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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Irritated - Weigh In

Another 2 oz.  Gee thanks.

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  1. It's a shame anger and frustration don't burn calories.

  2. Child, if they did, I would be Kate Moss by now! Especially after this week! HA!

  3. Poop. The whole 'eat X calories less than you burn and you'll lose Y pounds a week' is hogwash. Our bodies are not calculators and don't seem to subscribe to that notion, at least mine doesn't. It eventually all balances out, but it doesn't make me any happier when I've busted my butt all week and see that kind of result (or worse yet, a GAIN).

  4. In my SP blog yesterday, I referred to our "previously abused and now confused" bodies. Shame on your scale! I'm sorry for the 2 oz. and I won't say "just wait 'til next week" or "muscle weighs more than fat".

    Weight loss is a cruel process but you're a worthy opponent in the battle! Have a great Sunday!!


  5. I say let's pummel the scale into submission and beat the snot out of it...that's got to count for some calorie burn! =o) My scale has had the EXACT same number for three weeks...and I mean to the ounce. I think it took a vacation and didn't tell me because it's deciding not to work. I find it hard to believe I haven't shifted in either direction in 3 weeks. Pfft.

  6. We are both in another lull it seems. It was a stressful week so lets hope we can come out of this next week with a big loss!

  7. i haven't lost weight since last yr....well i have, but it's been 3lbs gain, 3lbs lost. so, essentially, i've been stuck since last April. *sigh*

  8. WTF - 2 ozs! Girl, I feel ya! I hate seeing shiz like that...sheesh. Sorry the scale isn't cooperating. :-(

    If only a stern talking-to (the scale) would help! LOL


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