Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thrown a bone- Weigh In

Well the scale threw me a chihuahua sized bone this week in the form of a 1 lb loss.  I will take what I can get which is 1 lb more than I got the past 2 weeks despite my best efforts.  I was reeeeeally hoping for 2 because that would be the last of my vacation weight but whatever.  Well I suppose if you want to get technical about it, my vacation weight IS off because I gained a freak pound out of nowhere the week before we left so I will say that technically my vacation weight is officially off but I'm still one lb above my lowest.

Why I'm hopeful the numbers are going to change.  This is our first lower cal high cal day.  Confused?  Instead of going out to eat and guessing at the numbers or using other restaurants that do provide nutritional info to gauge what we've eaten after we've eaten it, I'm making a favorite dish that might be a little more than we like to eat during the week but less than we eat on the weekend.  So I'm making a whole wheat spinach lasagna for lunch and will go into dinner too.  I've unthawed a half of a small baguette of Boudin sourdough bread that we ordered and roasted garlic (with no olive oil oil) so it's not adding butter to the bread but still adding flavor.  If my calculations are correct, I should save 1600 calories over what we had last weekend which was more than I thought it was once I started adding stuff up. 

In addition to that, I took like last Ortho Tricyclen Lo this morning and did a happy dance, flipped it off and wanted to take a sledgehammer to the pack.  *TMI alert*  Of course I've basically had a cycle already this week so I have another week of it coming up which SUCKS because that means another week of exercise on a raft.  Boo!  I calculated last night to see if I started my old pills tomorrow if I would be throwing myself into future misery and I would.  If I started taking them Sunday I would then have visits from Aunt Flo on my birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas. thanks.  So I have to practice patience this week, hope the lower cal day kicks in and then the week after on the new pill tells my body to release everything it's been holding on to.  It is amazing how a 2mm pill can wreak havoc!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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  1. The lasagna sounds amazing! That's a recipe I'd love to see (back to yesterday's question).

    I'm sending high hopes that the change in high cal day and the new pill nets you some success soon like.

  2. mmmm lasagna...Ken had it for dinner at his moms. I was up visiting the fam in northen Indiana and we had some Hacienda mexican food for lunch...needless to say I won't need dinner cuz I have a love hate relationship with chips n salsa. I love it the entire time I eat it then I hate myself after...but I rarely get it anymore so I splurged :) I will gladly take the 1 lb loss, lol. Weigh in is Wed at my work and if we gain we have to pay $1...theres motivation for you. I don't want to put $1 in the kitty for the biggest loser cuz I want to WIN IT!

    Hope you are having a fab weekend. :)

  3. Planned gluten free lasagna this week myself, but am going to wait until I can taste since my first real cold of the season has taken hold with a vengeance. I had always subscribed but I suppose hadn't now you're up one.
    Have a good week.

  4. I sympathize with you so much. I am SO grateful that I no longer have to deal with those things. I hope things improve!!

  5. I had to pretty much stop with the high calorie day. I still eat what I want, but in calories. It just wasn't working out. Hope the change up helps with the weight loss!

  6. AL-I will be posting the lasagna recipe next week!

    Dawn- Mmm chips and salsa. Have you tried Garden of Eatin's No Salt Blue Chips? SOOO good! We just bought some Chipotle salsa to try since it's low sodium. It'd be nice to have something with heat that won't bloat me!

    Diane- Hope you feel better soon!

    Missy- Thanks mama! Me too!

    H- I think the problem with our high cal days is they got woefully out of control. That's gonna change!


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