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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Can I Get a Witness?- Weigh In

2 lbs down!  The Mr and I dance...

Isolating my thumb is proving to be a pain in the arm (and neck) with my sling but I'll do whatever it takes to heal it right now.  Ice, massages and finding interesting new ways to open jars using one hand.  This weekend I will be re-working our exercise plan for the rest of the month to include non-punching activitahs and given I burned 1165 calories just hiking at our local park on a non-sweltering day and 830 in 38 minutes of step aerobics, (cue Mary Tyler Moore music) "I might just make it after alllllll!"

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  1. Right on! Woohoo! Hiking and stepping. Who knew?

  2. Very cool, congrats on the weight loss!! I had forgotten about the massage part of my recovery. That helped a lot too!

    So I was thinking about hiking and stepping . . . . . . maybe you could add some step dancing??? Oh, wait, I only suggest things I'd do myself and that has danger written all over it. Flying body parts, you know. NEVER MIND. Have a great and fun weekend!


  3. Yay! Doing the happy dance for you!

  4. Lol, Mary Tyler Moore has NOTHING on you! Congrats on the WL, you SO deserve it!

  5. Good for you!! Would physical therapy help the thumb to heal any quicker? Your determination (stubbornness? lol) ever amazes and inspires me!


    Great loss. I know the scale has been giving you a hard time lately, but you deserve a loss every single week.

  7. Certainly a big WOOHOO from my corner of the world. And the hiking is can manage to go for a little while longer without punching things, I suppose.

  8. WAHOOOOOOO!!!! That is TERRIFIC!! Congrats on an excellent weigh in and for burning those calories wit pizzazz!! Here's hoping the tide has turned for you from here on out!

  9. Yay!!!!! So glad things are turning around and you are making due with what you have! That is the right attitude!


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