Friday, February 2, 2024

What I'm Reading This Week #5

Hey howdy, partner!  You've made it to Friday!  Groundhog Day to be exact.  (Spoiler alert:  Regardless what the rodent sees, there's still 6 more weeks of winter.)  If I saw one more January 45th meme, I was about to scream.  January is hunker down month.  Get your hurkle durkle on and actually rest!  

Speaking of which, it's been a week of adjustments as far as our plan.  It was a LOT of planning especially dinners because the Mr would need to plan his meals for the next day.

It's so daunting trying to get everything cranking those first weeks and I hate that process but we'll get there.  Oh and remember that awesome sleep I got last week?  Well, Sunday and Monday nights I got NONE.  ZERO.  I only got 3 hours on Tuesday, maybe 4ish on Wednesday so a restful week's sleep has evaded me and I'm not happy about it nor do I have a reason why.  Through the entire week I've gotten the amount I should've gotten in two nights of normal sleep.  It's like I wrote about how it went the first week I became intentional about sleep and my body did what it does and was like "NOT SO FAST!  Catch this wrench!"  Even if I had gotten decent sleep, the amount of pee I now produce is astounding and I would've been woken up to wee every 90 minutes.  So that post- dinner tea that has wound down my day for decades got cut.  I will miss it but now I feel like I'm entering my Golden Girls era of no liquids after 7pm. 😞  I've also found I need to make sure I'm not chugging to get the last of my water bottle in between 4-6pm because then I just am up to pee constantly so all water as early as possible.  I'm not digging that adjustment at all but I guess that's what tweaking is all about Charlie Brown.

Now let's dig into:

5 benefits of drinking water in the morning  ("I can tell you one big drawback"-  I.P. Freely.  I'm finishing up week two of this starting with my 25 oz water bottle I keep on the nightstand.  This is where I usually bail, let's see if I can keep it up!)

4 Protein Mistakes You're Probably Making — and How to Fix Them. (Good to know as we're focusing on adding more.)

How Much Protein Can Your Body Absorb? Here's How Much To Eat In One Sitting  (Mr... this is good to know.  Skip down to the summary.)

6 Signs You’re Actually Hungry  (You start clearing the top shelves like Jack Nicholson in The Shining when he broke?)

The Perfect 15-Minute Shoulder Warm-Up for Better Mobility  (I don't know about 15 minutes but definitely some form of it because Sunday's strength session gave me a two day headache and soreness.)

Is Ceylon Cinnamon Good For You? An RD Weighs In on the Benefits  (We take it every day.  I put some in my oatmeal along with my ground flaxseed.  OMG, who am I??)

Use These Three Phrases to Fight Weight Stigma at the Doctor’s Office  (I like all of these- the first one reeks of me.  HA!  If they're real a-holes like some of the ones I've read about just utter 'joint commission.')

10 Inventors Who Came to Regret Their Creations  (Yeah, there are a few on here I wouldn't mind flicking in the forehead.)

I want to get the rest of the Christmas stuff down since it's, you know, February.  A new record for me.  So it's coming down as slowly as it went up.   The Mr and I were quite sore all week so a rest day may be in order today.  Oh and all of that BS about how staying hydrated keeps your muscles from getting as sore?  LIES!  I assure you they are just as sore if not more so than if I drank very little so pfft.  😜

What's going on for you this weekend? 

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  1. Some great links today. I know what I plan to do instead of work lol. Have a great weekend everyone!

  2. I'm so sorry for your lack of sleep. I've had many weeks and months like that where I started to feel like my mind was going to snap from lack of actual REM sleep. And I don't like when I've "supposedly" slept but my mind raced all night long about a subject and I feel like I was awake the whole time. Not getting mental rest brings on the tears for me real quick. I hope this weekend you CAN rest and get actual sleep, even if that means it comes during the day for a solid 4-hour nap. Maybe if you do have a rest day from your workouts, that includes the water intake, just so you can actually lay down and not pop back up to run to the bathroom. I'm at least getting up every 20 minutes to go to the bathroom and I don't feel like I'm actually ever totally done either!
    We have an appt this morning for him, then I'll be working this afternoon. I did a lot in the spare room, but I'd be thrilled if I could get two more sections done. I work tomorrow, then church on Sunday. Beyond that, I'm not sure. =o)

    1. So nerve wracking isn't it?! Sounds like you're making great headway on the spare room! Get it girl!

  3. Just took the tree down last night. It looked so pretty, so I delayed as long as possible. But now the living room looks huge! Good luck!

  4. Drinking too much water can lead to lack of sleep. But I have been working at upping mine. I try to get it in at work. Less in the evenings. I work on protein but I was recently tested & reading was good. But I have to get away from the trap food. And I need to learn to eat less since I have lost the ability to know I have had enough. I ended January down 4 pounds. As a very slow loser, this was a win.

  5. Replies
    1. Once I tried to stop my water push by 4pm and cut out the nighttime tea between 7-9pm depending (because I wasn't going to bed until 1am as I've done forever) the sleep seemed to get better. Sucks though...I miss that nighttime tea. :-( I did that today and we split a meal and while he was full, I was not so it was a struggle. I need to reprogram my brain too. Congrats on the loss for the month!


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