Thursday, June 2, 2011


I believe that's what I said I'd call it if I determined I was gaining weight from the new pill.  I think I confirmed it today.  I have felt bloated for 2 weeks now and I measured yesterday and my boobs grew by an inch.  I have NEVER gone up in my boobs in 3 years and one of the side effects is weight gain particularly in the hand, feet and breastages.  (I went up in 3 other places too and stayed the same everywhere else and I haven't measured in 2 months)   In addition to that loveliness, I have had 2 nausea attacks, headaches, my legs have felt gross and bloated no matter how much water I drink and I have been an irritated bee-otch for that whole time.  I will finish out the next week and a half but there is NO way in Hell I'm getting back on that pill.  The weight thing is enough to make me say no way.

But what about the skin of a 12 year puberty stricken child?  Well, that has actually gotten slightly worse but I just discovered it may not be pill related at all!  I saw this thing on that TV show The Doctors where using astringent on your face can actually dry your skin so bad that it causes your skin to signal more oil production thereby clogging your pores.  They specifically mentioned those pads with astringent.  What do I do right after a workout?  Slather my forehead and face with an astringent pad that had so much alcohol in it, it actually stings.  So I switched and got an alcohol free toner (which is what Dr. O suggested) and just started using that last night.  So I will report back if my face clears up. 

I know you don't care about my pill cycle and skin but that's what's consuming my world today!  LOL

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  1. And who is it that says we don't care about this - of course we do - ok, so I don't have the pill issue - but I never knew about the astrigent pads with major alcohol actually causing MORE oil production

  2. Stupid Google. I had a lovely comment all written out that just did not want to work. Let's try again:

    While some people may not care about your non weight loss related issues, I see them as part of YOUR journey that you've chosen to share with us, and we've decided to follow. If they don't like it, they can ignore it. I know this is a problem for some people but, tough for them.

    I haven't been on the pill in a while, but I know if I'd had the same problems, I definitely would have been seeking out better versions as well. (I used Yasmin if you haven't tried tat one yet. I had no issues with, but I know that other people don't like for various reasons. The generic version sucked however.)

    Have you thought about an IUD? I was thinking of getting one (hence why I went off the pill), but then I lost my job and health insurance and the new job doesn't provide medical. I love the idea of the IUD because there's a non-hormonal version that lasts for ten years. It's another thing some people have success with and some don't, but you might not have to worry about all the hormone related crap you're dealing with on the pill.

    Okay, I'm going to go back to my usual lurking now.

  3. Why wouldn't we want to hear about what is happening on your journey? I so hate the pill. I'm on the Nuvaring which seems to be working well but I think I have some pre-menopasual issues going on now too. Ah the joys of being a woman!!

    I had heard that about those astrigent pads. I have some sport ones that I haven't used again because they have too much alcohol. Which ones are you using now?

  4. Thanks guys! You know, you just never know what will turn people off but since when have I been worried about that? LOL

    Desi2479-Yazmin (well, Ocella) is what I'll be switching back to. I felt amazing on that and I'm hoping the astringent thing will take care of bumps on the forehead. I have researched the IUD and have 4 friends that all have it and (not to scare you) they say the pain and bleeding are enough to make them regret it a bit. (2 actually had them removed) So probably not for me since I am Le' Wuss! I wouldn't mind being hollowed out if it didn't throw me into menopause but I'd be a special kind of mean from what I hear so I'll give the Mr another decade or two break depending.

    Lurkers are encouraged to jump on in baby!

  5. Christy- I'm using the Noxema pads. So because I'm massively cheap, I've got them soaking in hot water, trying to see if I can get the astrigent out and use the rest of the pads with the new toner. (Neutragena knock off from Target) I just bought the dang things again and was only 6 pads down out of 90 when I saw this! LOL

  6. So I wrote out another post and filled out the ^*+()*^%% blog account and then it gives me Error 404. lol Frustrating!

  7. It TOOK that response? YAY!!! As I was saying before Google so rudely interrupted me. lol

    This is terribly personal, so I promise not to be offended if you glare at me and tell me to shut UP. I've read enough of your blogs to be fairly certain you and your Mr. do not want children. Have you considered a tubal ligation instead of whacking out your hormones with birth control pills? I hate seeing you deal with all of this stuff. It makes me feel so out of control when medication causes such huge changes in me. I know it's awful for you. Just a thought!

    Now let's see if THIS puppy posts. LOL You GOTTA know I love ya to wade through the GoogleMire!

  8. You're definitely worth it, doll. So help me, I would spit at my monitor and forget it after all this humbug if you weren't! lol

  9. Aww, hang in there Missy! I'm just tickled that you wanted to comment enough to set up an account. Hopefully the frustration in the beginning will be worth it in the end! *hugs*

    As far as tubal ligation, that throws me into menopause which is a whole other hormonal mess so I'll take the pills for now until I get whipped into hell-o-pause in the future. I've done great on the pill up to this point. I only switched because my estrogen levels have changed so much with losing so much weight that it was effecting my mood really bad. It's just a matter of finding the right thing for me. Trust me, if tubal ligation wasn't a major surgery with another hormonal mess waiting to happen, I'd be getting the ice cream scoop out and telling the gynie to go to town!

  10. Actually, you do not go into menopause with tubal ligation. You still have periods, just can't conceive. I had mine done when I had my section delivery with my youngest child (and she's now 13). I never had any hormonal issues and now, at 52, still do not have any menopause symptoms. *knock wood* lol

  11. Sorry, I was thinking hysterectomy. Well that is good to know. I think if I'm going to undergo a surgery though I don't even want that 1.6% risk of "surprise" babies after tubal ligations. (Though I know even BC pills can't give me those odds) I want a hollow a birdhouse! LOL

    I will consider it seriously if I can't seem to find anything that works for me BC wise. I was actually happy on Ocella until I thought it was the cause of my breakouts. Hopefully that's not the case but I know the ones I'm on now (Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo) are not for me.

    If I can't find something that works for me, I will seriously consider the tubal ligation for sure!

    (To anyone reading this horror story reports on Ocella/Yasmin please. I've seen the reports about the girl who just died but they said the risk is only SLIGHTLY higher on new generation pills than old. Instead of 8 out of 10,000 women having a clotting event (not necessarily fatal) it's 16 in 10,000. The doctor said pregnant women have a much higher risk of clotting over those 9 months of pregnancy)

  12. It must be a day for the lurkers! ;) I know I would try to convince you otherwise if you were looking at a hysterectomy, I had mine at 36 (probably close to your age now) and it certainly sent me into early menopause - not fun. The tubal ligation sounds interesting and it would even allow for the truly unexpected reversal procedure. (I know, not going to happen.) I had an IUD many years ago and the only problem I had was needing a shorter string so MY Mr wasn't getting poked. Times change and so do products, so I don't even know if that's a concern these days. Time for me to go back to lurking...


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