Monday, June 27, 2011


I could see our Sunday was shaping up to be pretty lazy so I suggested going hiking at this one park that the Mr had always raved about.  We hiked there once a looooong time ago and I remember being miserable but I was also out of shape too so I thought this would be nice.  So we made the trek over and picked the 2.5 mile trail that was rated moderate to difficult.  Finding it was a chore on it's own and was sending me further into irritation land (hellooo new old BC pills, where are all of those feel good hormones I had last time!?)  We finally decided to pick it up at the nature center.  That would've been fine if the trails were clearly marked but they weren't.  It wasn't until we were about 1/4 mile into it that we saw our first icon telling us we were on the right trail.  It was the perfect day for hiking sans the occasional rude child or wheezing runner that made us feel like WE had just run up the steep hills. 

We'd hiked 3x last week with the occasional hills at a park close to our house so I felt pretty conditioned to the terrain.  Well this park had a LOT more hills and it was apparently much harder on my body than I knew.  We took our HRM's and I remember looking at one point when the pedometer said we were nearing 2.5 miles and being disappointed I was only at 500 calories.  Now I don't know what nitwit charted that trail but it was NOT 2.5 miles, even with the wrong turn we took at their confusing fork in the road.  I was pretty sure they were going to find our bodies if we kept wandering around more.  I felt my hip flexors ready to raise the white flag.  I was close to tears when we realize how off track we were but more importantly how much further we had to go.  Not a happy girl.  By the time we got back to the car, I'd burned 1900.  Yep, everything I'd eaten for the day so you'd better bet I got the best DQ treat I've had in my life and it didn't even make a DENT in my restriction goal.  (My recommended restriction for weight loss is 850 and even after a sundae and dinner I was at 2000!)

We collapsed on the couches and later (10pm) when we decided it was time to go down and do the strength workout we had planned, the pain shooting up the front of my left leg was horrific.  Oh, hello shin splint.  I could barely put weight on it.  I took the stairs one at a time and did my first strength workout with free weights in 3 weeks due to my left thumb sprain.  My left arm was considerably weaker.  I was able to do the warm up with 10's and went right back to my 15's and had no pain in my thumb at all.  I was very much relieved.  I thought a good night's sleep is all I needed.  I woke up this morning and the pain shot up my leg again.  Awesome.  So I've got an ice pack on my thumb and one on my leg.  I should probably just soak in a tub of ice at the rate I'm going!  So the plan is icing it and massage and hoping for the best for exercise tonight.  I'll take it easy and if I have to do floor work tonight, that's what will be done.  Injury sucks!  Time to baby my bones and muscles!

Have an awesome Monday!

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  1. Glad the thumb is feeling better, sorry about the leg injury. Rest and ice should go a long way in helping that shin. Hope you can still get in an awesome workout later. If the muscle can tolerate it try flexing and pointing your toes. Just a little to see if it helps loosen up the muscle. Hope you get to have an AWESOME week.

  2. Hey Mrs.! I am a fellow weight loss blogger and a friend of mine gave me the link to your awesome site. I am inspired by your success and your determination to exercise even in the face of injury. Thank you for putting this out there so people like me can benefit from your experience.

    I'd be thrilled if you checked out my blog as well. You can find me at

    Peace and well wishes on your continued progress!


  3. Heather- Thanks! The thumb still hurts but I'm trying not to baby it as much because I think that is actually holding me back. I'm doing the stretches you suggested. Thankfully it doesn't hurt so I'll keep on with those! Thanks for the tip!

    Laurah- Thanks for stopping by and thank your blogger friend for the referral! :) I took a peek at your blog and congrats on your loss so far! I'll be looking forward to following your successes!

  4. Bless your heart. I'd have been in tears for sure. You are BRAVE!!! I'm glad the thumb cut you some slack. Keep pampering!!

  5. You go girl! You deserved that DQ treat, I hope it was yummy :)

  6. mmmmmmm DQ.....

    Sorry you're all banged up. I hope Tuesday morning finds you healthier.

  7. Thanks guys! Still babying the thumb with ice but I'm brace free for now and hoping that was the right decision.

    Oh yeah, that DQ sundae tasted like HEAV-EN! It likened it to a lesser version of Survivor where one minute you thought the only way out was when they found your bird pecked body twitching on a trail to being free and having way too many caloried burned on your hands. It will never taste that good again! LOL

  8. I had a hike from hell once where we went out on a holiday and the trail was open at one end so we *assumed* (and yes, I got the painful reminder of what that means!) that the other side of the trail would be open. So after 6 miles of tredging up horrendous hills and feeling like death was imminent, we found out the other end was NOT open. Tears, curses - you name it. We ended up having to walk another mile or so to a gate and then my hubby (thank god!) cantilevered a gate just enough that we could squeeze our fatness through without dying. But it was close I tell ya.

    But I do enjoy hiking - I'm just a LOT more careful now! :-D

    Glad you were able to get some strength in!


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