Friday, August 5, 2011

What I've Been Reading This Week

Here are some articles I've been reading this week.  Some I wanted more info, others I wanted to confirm my suspicions.  Regardless, if you want something to do other than work today, because after all it's FRIIIIIDAY, read on!

5 Workout Myths that Mess with Results

Do These 9 Things in Your Kitchen to Lose Weight

11 Romantic Ways To Lose Weight As A Couple

The Slimmer in 7 Days Workout

The Body Positive: Photoshop of Horrors, Malnutrition Edition

Does the 17 Day Diet Work?

Coconut Water Health Claims Not Supported

Is This Food as Toxic as Cigarettes?
(Trader Joe's has nitrate free chicken hot dogs that are AWESOME!)

Have a great weekend all!

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  1. Interesting reading. The top two were the best by far. I have to say though the photoshop was interesting especially as it had a link to 10 healthy ads with unhealthy body image. I couldn't believe some of those ads. The douching for dollars was the cake. I howled like a freak in my living room, scaring the dog, my kids and my hubby. It was just too ridiculous for words. Thanks for a Friday dose of laughing medicine!
    Have an awesome weekend yourself!

  2. I want to have a professional photoshop done to all my photos. lol

    I'll have to come back to read most of the articles though, since I have to go to work soon.


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