Friday, February 16, 2024

What I'm Reading This Week #7

Happy Friday to you!  I hope you had a lovely week.  It's been a week around here.  We sold my car to Carvana Tuesday.  Sigh.  I loved that car but too much of a liability with different insurance companies refusing to cover Hyundai's and we can't do that crap.  Someone is getting a helluva car with less than 20K original miles.  It's something I was pretty traumatized by.  We had to use Carvana to sell Mom's car and it brought all of that back.  I wanted nothing to do with any of it.  I will say though if you need to sell your car privately, they are definitely the way to go, give you a very fair price and it's literally 5 minutes for the pickup.  Then came the Mr doing the deal on the new car which made me want to barf.  This is the first car we've had to buy over $30k...way over.  I refuse to ever pay over $350/ mo so we pooled money from different resources and we're under that amount.  I have to keep telling myself that's less money we're paying interest on.  It's ludicrous people accept paying an amount similar to rent for a friggin' car.   I've never felt so sick about a purchase in my life but this is the world we live in now, I guess.  The formula the Mr used for 30 years without fail is dead now with the pandemic, so the days of dickering are basically over.  (Though he still managed to get $1k off with a firm out the door price.  It was on a brand new one that hadn't even been on the lot yet so that was surprising.  It was the last one in town before the ones they were bringing in $2k higher because they're forcing leaky sunroofs on people.  No thanks.)

This week was good on the food/water/exercise front again even with Valentines Day thrown in.  I usually cook us steak that day since a restaurant is so much higher calorie and sodium wise.  I had Halo Top brownie ice cream on hand for a treat and protein boost.  I have to say if you have an Aldi, grab their Hawaiian chicken because that stuff is AMAZING on a big ass salad.  I just use the sauce as the dressing and give it a toss.  I add pineapple, carrots and zucchini to bulk it up and it's soooo good.  Tastes just like what we get there too which makes us both happy and sad.  It was much harder for me to drink my morning water.  Like really hard.  I managed but it's taking a lot to make this a habit and I've definitely quit by now in the past.

Now let's manage:

The 7 Worst Exercises for Joint Health and What to Do Instead  (So basically stay off of cable machines is what I'm getting from this.)

20 Exercises To Work on Hip Strength and Mobility  (Definitely need to incorporate these.  I need to break out my PT loops.)

9 Mistakes That Can Make Plantar Fasciitis Worse  (I just got my pair of 'around the house' shoes so hopefully it'll help.)

How to Stop Being So Mean to Yourself  (It feels impossible to overcome for me.)

Six months after the Maui fires, an uncertain economy for the island  (Our hearts still break.  The talk of Hawaii has come back up from time to time but still don't know that our hearts could take seeing Lahaina leveled.)

Miss a post this week?  Catch up below:

The Mr says he wants to do the baseboards this weekend.  Beh.  Maybe we can push it to Sunday so we can do something fun (ish) Saturday.  

Anything fun on tap for you this weekend?  Is it a long weekend for you?

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  1. I used to look forward to doing the deal and my formula worked because I knew how to calculate the sweet spot between us getting a good deal and the dealer still making money too. When the dealer doesn't even have any inventory it's really hard to get to that same sweet spot. Times being what they are I do feel good about getting any money off but it figures this would happen at the same time that the car we want costs more than any car we've ever even considered buying before. It's going to be great for long trips though and I'm looking forward to all the good times we'll have in it. Happy Friday everyone!

    1. It was nice for you to be able to plug in numbers on your spreadsheet and have it come out to exactly what you needed to offer. I was always impressed with that and I know others were too. I hate that my dad made car buying a traumatic experience for me and I can't enjoy it more. I'm just glad you leave me out of it! 😄 It should be a much more comfy road trip ride!

  2. Buying a car is so stressful now because nothing is cheap...nothing. It boggles my mind that the cost of the average car now is what's left on our mortgage. Egads. I was happy to read you got some house shoes! As I told you yesterday, I am never without shoes or slippers. I have slippers on every floor, which is ridiculous, but my feet just can't handle it...and that's with mostly carpeting. I hope they give you some relief.
    We did our grocery shopping today instead of tomorrow so I'm glad to have that done. He can have a full rest day tomorrow before going back to work on Sunday. I work the rest of the day today, then will work on laundry. Tomorrow I'll work in the spare room and make more headway to get it ready to the work office. Sunday is church. It sure was cold this morning and the low tonight is 15, so had to pull the thicker sweatshirts back out.
    I hope you do have some fun on Saturday and can get out and about a bit! xoxo

    1. The price of cars are absolutely astounding and it amazes me people just collectively take it. If they held onto their cars longer they would have more bargaining power but everyone wants new as fast as possible to make themselves feel better. Unfortunately my gunboats weren't big enough and I had to exchange for carrier barges which will be here tomorrow. I forgot how gross Crocs feel to wear.

      I'm glad you guys got the groceries done and can hopefully have a more laid back day! Stay warm!!

  3. Buying a car is right up there with a colonoscopy. We kept our cars for about 20 years. This week was long. Weekly weigh in was up 1.4 after doing everything right. Lost a pound last week without exercise! Ugh. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get to goal & experience maintenance. Hope you do something fun this weekend.

    1. You ain't just whistling Dixie!! Isn't that the absolute worst?! I will say that $20 scale we got does at least help give more data which has been helpful when it isn't moving how I want. Hang in there as best you can. I found these coaches on YouTube that helped us formulate our latest plan called Coach Viva. Very numbers/data based. Maybe poke around at your leisure and see if anything clicks with you. Keep fighting the good fight!


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