Saturday, August 20, 2011

Experiment Failed- Weigh In

Mmm, nothin' like being up a pound.  I can count on one hand how many non-vacation related gains I've had in 3 years.  It blows.  The great salad experiment has failed me.  Worried I was getting too much natural sugar eating fruit salad every day led me to wonder if eating regular salad would benefit me.  I knew I'd be taking a risk especially since that meant an extra 300 mg of sodium between my favorite dressing and cheese.  FYI- they were HALF servings of both and sometimes I didn't even add the cheese.  I'm not eating diet crap dressing on my salads and be miserable...not how I operate.

I knew all week I felt bloated no matter how much water I was taking in (133-154 oz depending on the day).  No hormonal Aunt Flo crap to blame it on.  The only other factor is I burned 700 calories more than my calorie burn goal but I don't know if that was an issue or not.

So yeah, I'm done with the great salad experiment and honestly, I wasn't happy.  I'm not a big salad person except on occasion but I relish fruit salad and feel like I'm getting a treat with it. 

Gee, good thing I don't have any weight related goals like say hitting the 190 lbs lost mark in 2, now 3 pounds or 200 lbs lost or ziplining.  Whew...dodged a bullet there.  *rolling eyes*

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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  1. Sorry about the gain. No words of wisdom coming from me other than "It sucks."

    Vegetable salad (aka GIANT SALAD) is the high point of my meal planning! Especially at this time of the year when I can add all the good stuff that's fresh! Sodium is a constant issue for me; what kind of dressing are you using? I was amazed to discover that a local store's "house brand" ranch dressing has the lowest sodium of any brand on the shelf.

    Have a great weekend full of fun (like I need to tell you that!!)


  2. I use Catalina French. The light is gross and I don't alter my favorite dressing for a salad, just the amount. So I will do what works for me because obviously, this ain't it! :)

  3. Sorry about that, but hey, you wouldn't have known unless you gave it a go.

    I also am not eating nasty diet crappy dressing on a salad. It tastes horrible and it makes my teeth squeak. Ick.

  4. Ugh, that sucks! Hope things are better next week!

  5. Sorry hun. I don't blame you on the salad dressing issue either. I have creamy masala on my salad and keep it within my ranges. Its awesome and way better than diet fakey dressing. Hugs to a better week coming up!

  6. *hugs* I'm sorry for the scale disappointment. I discovered early on why they call those "healthier" dressings "free." 'Cause they can't GIVE 'em away they're so nasty.

  7. Well, maybe next week you'll drop an extra pound after you go back to the fruit salad. It was worth a try, but boo on the scale; sodium is evil. Diet dressings--bleh, not worth using. I'd rather eat a salad plain than endure those, I'm with you on that. There are some things I will not compromise on for the sake of calories; it has to taste good or forget it. I won't use the fake butter either; Instead, I make my own butter spread with half butter and half extra light olive oil (add a little salt to bring back the salt level of the butter). Cuts the saturated fat but keeps the flavor, and I KNOW what's in it.

  8. Sorry the salad experiment didn't work out - I prefer fruit salads myself.

    So happy to see the email subscription here - pretty cool!

  9. I have found a couple of light dressings I don't mine. Hidden Valley Ranch fat free Ranch is ok (not as good as the regular, but I don't dislike it) and I found an awesome berry based dressing one time that was fantastic for only like 15 calories - but I've never been able to find it again. Maybe I dreamed it?
    Glad you're back to your fruit though since you enjoy that more anyway and clearly you experiment was not a success.

  10. You said you like Catalina French (regular, not reduced fat)?

    I'm a french fan, too, and I switched over to Old Cape Cod honey french and it's very good (low fat, 2 TBSP for 90 calories--don't know other numbers).

    I've also found some of the "organic" types of "french" (they don't always use "french" in the name--sometimes it's just "tomato"--but it's creamy red "french" style dressing) are very good, too. Same tangy tomato taste (and thickness).

    I've also found that shaking my salads (so the dressing portion gets all over everything) beats putting it right on top or doing that "dip your fork" thing.

    (just had to share my salad tips--I eat a salad every day for lunch, love the easy veggie route)


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