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Friday, October 16, 2015

What stays and what goes

I haven't gotten a chance to do much reading this week so instead I'm going to talk about da boob tube and...
Well, we're almost firmly planted into the fall series premieres.  We were very excited about some new kids on the block from summer advertising blitzes like Limitless and Life in Pieces.  We were of course excited about the return of old favorites like Sleepy Hollow and The Goldbergs.  Of course there was one I was on the fence about...American Horror Story.  I was so disappointed from season two on that I didn't know if I had it in me to care.

Here is how our DVR picks are stacking up so far this season.

The Newbies

Life in Pieces - I was really excited for this one.  The previews looked funny, a good cast and an interesting perspective on how the story was told.  We liked the first one, the second one had me feeling like it was funny but not funny enough to keep on the DVR list and I would give it one more shot before pulling the plug.  The third one was so funny, I said "touche sirs, you live another week."

Verdict:  On the DVR for now but another so so episode and it'll probably get the plug pulled to make room for the zillion other things we watch.

Dr. Ken - We were really looking forward to this one and I have to say after the first episode, I was kind of on the fence.  While it was funny, his timing felt rushed and the editing was weird.  It seemed to improve as the episode went on and I was glad they went for some jokes that probably got those with a sensitive "I'm offended" trigger in a twist.

Verdict:  We'll keep it on rotation for now and see how it goes.

The Grinder - I wanted to love this because...Fred Savage.  But Rob Lowe's character got on my nerves so bad, I could barely watch the whole thing without throwing something.  The Mr however liked it.

Verdict:  I haven't added it to the DVR and if the Mr pushes, I will but otherwise, he can watch it online.

Limitless- Wow.  I mean really.  Talk about knocking it out of the park.  This show is smart, funny, exciting and is well cast.  It's the one show the Mr asks to watch and will watch live if he has to because it's that good.

Verdict:  Home run.  Because of the suspension of disbelief that has to happen at the beginning, it would have to seriously screw stuff up to jump the shark.  Will likely watch it for years to come until the series ends.

Welcome Back!  (Our regular shows)

Sleepy Hollow-  Many know Sleepy Hollow went sideways on season two and some gave up on it.  True Sleepy Heads like myself hung in there as did the Mr...reluctantly.  But with episode one of season three, I actually got goosebumps, laughed and yes, even cried a little.  Tears of happiness...because Sleepy Hollow is back bitches!  Sorry.  Everything people loved about season one is back so if you dumped it, time to add it back.  Go to and catch up and enjoy the supernatural ride!  Even the Mr is firmly back on the horse.

The Goldbergs- Well y'all, you knew it would happen soon.  That delicious, innocent schmoopy voice of Adam's that we loved has been marred by puberty.  Truly, if you thought the "Time to Change" song belted out by a pubescent Peter Brady was bad...nope.  Sweet little Adam's voice is now a cracky mess that has the vocal chords wrestling between man and child.  Perhaps that's what is so sad because it's that horrible time where you see the littlest one growing up and you know that the days of him playing with He-man, Star Wars and G I Joes are probably going to come to an end.  So no more seeing those great vintage toys on the regular.  Sigh.  So far, the season is off to a fair start and they've addressed the puberty issue because it was undeniable.

Verdict:  After a slumpy season two, we find ourselves not as excited about it.  I hope the writers find some kind of balance this season.  Because some of the Barry stuff was so over the top last season, it was very hard to watch and we don't want to take this off the DVR but Barry's character is maddening.

Criminal Minds -  I was glad to see the return of the BAU and I was glad to see the addition of Aisha Tyler.  I have always loved her and especially after last season's lackluster showing with Jennifer Love Hewitt, I was ready for new blood.  It's so old listening to people gripe about "bring back Padget!"  Yes, Prentiss was awesome.  Her time on the show has come and gone, if you want to see Padget, tune into another newbie show, Grandfathered...move on.  I loved the premiere and the following episode so it kind of feels like they righted the ship.

Verdict:  As long as nothing too stupid happens with this season, it'll remain on the DVR for as long as the series is on.

Nashville - I'm not a country music fan, I supported tuning in because of Connie Britton from season 1 of AHS to see how it went.  It's one I record for me because the Mr ain't havin' it.  It pulled me in, the characters have great chemistry and it keeps me interested.

Verdict:  It's not my favorite show ever but it's a good, quality show with good writing.  I like it and will likely record it for as long it's on unless it goes sideways somehow.

I don't think so

American Horror Story -  I gave the premiere a chance and the Mr and I rolled our eyes in disgust (figuratively and literally).  This show has gone sideways too many times for us to waste DVR space on it.  Season one was so innovative, built up suspense, showed "horror" in small but effective doses.  Every season after has been a shock and blood campaign from the get go and being gory for gore's sake.  They string the Mr and I along for a whole season and then drop the ball on the payoff.  No thanks.  I was really looking forward to seeing Finn Wittrock's role this year (Dandy Mott from last season) but I'm not sure if I care since we wasn't introduced in the first episode.  We'll leave it for the people who enjoy bloodbaths.

Shows I'm Still Looking Forward To

Wicked City - Erika Christensen (Parenthood), Taissa Farmiga (AHS), Jeremy Sisto (The Returned)  Midseason on ABC

Truth Be Told - Mark Paul Gosselar (Franklin & Bash)  Vanessa Lachey  Premieres tonight!   Fridays at 8:30 p.m. on NBC

What new shows have you given a chance this season?  What old favorites are you enjoying?  Any disappointing you?

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  1. Okay, now I am going to start watching Limitless--thank you!
    I am a Grey's and Scandal fan, so I thought Quantico would be good. It is pretty good so far, but not sure how it can be a long running show since it seems like the story line is to be solved by the end of the season. I also have been watching Blindspot which is a weird but cool story, but may start to get repetitive--sort of like Scorpion and I stopped watching that after a few episodes.
    I admit to watching Scream Queens which has a great cast, but is all over the place, but since I am sure it is only a half a season is worth watching.
    I hope Secrets and Lies comes back with a new case. I would definitely watch that again, but hope they don't rush the end like they did with the first season...and also have a better idea for the killer.

  2. I've tried not to add anything new this season - I just do not have the dvr space. I still have the last 7 episodes from a summer series to watch, but I can't seem to bring myself to. It's the last episodes of the series, and I really enjoyed the first 2 summers but I just can't muster any enthusiasm now. I should just delete them, but then I'll never know how it ends.

    I've been reading more at night and the shows are stacking up already so I think I need to cull the dvr list rather than adding more

  3. I absolutely love Scorpion (such great humor in that that is very sly and just cracks me up) and I'm really digging Blindspot. Weller has the dreamiest eyes...sigh.... Life in Pieces is pretty good, I agree. And I watch all the shows on ABC on Wednesday and like them all. I like Last Man Standing with Tim Allen on Friday nights. I agree about Dr. Ken -- it's ok, but just has an odd feel to it right now. Maybe it'll grow on me more as they settle in to the season.

  4. Code Black. I'm surprised how much I enjoy it but then again I have had a weak spot for medical dramas since ER.

    I tried Blindspot but it's not so hot. I kind of hope it goes whole hog into crayzyville like that awful Kevin Bacon show (can't remember the name now) or the Blacklist (which I enjoy but they moved it around so I miss it).

    I also like the Great British Baking Show on PBS.

    And Bob's Burgers. Love it.

  5. The husband and I also love Limitless! So well done and I love seeing Jennifer Carpenter again!! :-) I also have watched Life in Pieces and I want to love it, but I'm not quite there yet. I'm keeping it on the DVR and waiting to see if it is something I come back to watch. If I get more than 2 or 3 episodes stored up and I don't feel a pressing desire to watch them, I usually take that as the sign that I've given up on it. LOL And I actually like The Grinder, so I'm DVRing that one too. We'll see how it goes, but I like all the characters so far. Hubby and I are also watching Blindspot and it's okay...waiting to see on that one too as some of the parts have been eye-rollers as far as suspending belief a little too much. I'm also really enjoying Scream Queens...


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