Monday, February 12, 2024

Movin' Right Along Weekend Recap

It's Monday...y'all ready?  I hope your weekend was full of delights.  Apparently some big football game was on which I give zero effs about and couldn't tell you who played.  The Mr's cluster headaches had ramped up to the point he was getting some accompanying pain on his neck to the touch.  A quick look up showed this is unfortunately common and sometimes ultrasounding can help.  Lucky for us we already have one so I got to wanding him but good.  The next morning he said he felt good so let's road trip.  

Dude...know when to stop.

We had a hankering for Portillo's Maxwell's Street Polish.  Since we didn't get to order them last summer, we were overdue.  We got on the road a little later than we'd probably like to with multiple hours ahead of us but eh, what else did we have to do?  Just when we were both dying of hunger after nothing more than coffee for breakfast, we got to the promised land.

After enjoying some local goodies, it was time to head to the park I scoped out the night before.

Parks are always a crap shoot when you're depending on Google to be your guide but this was a really nice one so we lucked out.  We got a good amount of walking in to help with digestion and burned a good bit for a Saturday.

Since we were in another state, we made sure to grab a cache so we could get a 'souvenir.'

Then it was time for the loooong trek back home.  We picked up a Whole Foods order and got home in time to see the Mr's Valentine's gift arrived:


No way in hell am I trusting hot coffee or tea in a mug whose handle broke without any evidence of damage on the box.  He insists it's awesome and is displaying it on his already overcrowded office shelves.  At least the seller dude was quick with a refund.  

Oh, forgot to mention.  The Mr was another 2 lbs down.  I was down one...again.  On the road trip, we talked about the possibility of me maybe upping my calories by 50-75 cals to see how that goes the next week or two.  He's eating a somewhat obscene amount of food and it's working for him.  I'm also adding in about 200 cals more per day doing the floor bike in addition to our regular workouts so I may be creating way too much of a deficit.  I don't want to cut out the bike so we'll see how that does.  Everything else is on point though and we're both down a bit on body fat and up a teense on muscle mass.  SO glad we had some extra data through that scale.  

We were chatting about when to bite the bullet on getting a new car.  We've been Hyundai owners for 20 years but with the shitstorm as of late and the lack of seeming to care about a true fix, we're tapping out.  My car is the most vulnerable at this point so after 10 years, it's time to bid her adieu.  She's climbed Mt. Washington, drove us on a big road trip vacations to several of the Mr's childhood haunts and honestly, I'm going to hate getting rid of a sedan.  I much prefer to be lower to the ground and love the way it drives but at this point, it's only going to keep plummeting in value even though it has LESS than 20K original miles on it.  Carvana will be coming out tomorrow to give it the once over after the Mr did an impeccable job cleaning it up.  We dealt with them when we had to sell Mom's car and it could not have been easier.  Given what could've been a real headache during an already difficult time, we were happy for the easy sale and very fair price in comparison.  

I did a little food prep though not as much as last week.  I added sweet potatoes to our occasional egg/black bean mashup.  We both agreed despite the original version having like 45g of protein in it, it was not holding either of us.  (This isn't a surprise for me.  Protein based anything only makes me completely ravenous within an hour whereas a bowl of oatmeal can hold me for 4 hours easily.)  So hopefully that'll do a little better for us.  Of course dobo me forgets to add the hummus and cottage cheese to the egg mixture because I was rushing but it's still almost 30g of protein without it.  Who knows, maybe it'll work out better?

The Mr wasn't feeling great and had a headache all day and a strength workout on top of things wasn't going to feel great afterward.  But it was Puppy Bowl recording time so I figured no better time to get our strength in and have something to look forward to afterward.  Not gonna lie, it sucked.  Twice I broke down bawling because of how bad my feet and left shoulder hurts.  This is not the time for me to start up treatments that are $200 a pop with all of the money stuff we've got going on.  So I'm going to have to start balance PT, be better about plantar fasciitis PT and up the ultrasounding to twice a day.  This scenario is exactly what I've always dreaded and here I am, in chronic pain.  Pain that likely could've been avoided if I'd just kept up PT like the chiro said.  "You'll have to do this at least 3-4x week for the rest of your lift or you're going to have problems."  

Welcome to problems.  

We came up and read our January one meh happy year, I made dinner and we watched Puppy Bowl to round things out.

How was your weekend?

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  1. I am so glad we ended up going on our road trip. The drive was tolerable enough but getting out of town was a boost to the doldrums and the food was awesome. We'd be in trouble if we had one of those near us but I still want one!

  2. Sounds like an excellent weekend for you guys, and I'm so glad you got out of town and enjoyed some sights and good food!
    The weekend was good here. The hubs was very tired on Saturday so I did the grocery shopping in the morning then had an eye appt in the late afternoon. Managed to get the laundry done on Friday so I was thrilled. Did some work on Saturday, then enjoyed working on crossword puzzles in the evening to unwind. Sunday was church and the hubs was home from work when I got home, so we attempted to watch the puppy bowl but our pooch went insane and almost lost her voice from all the barking, snarling, and stomping she was doing. Crazy mutt. We all fell asleep for about an hour, then decided to order dinner for the game. We watch none of the pregame or halftime stuff, but just want to see the actual game, so I got to do that while the hubs went to bed so he could get up early for work. Did the garbage adn recycling haul, took the pooch for one more nightly walk, then it was lights out for me.


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