Friday, February 23, 2024

What I'm Reading This Week #8

Well hello and Happy Friday.   If no one has told you lately, your ass looks great.  Have you been doing squats?

Okay y'all.  For those who liked getting posts going straight to their mailboxes, I may have found a solution.  It takes a couple of minutes to set up, it looks daunting but it's not- I'm just really thorough with directions but then it'll all automate.  Go to Follow It, and click the FOLLOW button.  Scroll down a little and it defaults to 'newspaper', click SINGLE EMAILS.  Scroll just below that to the field that says ENTER YOUR EMAIL and do so.  Then click the FOLLOW FEED button underneath.  (You'll likely have to click the 'I'm not a robot' BS.)  It'll give you a message that says you need to go to the email you entered to confirm your subscription.  You'll have an email from Follow.It and click the CLICK HERE TO CONFIRM button in the email.  It'll bring up your Follow It account and a 'feed directory' default.  Up at the top click 'MY NEWS'.  On the left sidebar at the bottom, click SETTINGS.  For the default delivery channels, click SINGLE EMAILS.  Under delivery settings, click 7AM if you want the first available time to receive a new post if you read in the morning.  If you prefer to be reminded later, enter whatever time works with your schedule when you typically read/comment.  (Don't forget to enter your time zone.)  If you'd like to change your username to something other than the generic one they assign you, you can do that.  (Like if you want to use your old Spark handle or something you comment with on the blog so I know who is following that way, you can.)  Then make sure you scroll to the bottom and click SAVE CHANGES.   You're ready to receive my brand of realism straight to your inbox!  I will likely include these instructions in a few more posts and maybe on FB once or twice.

Now that that's outta the way!  This week seemed to go by in a weird time warp, both fast and slow if that makes sense.  It was nice having the Mr back home last week for training and then an extra day this week.  Hopefully he can find some more training to take and work the system.  Here were our workouts this week:

Sunday- Running up and down stairs for baseboards for him/ WATP 3 miler for me
Monday- MBF Upper Body day 10
Tuesday- 3 laps at the park with a horsie break
Wednesday-  Fitness Blender lower body hellfest
Thursday- 3 laps at park

Because of last week's popcorn snarf, I was over my high cal day target by a lot so I had to spend all week adjusting to average out for the week.  It was fine but still.  There was a manicotti meal I would've liked to throw in there this week that just couldn't be worked in and still meet my protein goals so maybe next week.

Now let's work into:

Can Breathing Exercises Help You Lose Weight?  (Pretty interesting stuff and given I'm a natural shallow breather, it would be good to practice anyway)

What Your Relationship Needs Is a Little ‘Romantic Nostalgia’  (Great idea!  Time to whip out the 25th anniversary photo book.)

Why car insurance rates are soaring  (You'd better hold onto yer butts.  A family member is in insurance and the average rate hike across the board is 27%.  I just paid ours earlier this week and we somehow scraped by less than that but they said it's a shock throughout the industry.  You'd better make sure you get uninsured/underinsured coverage on your plan because with that hike, you know darn well people will be dropping/reducing it!)

Miss a post here this week?  Catch up below!

Welp, not real sure of any weekend plans.  Tomorrow is a rando drop in temps for one day so if we go anywhere we'll have to make sure we have heavier coats at the ready in the new ride.  

Any plans for you this weekend?

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  1. I agree that the week was a time warp. I guess it was a holiday week so that checks out, even if presidents day for us was a rare car buying event. We might have to think about a short road trip to really get a feel for the longer term comfort in there. I also have some detailing to do on the previous car so I have the potential for good movement and staying off my butt again this weekend. Have a great weekend everyone!

    1. I guess it didn't register as a short week since we had a lot to do that day. 😂

  2. It has been a pretty horrible week for me, but the grocery shopping is done and the laundry is going (got your reminder, too! =o) ), so I'm happy about that. I'll work the rest of the day and look forward to a nice hot shower when I am done. The hubs said he has no plans for the rest of the day, so hopefully he can rest and recuperate. An appointment tomorrow, then work, and church on Sunday. We are due to get a rainstorm and snow mix later on tonight that will be short lived. Back up to almost 70 degrees next week. Nutty. Have a great weekend!!

    1. I'm sorry you had a poopie week. 😞 Ha, I forgot I set up that reminder but glad you got it done! I hope this week is better for you and you can get some relief.

  3. Great job with the work outs. I got on the treadmill 4 times this week. One morning I couldn't since our well stopped working. I didn't want to go to work too stinky. I often check out the articles you post. Hoping to find something that might work for me. I have lost about 4.4 pounds but it took 2 months! Age, hypothyroidism & stress isn't ideal for weight loss but I am not giving up.

    1. Great job on the workouts and loss!! I am totally with you on the frustration of how slow it is. I don't know if your stress levels are as insane as mine but I hear that and sleep are big parts of it as we age. Problem is, I've been in fight or flight since age 8 and I naturally just don't sleep longer than 6 1/2 hours which every article out there is like "that's worse than no sleep at all!" Some days you just feel like you can never win even if you're doing everything else right. 🙄


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