Friday, February 9, 2024

What I'm Reading This Week #6

You've made it to Friday!  *Booty poppin dance*


I know someone who is extra happy because he strategically planned a class next week to coincide with a holiday and appointment so he may not have to be "in office" for almost two weeks!  His normally laid back boss has quite the burr up the ass since return to office (for a job that is completely remote), so you give him no choice but to work the system.  

Our week has been going well on the food and exercise front.  Workouts were:
Sun- Turbo Fire Sculpt (resistance bands)
Mon - 3 laps at park/floor bike 
Tues- WATP Firm 30 /floor bike 
Wed - 3 laps at park 
Thurs - 3 laps at park 

Friday's are for gauging just how bad all of that has effed us up and a rest day if we need it.  I will assume we do because the walk Wednesday was particularly hard on both of us after the strength.  I really wish I was not so crippled after every activity.  We do rolling and stretching after and I hoped it would make a significant difference.  I'm able to walk without quite as much pain but afterward, it all catches up with me.  😞  Food has been on point but I have to say my disdain for meal planning is growing.  I need to give the Mr our dinner plans for the next day so he can plan what to pack for lunch and I have no clue.  I know I'm going to have to be one of those people who pre-plans weekly dinners but one thing at a time.  I made a new to us Thai chicken salad that was good and because of the cabbage took forever to eat.

The biggest struggle is protein and making sure we're getting the amount we're shooting for while making sure the sat fat is in check.  I have made it to week three on water every day for the first time.  I won't lie, it was harder this week so I get why it dropped off in the past.

Now let's drop into:

1 Subtle Sign Of A Heart Attack That Many People Often Ignore (Always good to know since it's different for women!)

The Simple Practice That Can Quiet Your Mind Faster Than Meditation  (Just make sure you do it alone because if you do it around someone like me with misophonia, it won't end well for you. 😂)

Why It's So Hard to Part With a Lost Loved One's Things (Because it's all you've got left of them and you can keep as little or as much as you can handle.  Don't let anyone EVER tell you 'it's time' to let go of things.  Not their call.   So no..."letting go is a step towards the future" is your opinion and may have worked  for you but it doesn't work for everyone.)

Cast of ‘Groundhog Day' reunites at Navy Pier for first time since movie's 1993 debut (Well, not everyone but lots of great cameos, stories and definitely worth a watch for the Groundhog Day fan!)

Miss some posts here this week?  Catch up below:

Our weekend plans are still up in the air.  We don't know if we're doing baseboards, road tripping, watching movies or a hybrid.  I know unfortunately meal prep will be in there and the thought of 6 hours of my life being flushed down the toilet until I limp out of the kitchen is not appealing.

What are you getting into this weekend?

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  1. I am very happy to be out of the office for a while. Hopefully we can get some more stuff done this weekend but I'm not sure I can break myself quite as much as last Sunday. We'll see. Have a great weekend everyone!

  2. Congratulations on the food prep and the water!! That is fantastic! I hope you guys enjoy a nice weekend, whether it be house stuff or getting away from the homestead for a wee bit.
    It was a stressful week time-wise with appointments and not feeling well, but it wasn't horrible. I have a visual field test and glaucoma testing last afternoon tomorrow, then work tomorrow night. The rest of the weekend will be grocery shopping, working more on the spare room, and church. I've been getting out for walks and that's been nice way to start my day before the madness and time constraints kick in. Very thankful for the weather which has made it feel good to have that nip in the air, but not freezing cold.

  3. I hate meal planning & food prep. After working all week the last thing I want to do is spend a day in the kitchen getting ready for the week. So what I do is make meals simple and fast. I do buy veggies in the steam bag for weekly meals & with a protein. Soup has really become my lunch of choice. I bought one of those mini crockpots. They are small & they just warm up soup perfect. I agree with the point of chewing. It also allows for better absorption of nutrients.


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