Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Never thought I'd say this

But I miss you strength training!  I feel like I can feel my muscles melting away like the Wicked Witch of the West after a good shower.  This thumb sprain has really screwed me up.  I am itching to get at some serious training and I can't.  (Rowing too which is off limits for now)  It stinks because even punching is kind of iffy because of the pressure you put forward on the punch.  Not only that but I can't even do simple tasks without reinjuring myself.  I'm talking things like opening a jar or even opening my cereal bar because the tearing motion aggravates the sprain.  It's so frustrating.  I'm wearing my brace but I'm not icing like I should so I promise I will start that today. 

I'm also starting some physical therapy exercises to help me maintain and build my strength in it.  Just simple mobility exercises like extending the thumb to the side, then extending it toward the pinky and holding the position.  Another is picking up objects like a marble or paper clip between the thumb and each finger and wrist supination as well.  I need to do those a few times a day since the stupid urgent care doctor didn't bother to give me anything, I went on sports medicine doctor websites to find proper exercises for thumb sprains and even tutorials on how to wrap it better.  I'd better be all healed up by the end of June.  I just can't take the wait and I'm so ready to do this little circuit I had all in my head before vacation to really push myself.  I know I can't rush it but I do need to make sure I'm doing everything I can to aid in healing and not icing is a chump move.  So if you want to occasionally yell at me to ice, this is the one time I'm giving permission to jump on my booty for my own good!  :-)

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

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  1. I guess we just don't realize how much we use our thumbs until an injury prevents us from doing so! I hope you heal fast!

  2. I have a recurring problem in the tendon connecting my thumb & wrist so I feel your pain, and your frustration with it. I also want to take the opportunity to tell you to ICE THAT THUMB! If it doesn't heal up soonish you might check with you actual doctor (instead of urgent care) or a physical therapist.

  3. Hang in there, the accomplishment will be sweet when you're healed and back in action!


  4. Don't make me get all Vanilla Ice on you! Ice Ice Baby!

  5. Hope you are icing that finger, wouldn't want to have to travel half way across the country to force you to ice-lol! As I was reading you description of the exercises I went through the motion and I never realized just how many muscles are involved in moving your thumb! Hope the exercises help and you are back to strength training soon.

  6. Ice your thumb!

    I hear you, I'm battling my wrist again and it is sooooo annoying. Good for you for taking it on yourself to find some exercises to help. Maybe I will try that. I have been wearing my brace to bed but maybe need to wear it more...

  7. Ice, Ice baby...come on!!! Get to icin' woman!!!!!

  8. I'm glad you'll be getting some physical therapy for your thumb. I worked for a therapist for a while, so I'm familiar with all the exercises you have to do. Isn't it a great feeling to say you miss strength training?! I said this morning that when I got home I was going to do a butt-blasting video that kicks my tookus every time...and it's less than 10 minutes long! There is real truth to strength helping to burn more calories. I hope this therapy is a great success so you can get back to your ST routine by the end of the month or so!


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