Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Do something nice for you...just because

I always have good intentions for "rewards" when losing certain amounts of weight.  Sometimes I follow through, sometimes I don't.  It's nice to have an occasion to get something but it's even nicer to treat yourself to something for no reason at all...because it makes you happy. 

One of my favorite things ever is smelly flowers.  My favorite smelly flowers are plumeria, tiare, roses, freesia and lilacs.  The other day I got some freesia and stuck them in a mason jar mug and they made me smile

I walk by them and just inhale their heavenly aroma.  There is nothing more dreamy than the scent of a beautiful flower and it is such a small thing but makes me so happy.

What do you get for yourself on occasion "just because?"  If you usually don't, what would you get?

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  1. Mmm... I could seriously huff lilacs all day. I love love love them! I don't do a lot of ME stuff. I suppose spending time with my nieces really makes me happy so I do that often.

  2. Flowers are one thing or maybe a new kitchen gadget that I've been coveting. I'll also get myself a pedicure. Seeing my nice, shinny, well painted toenails will often make me smile and it can last for weeks.

  3. We have a wonderful flower shop down the street that sells $5 bundles of tulips in springtime. I'll buy those just to spiff up the living room and they always make me smile. I'm also known for buying myself a candle every now and then. Lemon Poundcake is my current favorite...and it came with a car air freshener...oh good gravy, did that smell so good!

  4. My favorite "me" thing is a massage. Don't do it often but oh, it is so wonderful!!

  5. Daffodils in springtime. I love to buy them in a cheap little bundle and watch them open into a little patch of good smelling sunshine.

  6. i get myself just because presents from time to time. typically when i am near a mall that has a lush store.

    to add to your list of favorite flowers, lily of the valley. love them so much!

  7. Did you get a new camera? Your pics are looking extra sharp and beautiful. :)

  8. Thanks Jessy! Yes, I got a Canon 60D which is quite the upgrade from my 20D. (I looked at 70D but couldn't justify the extra cost for basically the same camera as a 60D except metal) I absolutely LOVE it!

  9. I definitely like to get myself a really good smelly candle that I can enjoy while working in my home office or soaking in a bubble bath and when I can I also get myself three pieces of really good chocolate and eat them away from everyone and everything - not because I'm hiding the fact that I'm eating chocolates (GASP!) but because it is MY time and my time alone!

    Love your pretty purple flowers!


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