Monday, February 19, 2024

Snowy Surprise and Boarded Up Weekend Recap

Anyone else feel like the weekend is basically one day of semi-rest and one day of whirling dervishness sprinkled with anxiety?  

Just me?  As you were.

We finally got a bit of snow Friday night.  We knew that meant we'd have ONE day to snow shoe because the ground was not cold enough to sustain it sticking around.  The Mr got to working on cutting baseboards for going upstairs.  I pointlessly added the sound deadening strips I used in my closet for behind them.  I figured I bought them for a reason so I should probably just slap them on so they weren't a waste of money.  (They are but still.)  He really busted his butt trying to get some angles going that we have to deal with.  Who knew adding 5/8" drywall was going to be such a clusterfudge?  

(Me.  I knew.)   

I chatted with my friend down south and she confirmed she's got Covid so I sent her a Doordash gift card so she could get dinner and rest.  She ended up getting Italian which is her heritage and it felt nice to be able to help take care of her in some way since she's going through it alone with no one to check on her.  

Saturday I got to weigh in and find zippo on all fronts according to the fancy scale.  I wasn't surprised because I tried upping my calories slightly and I knew it was a crap shoot.  We thought I was creating too much of a deficit but then what did I do?  I only did the bike once instead of 3-4x for NEAT calories.  (I can't really walk extra around the house with the feet still utterly screwed.)  I found out stevia is in the ragweed family, which I'm allergic to, and wasn't sure if that was contributing to any inflammation and last week was week one off of it.  It was also the first week without coffee daily.  (Albeit decaf but still.)  I only uh, 'liberated' my bowels twice last week despite getting in pristine water consumption every day.  My sleep was worse than the week before but not as bad as the week before that.  Unfortunately, I reacted to the news by snarfing the Mr's Valentine's gift of Cape League popcorn from Smith's Popcorn from Cape Cod in a reflex rage.  Smart, I know but I also know I'm still trying to overcome a lifetime of programmed responses and I didn't figure all of that other stuff out until the damage had been done. 😑   Based on averages, I should be able to save myself this week if I'm strict.  If I look at just the calories up/bike down that explains the maintenance but the stevia and coffee are also possible contributors.  So I'm going back down to the previous calorie range, making sure I do the bike at least 3-4x week and keep up the water consumption and pray I can get some solid sleep somehow.  I tried belly breathing the past two nights and that weirdly seemed to help me get to sleep.  Now that I've typed it, if history serves as a predictor, it will never work again.

We knew Saturday was the only day we'd have to get out and snowshoe so there could be slight redemption on the great popcorn binge.   So we suited up in the thermals, grabbed some hand warmers this time thanks to the Mr remembering, threw in the walking poles and off we went to shoe in the white winter wonderland!

Or not.

Well, we did but stayed in the snow on the crappier parts that had clearly been basking in the sun despite it being 23 degrees.  I HATE sunny winter days.  Not only is it blinding but if you actually had snow, it makes it disappear real quick.  

Thankfully that only made up maybe 1/4 of the trail total and most of it looked similar to this:

We were able to make two full laps around the main trail and one around the crappiest, soggiest auxiliary trail for a total of 550 calories burned for me and 700 for him.  I felt good about that though I REALLY would've loved to push out one more lap.  It wasn't in the cards for either of us and I could already tell my legs were protesting.  

Woke up Sunday with super tight legs so a lot of attention was needed to make me functional.  I made a quick tide us over breakfast of peanut butter on seeded bread with a nana and tea.  The Mr got to work on installing/cutting baseboards.  I worked on this a bit and then supposed it was time to get to a bit of meal prep.  The "egg thingies", as I've dubbed them, has been giving a nice protein boost.  I did find adding 4 oz of sweet potato chunks seemed to be the sweet spot on getting that to hold us despite it having a crap ton of  protein.  A protein laden breakfast will make me hungry in an hour every single time.  This seemed to do the trick for both of us.  I had some frozen French toast mini meatballs I got at the holidays that I needed to use up so that was going to serve as the protein in them this time.  Four of them cut in half and plopped in as needed.  I baked up some einkorn pumpkin muffins to freeze for snacks.  I felt so bad for the Mr.  There's a spot at the top of the stairs that was a complete nightmare for him.  I told him he definitely wasn't working out because he'd been up and down the stairs all friggin' day.  I know he wouldn't want to miss a strength session which is our typical schedule for Sunday's so I switched it to cardio for me.  The snow laps left my calves absolutely locked up so I knew I couldn't do something like Turbo Fire or something I wanted to do and would have to stick to WATP.

I made Chinese for dinner with shrimp and cauliflower rice.  That about stuck the fork in us for the weekend.  Thanks so much Mr for busting your hump Friday and Sunday.  I really don't know how you're going to be able to function today!

What did you guys get into this weekend?

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  1. It's good to finally be mostly done with baseboards now after waiting too long to do that. I'm glad we got another chance to snow shoe as I know last time we went out we were sure to enjoy it like it was the last chance this season, so this was a bonus.

    1. Now I guess my part comes into it after you fix those two spots at the top of each set of stairs. Yay. I am too but my calves beg to differ. Yowchie!

  2. So nice to hear you guys got snow! And usable snow at that with a great snowshoe trek! Woot! Weekend was good here. The hubs and I attacked some housecleaning with gusto and that felt good when we were all done. I did three loads of laundry on Saturday and asked him to remind me this week NOT to procrastinate and just get it done on Friday. We grocery shopped on Friday, then I worked until 5pm, but I easily could have done the laundry, but got lazy. I don't like doing laundry on the weekends, so I need to be firm in that and not be a slug. Worked a bit on Saturday and Sunday and went to church. Three appointments for the hubs and two for me this week, so the pooch won't be happy with all the coming and going. lol

    1. So rare for any snow here anymore. Pffft! Sounds like you had some headway on stuff you wanted to get done which is always nice! I may or may not have sent you a reminder for laundry Friday! LOL

  3. After a disappointing weigh in (a gain of 1.4) it was a quiet weekend of getting chores done & making a nice healthy Sunday dinner. It has been too dang cold for outdoor activity. I have been so tired it was nice to just chill. But I know it is time to find new activities. We have been homebody too much & it is a!most March. I know my anxiety is adding to my desire to hide but I know I cannot let what is going with in in the world steal my sunshine either.

    1. I really don't understand how in this day and age we can't have some test that measures why we had a weird gain/no loss or whatever and it spits out a printout that tells us exactly what to change. There's nothing more frustrating than feeling like you're doing everything right but there's this ONE thing your body may not like and there's ZERO way for you to know what that is unless you eliminate one thing at a time, give it 3 weeks to adjust only to go 'nope.' I hope you're able to wrangle the anxiety and if you do, let me know how because I sure as heck haven't found anything that works yet! (Though I can tell you moving to a field with the nearest neighbor 3/4 mile away on all sides would solve about 96.7% of my issues!)


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