and a soft cloth especially acidic ones like lemon juice because they can etch the top over time.

    They should be cleaned once a week with a stone formulated cleaner and Method's gets 5 stars for dark granite leaving the least amount of streaks and is all natural. $26 for a 6 pack!

    Don't get all willy nilly with party tricks of "look at this y'all, I can put a lava hot bottomed pan directly on the granite" Basically treat it like laminate and don't do anything to it you wouldn't do to less durable countertop.

    I hope that helped!

  5. Wow, that was riddled with typos! Sorry! *rolling eyes*

  6. I'm a list maker and love the accomplishment of checking off something completed!

  7. I am a list maker, but it is always the fact that those lists come back to me months later and I still have not gotten one or two things done. Paperwork stuff is the worst for me...but slowly it all gets done. Feel very satisfied when I cross it off my list!!

    Wishing you much success on your painting project!!


  8. That granite sounds beautiful. Unfortunately we have a lot of stuff to do before we get to 'niceties' like countertops.

  9. I like that you went all "domestic goddess" LOL! You continually crack me up!

  10. That's a bummer about the desk! Especially after you too such care with it. Hope you love your new counters! Oh, and since I haven't mentioned it today you and the Mr. are awesome :)

  11. Oh man.. I need to have lists in my life. Without them I have to momentum! :D

  12. I like to make lists just to cross things off. Though, I do usually have other things to add to the list.

    I snickered when you said that you shut the garage door, because I can totally picture your pineapple stickered head peaking around the door then right back in before your hand snakes out and clicks the button. Sneaky.


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