Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My future car

I was thinking about my hubby's car.  It's been through a lot in the past year between us getting hit about this time last year to recently being repainted after some toolbag didn't bother to tarp his gravel load on the freeway and showered the car with it.  That car will be mine in a few years because it'll be paid and passed down to me since we're not going to have a car payment for someone who works from home.  (My rule, not his)  It's not that I really don't like the car, it's more that I don't like what it reminds me of.  (Besides the fact it's a push button car and I equate those with those zip cord cars from the early 80's)  We were forced to get that model.  At the time the Mr bought it, it was the only car in our price range that we were able to fit into comfortably.  Our beloved model of car we had was redesigned and was now tight.  This had just enough room for his tummy not to rub and the seat belts fit us both fine.

When I look at it, I see a reminder of how out of control we were and I'll get to see it for another, oh 7 years or so.  The Mr said we could get a different car or keep mine (it's almost 10 years old and doesn't even have 20K miles on it yet) but it has its own issues so I'll be more than happy to not deal with those issues once I get my 'old, new car.'  I don't mind the way it looks and it's in perfectly fine condition especially since we just got brand new tires put on it, they shouldn't need any until we get rid of that one.  Some would say "oh it should remind you of how far you've come!" (rainbows shooting out of every orifice), it will be hard to view it that way.  To some degree, it will always be the car we were forced to get because we were too fat to fit into anything else.  I will make the best of it though because another car payment is out of the question, I don't dislike it THAT much!  ;-)  Maybe I will find a way to attach a roof rack for kayaks and make it a car that fits into our NEW lifestyle.  Honestly, I've looked at new cars online and there is nothing that floats my boat.  Nothing screams, THAT is the car you want to sit like a lawn ornament in front of your house 360 days of the year so I'm perfectly happy to get a "free" car even if I don't care to remember how we came to get it.

Is there something you had to alter your preferences for because of your weight or your perceived issues with your weight?

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  1. Clothes were my big thing. My style, and the style that the "fatty" designers thought I should be wearing were two completely different things.

    Either, I looked like a grandma, or because I was 250lbs, I was also 6 feet tall.

    Which, is why I fell in love with shoes and handbags, they love you no matter what size you are (well, that's not entirely true, if you have over a size 10 foot, shoes do discriminate).

    Although, now that I'm saying that, my feet have shrunk 1/2 size since I lost weight...

    Anyway. On a non related note, because I have nowhere to leave them now, I watched 'Awake' last night. Wasn't too bad. Kind of reminded me of 'The Bone Collector' in a strange way.

    Oh, and you now how you were just talking about words that give you the heebeejeebees? Well, another one of mine is when people write 'alot' instead of 'a lot'. :-)

  2. So splurge at get yourself a different car. It can be an older model (if you're ok with that) and just trade it straight across or as part of the package when the Mr. upgrades. I know this sounds a lot like "let them eat cake" and please believe me when I say I would never take a car payment that lightly. If you hate the car that much though, maybe it's time to consider it. Will your current car last you if hubby trades his in now for something else and starts the payments over? That way no payment, and you don't have to drive the evil thing.
    Besides that, it sounds like the car hates itself and has some self-harm tendencies. Maybe it's not really safe to drive?

  3. The car isn't THAT bad especially not bad enough to justify more money going out for a car that just sits there 95% of the year.

  4. Have you looked at new cars lately? If so, is there anything in mind that you are interested in. Now that you do have many more option I think you would be surprised at the luxury some of the "cheaper" cars have these days.

    Car sales obviously aren't booming these days and I hear they are practically giving them away. If you could get enough for your trade in to put down on something new it would be worth the piece of mind even if you had to throw a couple grand down to not have a car payment on a new one.

    Just my two cents....for what it's worth....two cents!!! LOL

  5. I would rather *insert very unpleasant activity here* than look at new cars and unless they truly ARE free...ain't happenin'

    Again...FREE CAR over *any* money no matter the amount going out for a car that doesn't get used is the only way we're going. I'll learn to live with it's past.

  6. I hate CARS. Ok, I've said it. They are the biggest pain in the ass EVER. They breakdown, need maintenance, everyone who works on them or tries to sell you one is a Schiester and they lose value IMMEDIATELY.

    That said, they are pretty much one of those necessary E-vils...unless you live in a progressive urban city environment, a car is the only way you can complete the majority of the necessary functions of life. Driving to work, grocery getting, visiting peeps, etc. etc. etc.

    I admire your thriftiness for not wanting an additional car payment, that's really responsible and disciplened. But I also think maybe you should thing about trading in the car you don't love, to get something that more reflects the new, active life you two are living.

    But I still see your point about driving the old one. All I know is that I'm so excited to finish paying off my MOM Mobile (had to get a minivan so I could haul the dogs here and there) that I don't care what another payment will look like, when my minivan sits in the driveway 99% of the time!

  7. The Mrs -- I loved what you said about putting a rack on the roof to carry your kayaks and reflect your new lifestyle. I'm sure you can do all sorts of things like that to change your relationship with the car. After all, look at everything you've done to change your relationship with food and your body!

  8. Something I've had to alter my preferences for because of my weight? Definitely clothes (which explains why I absolutely loathed shopping for them), along with where I sat, the rides that I rode at amusement parks, and more. Horseback riding was absolutely out of the question (nothing like having the guy look you up and down, ask your weight, and then give you a pack horse--and that wasn't at my highest weight, either). I'm with you on preferring a 'free' car in spite of the memories; love the idea of putting a rack on it, though. Make some kind of change to it so you can start making some new memories!

  9. I like the idea of doing something to change your "relationship" with the car as well. You have a good head on your shoulders and I agree with your plan of attack!

  10. I'm late again tonight, but I do think you could totally re-do that car to make it fit your lifestyle more! A roof rack would work for the Mr.'s cross country skis as well as kayaks...we do the 1 car at a time thing, too, and I would not trade in one just because it reminded me of when I barely fit in it...I'm too cheap...um...frugal. Yes, frugal.:)

  11. I'm driving around in an extremely large SUV, that sucks gas, and wastes space. All because it was the only vehicle in the lot that had a seatbelt that would fit. I kick it everytime I get in.


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