Wednesday, February 7, 2024

We Tried It: Miyoko's Pourable Plant Milk Mozzarella Review

Howdy do!  So if you guys remember a few weeks ago, I talked about how we unknowingly watched a Netflix  documentary "experiment" on twins on omnivore and plant based diets.  It became very apparent this was all sponsored by plant based companies which was irritating when that isn't how it was presented.  One of the things we didn't fast forward through was this 'pourable' liquid mozzarella that they claimed gave you the same mouth feel as real mozzarella on your pizza.  The Mr and I like to have BBQ chicken flatbreads every now and then so we thought "eh, let's give it a try."  At $7.50 per bottle (!), I was already irritated but we were still willing to give it a go especially since we both have to watch our sat fat.  

First off, let's compare the nutritional information:

For me, really the sat fat is the only thing I'm happy about.  I'm not happy that I'm getting more sodium, less protein, less calcium and more carbs by using the plant based option but I'm not going to hold that against it for now but based on those stats alone, I know I won't be buying it again.

Let's get this party started.

Here's a peek of what it looks like.

I measured out a serving into a small cup that had a spout on it so I could pour it more evenly.


Now it tells you on the bottle to put it into a 500 degree oven so that it can truly bubble and stuff but my flatbreads are already stiff upon entry to the oven so I put it on low broil so I could keep an eye on it without nuking what was underneath. 

I didn't want to go overboard so I pulled it out when it was just set and starting to slightly bubble.

As you can see, it kind of sorta has a cheesy look to it although a little plastic-y looking but at least there's a melt to it that you don't usually get with other shredded cheeses.

So how did it taste?

Does it taste like mozzarella?  No.  Even the documentary said that with the people who work for the company.  Does it have the mouth feel of mozzarella?  Pretty much.  Does it pull and stretch like cheese?  A little.  I think this is more about making people feel like they're not missing out on cheese but I couldn't really taste much because the rest of our flatbread is so flavorful on it's own.  

Our thoughts?

While it was nice to experiment with it and see if it could truly be an option for us, neither of us were blown away by it especially to warrant that price tag.  Yes, it has less saturated fat than its cheesy counterpart but we're more than willing to carefully plan that day to be able to fit the real thing in.  We've got four total servings left so we'll have to make sure we use it in the next month on something else.  I tasted it on its own and its way too salty for me but I'm sure I'll figure out some way to use it.  Maybe on salt free nachos with salsa on it or something.  

I think this is great for people who chose or need to go plant based.  If you've got money to burn and the $7.50 price tag for 6 servings doesn't grate you like it does me, spend your mad money.  I always like to try new to us stuff and I'm just glad it wasn't so bad that I wanted to chuck it because I would've been really mad.   So I say if you find it on sale, give it a go and see if it's something you want to permanently or occasionally throw into your rotation!  

Have you tried this pourable 'cheese' before?  Would you?

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  1. I wasn't even aware that there was this option. I don't think I've seen this in our stores yet, but we tend to run a month or two behind everybody else I notice. Excellent review you did on it!!

  2. I am glad we gave it a try but the sodium and price make it kind of hard to justify just to have a decent plant-based alternative. The texture was pretty much spot-on for me and I would recommend others try it at least.

  3. I have never seen this at the store. I have tried other dairy free cheese & all have been horrible. I wouldn't buy this product as it gets concerning about all the ingredients that typically make up these products.


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