Monday, January 8, 2024

First weekend of 2024 Weekend Recap

Sup party people?  Happy Monday.  I hope you all had a great weekend with some snuggling in close if you're in the snow path (not us...sigh) or getting milder warm days to enjoy if you were down south.  The best our weather could do was a few lousy attempts at slush and that about did it.  So the faux snow will remain on the slider until Mother Nature falls in line.  I would like a blizzard of  '78 scenario.  I'm not old enough to remember it but I've seen pictures and it looked glorious.

I found on Facebook that several of you are also suffering from the delightfulness that is heel pain/plantar fasciitis.  It'd be one thing if it was that initial getting out of bed hobble until it works itself out but this has been 24/7 for over a month.  At one point, I almost had to army crawl to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  Last week, I started doing physical therapy.  I looked up my old post about my lower body PT and started incorporating that and stair heel raises to stretch the Achilles.  I won't say it's worked miracles but there is a slight improvement.  The Mr was kind enough to slow his stride beside me in thermals to walk in the chilly air as I hobbled for just over two laps at our old park where there was no inclines or stairs.  

It still hurt...a lot.  But afterward we would make sure we went down to roll and stretch.  It would still hurt after too but I need to be able to exercise.  So it's a slow attempt to build up to being able to do something.  I started doing EHOH (every hour on the hour) last week too.

"Good Mornings" (Bend forward to 90 degrees with hands clasped behind head)
Side Lunges
Calf Raises (Hold for 3, lower slowly)
Tap Backs (Reverse lunge without "lunge/dip" portion)
Sidesteps with slight squat
Kickbacks (Heel to butt for quad stretch)
Sumo Squats
Calf Raises on stairs (allowing heel to slightly go below step on lowering)

Some days I have to back off because after the first time, I felt like I'd done a full on leg day which tells me how super weak all of my leg muscles are.  I have to see what I can handle daily.   The ones that do the best for me are the stair calf raises, squats and good mornings.  I mean they all do but if I have to stick to three basics, those are it until I add others in there for variety.  At some point I'll have to add bands in there for resistance but I'm probably 2 weeks out from that at this point.

The weekend was pretty uneventful.  Actually, we were basically a meme:


We are both at maximum density.  When your clothes don't fit and you have body parts saying hi to each other that haven't partied together in years, it's not good.  We always pop a few Fukitol's around the holidays but with the addition of trying to fill a grief hole, it's been bad.  Really.  Bad.  I doesn't help.  I won't bring her back.  I know...I can't lose weight the way I did 10-15 years ago.  I know...weight gain isn't helping my foot problems.  It's all stuff I know as I shove whatever into my face and stress eat.  I want that motivation that typically comes this time of year and it's nowhere to be found.  I want to want to do better.  I feel like I'm failing.  I'm failing myself, the Mr, Mom and you.  I feel like I should rebrand the blog as "Incredibly Increasing Grief Hag" and see how that does for retention.  Success Along the Weigh feels like a lie.  I suppose I should start scouring the internet for the bazillion success stories out there to see if they spark any motivation.  I'd advise you to do the same because clearly those days are gone here.  Sigh.

What did you get into this weekend?

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  1. Time to get some plans in order for a lot of things. Maybe the distraction will be good for us.

  2. I've had plantar fasciitis in my left foot for months. I hobble along constantly. I do stretches, ice pack, and have this ball thingy that I massage all the time along the bottom of my foot. The hobble is there 75% of the day anyway.
    We are due to get between 6-10 inches of snow tomorrow. I'm waiting to hear back from the hub's MD because he is scheduled for an appt tomorrow and I want to move it to Wednesday since they said blizzard conditions with the winds blowing at 35mph so visibility with the snow will be hard. Some back and forth was going on with the nurse and doc, so hopefully they'll agree to Wed/Fri, since that's the only option.
    I hope the snow we get you get the next day!! I don't know if it'd be good sledding snow, but maybe for snowmen.

  3. I had plantar fasciitis in both feet in 2017 for four long months, it was horrible! I dreaded getting out of bed in the morning. Someone told me that crocs helped a lot, they wore them all the time, in the house as well. Crocs were expensive so I ordered Dawgs brand from Amazon and they were amazing! I wore them all the time as well, and even now if I feel like there's a flareup happening I start wearing them again, mostly in the house. Something to do with the cushioning helped maybe? I bought two pairs of different styles and they were well worth it! Still did physio/exercises and it might be a coincidence but once I started wearing them the pain went away!

    1. Oh I hear ya about getting out of bed in the morning. Unfortunately, it's everytime I get up I can have that pain which is a delight. Thanks for the rec on the Dawgs. I need to get a pair of 'around the house' shoes!


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