Saturday, August 27, 2011

And August gave me... - Weigh In

ONE mother &$*%ing pound.

As I sit here as sore as I've ever been from a new workout last night (to be reviewed in the coming weeks), barely able to walk, praying for a morphine drip and not even looking forward to our high cal day because that means I will have to move...I don't even care that much.  Pretty sure it's a mixture of pain and broken spirit.

As I looked over my tracker, I noticed one consistent thing.  I'm barely scraping the bottom of my recommended food range which is 2220-2570.  The week I gained the pound I only hit the bottom one day out of the week, other than high cal day of course.  But here's the thing, I'm so scared to go above that!  I feel like I will gain if I go higher than 2200 calories.  So most days I'm about 2170-2250 with the occasional 2000 thrown in for a day or two.  But obviously with everything going on, I've gained a pound anyway and with these new workouts that are somewhat like a half step down from the Insanity workouts, (Affiliate link) my body is going to be dying for more food.

I know these things, I'm not new to the rodeo but at this point I want it so bad I'm in a haze of desperation which I think is killing my weight loss.  So I guess next week I will begin eating within my calorie range for real and hope for the best.  We're at the next level and I can't afford any mistakes.  I'm doing everything else right so I NEED this!

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  1. I just don't even know what to say. I'm sorry. I know that you will eventually figure it out, but "eventually" feels like forever away. I wish I could give you some concrete help, but all I have to offer is moral support.

  2. Your on the right track my friend. It goes against all logic-the whole eat more because your exercising more-my brain doesn't compute that!!! You have worked it for a few years now and I know with all confidence you will iron out those kinks (although I am a firm believer that hammers can fix anything!). You are the queen of weight loss and perserverance. You can do it!!!

  3. I don't even know what to say. How absolutely disappointing. And I totally understand and feel that disappointment. You are doing the right things and you DO deserve it and I do believe that it will come to you eventually. Wish eventually were today. Looking forward to the new workout review :). Hugs from the west coast.

  4. I echo the others, I don't know what to say other than I'm sorry. I know how hard you're working. I haven't been, but I felt broken by this a year ago and I let it defeat me. I said before it's like navigating a horrible road map. I keep reading about stress and all the damage that can do & I begin to wonder if I can ever put all the pieces together. But I am not quitting. And I know you won't either. Hugs.

  5. Like you said - you know these things. With the way you work out, you have to stay in range. I am sure just scraping by is having a bad effect on your weight loss. Give it a week firmly in range. I am betting you will see a loss next week.

    If not, you can burn off some calories kicking my butt!

  6. I echo everyone else's comments -- I'm so sorry for all your hard work and the disappointing results, and I'm confident you won't give up and let this "glitch" defeat you.

    I'm going to suggest something radical -- and you are free to throw rotten tomatoes at me. Why don't you take the month of September off from calorie counting and weigh-ins? I am NOT saying not to keep working out and following a healthy food plan. But I am saying to give yourself a vacation from the constant monitoring.

    Trust the process you have set up to get healthy. Trust your body. Go on a mental vacation and -- as they say in the 12-step world -- let go and let God.

    You ARE going to get to where you want to go. Trust the timing of when that happens. Yeah, I know that's easier said than done. You're working so hard, you want to see results on the scale. Trust that you will. This is a temporary situation that WILL change.

    Okay, Mrs., you may begin throwing rotten tomatoes now! And hang in there. You're not alone. We're all rooting for you. And thanks for bringing us along on your journey. It's such a help to all of us who struggle with the blankety blank scale. Whether you lose 1 pound in a month or 50 pounds in a month, you are always an inspiration to us!

  7. I'm sorry that it's so frustrating for you.

    It will crank up again. But I know it's been a challenging few months.

  8. I sooooo understand the fear of going in the higher area of your calorie range. My calories are about 1000 less that yours (per SP...gotta love that--not!) and if I stay at the low end, I feel "safe". At the higher end, I start to freak. The other day our dinner plans got changed due to a phone call so I ended up having less that 1000 calories that for kicks weighed myself the next morning and I STILL was up a pound! Starving doesn't work, obviously, but inching up the calorie chain is quite scary too. It's all such a mental game and it seems the more we focus on it, the worse the outcome feels. It's hard to keep acknowledging all the muscle tone and cardio work when the blasted scale seems to make a mockery of it all. It's all about perspective, I know, but some days it's just the pits. Feeling your frustration and sending you mucho hugs!!


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