Thursday, June 30, 2011

Poll: Focused or Free Flowing?

This question is more for people workout with at least one other person whether it's a friend, your partner or a class.

Do you like to be focused and get down to business with minimal distractions including talking or do you like to use it as time to gab, make funny sounds along to the music and just free flow it?

Personally, I like it focused.  I'm down there to do a job and I am VERY easily distracted and will mess up or go half assed if my mind wanders and then I get in a bad mood because I'm not able to focus on putting forth full effort.  This doesn't mean I GET a focused environment but I enjoy having it when I can!  ;-)

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  1. Just call me focus girl. I don't mind gabbing a bit before or after, but during is my time. Zumba is fine b/c everyone else is working just as hard as I am. 3 days a week though work out at Curves, and that's one of the biggest drawbacks for me. Many of the ladies are there to socialize and catch up on gossip more than to work out. Most of this group are older and are there to stay healthy and active rather than trying to lose weight. Apparently this takes less effort than I'm trying to put out there. I always figure if you can hold a conversation you're not working out hard enough, but I don't want to be rude so when they talk to me I slow down so I can hold a conversation. Makes me crazy!

  2. I usually workout alone, however, on Saturdays, I take a Zumba class, and it bugs the crap out of me, when everyone is standing around chit chatting. I have things to do, can we focus please?

  3. I guess I like a combination of the two. Normally I work out alone but I take two Pilates classes and a Zumba class each week. I like my classes to start and end on time, but during the class, especially during Pilates, there is a lot of chatter, usually about our bodies and how we are feeling. Talking about our lives and what we are doing outside of the class can be helpful for the instructor to allow addaptations for some of the movements, change the pace of a class, or change the workout to accomodate injuries, try to strech out tight muscles, or work out areas of the body that have been neglected. However, I think the sign of a good instructor is one that will steer the conversation back to the class and keep the pace moving regardless. That way if you want to participate in the conversation you can, but if not, hopefully your workout is not being sacrificed.

  4. Focused! I am happy to chat, gab, be silly, whatever, right up until the instructor starts the show or until I push the play button. Once I'm going though, please don't bother me. On the other hand, early morning group runs are a fine time to talk. Helps me gauge my effort-lol!!

  5. I am a disaster alone. The only time I am totally consistent is when I'm paying for classes at the pool and get my behind up early, attending the morning class. Being a WAY not morning person, this ain't happening often anymore. Maybe writing out a schedule like you do will help me. I know I track it online but maybe I need to write it on a calender and have it stare me in the face. I think, maybe, too, when I had a friend who didn't drive that was going with me, that was a HUGE motivation. I didn't want to let her down.

  6. I would say it depends on the workout. Sometimes I need the focus, and other times it is a little more informal and I can be more free flowing. But if I was doing Jillian's 30DS - um yeah - don't even think about talking to me because that would just peeve me off big time! That one requires ALL FOCUS.


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