Saturday, June 25, 2011

Scale Makes Nice-Film at 11! Weigh In

Down 2 more lbs.  I am thrilled.  I would've been more thrilled with 2 more ounces so I could officially say 180 lbs down but I'll not complaining!  If the scale makes nice next weekend then I'll be able to say that then and I might be able to consider my plateau officially over.  (For me, it takes 3 good weigh in's to declare that)

Now who knows which combo did it, the new exercises because of trying to be kind to my thumb, starting to eat 30g of protein within an hour of waking up instead of 2 hours later or tracking high cal days BEFORE they happen and trying to reign it in a little more than letting ourselves go gonzo.  Probably a combo of the three.  We knew there would come a day where we could eat EVERYTHING we wanted on high cal days and that's fine.  Right now weight coming off means more than how many cupcakes I can eat on my free day.  (Rest assured cupcakes were eaten so yes Virginia, there IS hope to do this in moderation with your favorite foods!)  We hiked 3x this week and I have been trying to isolate my thumb and do no punching.  People have been telling me how it's taken their thumb sprains over a year to heal.  Well mama ain't got that long so beginning in July, I'll be adding strength training back in.  Ice, massage and wrapping and being careful when exercising will be my friends.  I refuse to let a nuisance injury derail me.  Sorry-ah! 

Have a great weekend y'all!

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  1. Your scale news makes me very happy! I think I'm on my way to a major breakthrough myself so this gives me hope. I'm not ready to make it public ( I'm not sure yet that this isn't just a fluke) but maybe it's finally time for all of us Plateau Types to get to continue the descent!

    Have a great weekend!


  2. That's awesome! Mixing it up usually helps, no matter what it is, mixing up THREE things!?! Well, you just totally rockin the boat!

    Congrats on being *THIS CLOSE* to 180 lbs lost!

  3. YAYAYAYAYA!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you :) Have a great weekend!

  4. WooHoo!!! Doing the happy dance for ya! Congrats!

  5. Yippppeeeee!!! Wahoooo!!! Yowza!!! Congrats on another superb weigh in and a new milestone on the horizon! So very happy for you!!

  6. great weigh in!

    thanks for the freebies!

  7. Hell yeah!!! So happy the scale was finally beat into submission...after all we wouldn't want you to re-injure (why does that word look all wrong??? oh well, too tired to actually care hehehehe) that thumb by throwing the scale around!


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