Monday, June 13, 2011

This is gonna be harder than I thought

Okay, if I learned one big lesson Saturday, the first lower cal high cal day, it's that we can't sit around the house because apparently I will OBSESS about food.  We had an egg white omlette and egg white french toast with high fiber bread and half a serving of syrup.  I thought that would hold us for a long time but it really didn't.  We had the whole wheat spinach lasagna for lunch and dinner.  Again, after lunch even though I was full for about 2 hours, I was then thinking "when do I eat again?"  That sucked.  The only thing we went over on was we stopped at the froyo place and added 170 calories to our total. 

But I need to think of the positives.  I still saved 1000 calories over what we had last Saturday so that's good.  I managed to get in my normal amount of water not my weekend 110 oz of water.  I actually got in a decent amount of fiber too...28 grams.  The sodium was a little high but much lower than if we ate out.  So all in all it was a success but I will definitely have to make sure we have something planned because being lazy is not going to be an option if we want to continue these without much distraction or temptation.  I hope the scale is nice to me next week!  :-)

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  1. Sitting around the house is nice sometimes but it does lead to boredom, which often times leads to wanting to eat junk. Glad the temptations didn't lead to more than just a frozen yogurt outing!

  2. Lazy weekends are nice (and needed) once in awhile, but I find I need to keep myself occupied to avoid the temptation to wander into the kitchen and do mindless munching. That's what led me to my high weight and I do NOT want to go back there again. Hope the scale is much kinder to you this week!

  3. MBB- I agree. I'm fine when I work from home but man, when I know there's some freedom in the reigns, that's not good to be sitting around the homestead! Gotta say I am glad that even if I went a little higher than usual, it was on something like froyo!

    Denise- Definitely! When I have nothing to do it's like that old boredom eating gene wants to kick in. Thankfully not much damage is done!

  4. I can relate to that sister. It seems the more bored you are the more you want to eat which just stinks. Thankfully I have been so busy on the weekends I haven't had a chance to sit around bored and eat. Course I'm eating other bad things so it isn't exactly a good thing but you get my point.

    Crossing fingers and toes for the scale next week. Good job on the first lower calorie day :)

  5. Food obsession is the worst and I sometimes wonder if I'll ever truly get away from that. This is a new plan for you guys, so it'll probably take a few weeks to get into a groove. Great job on hitting some good numbers, though and looking at the positives. Change is incremental and that's just what you guys did for this first weekend!

  6. I have the hardest time with just sitting around too. I don't think it used to bother me, but anymore I get so bored so quick if I'm not doing something. Then bored translates to "oh, look, there's the kitchen".

  7. I so hear you on this. Mine is for different reasons - as you know I had my surgery on the 27th (ANITAWPG from Saprks) so I am off work recovering. 1st week no problem - I felt to pathetic to want to eat anyways, and had to actually make msyelf eat as I knew it was important to eat healthy to help with recovery.

    So now I still can't do much - no lifting, no strecthing, no straining - and I get tired quick from walking still - but I also am ot falling asleep all the time so now I am getting bored - and when I get bored I eat.

    I joked with my husband that everything had to be kept high or on the floor - he has been a dear - canatloupe, watermelon, celery and jicame all chopped and in contaienrs in the fridge, grapes washed and frozen so at lest if I am going to snack there are healthy choices that I like.

    However, boredom and eating do so seem to go hand in hand.

    Ah well, the more I heal the more I can do.


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