Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Midweek Check In from the Wagon

I feel ya, Kermie!

Ahh, there's nothing like getting back 'on the wagon' as you're fighting holiday weight gain along with grief weight gain along with injury recovery.  The first thing is always getting in the right mindset and my Lord, the enthusiasm of the past is just not there because of everything else I'm mentally trying to work through.  

I didn't realize how utterly blown my left shoulder is.  You should have seen me attempt this Fitness Blender upper body workout.  I knew I wanted to go with functional because the pain in my shoulder is hindering my ability to do a whole lot, especially over head.  This happens when I let strength training go for whatever reason and shows me what life would be like without it, which is painful.  It's like my big melon is crushing the joint because that's what I sleep on at night.  I knew to go light at 10 lbs to test where I was but when it came to stuff like front and side raises, holy shit!  I had to go down to 8's and the pain was not pretty.  I know it will get better within a few weeks but it's the rebuilding that sucks.  It also sucks when you break down in tears at the end of the workout bawling in your husband's arms about why have we not conquered this yet?  We were so on our way over 10 years ago.  Yes, we've kept 75-85% of the weight off but we're not in the same boat to be able to lose like we could back then.  It's just frustrating and definitely not something I thought I would still be dealing with if you told 2010 me we wouldn't be remotely close to our personal goal weight.  

The throes of grief put your body through SO. MUCH.  I was a horrible sleeper before but this?  This is just next level crap and the fact I have to sleep with crap in my ear hole because we have asshole neighbors on both sides and brace for slamming or barking dogs 24/7 puts my body in a permanent state of stress and then shovel grief stress on top of it.  My body is conserving like it's storing me up for an impending asteroid.  I've been reading all of these studies about how critical good sleep is for weight loss and I have no idea how to rectify that.  Melatonin does nothing for me (and it's not good to take regularly apparently because your body will stop producing it), NyQuil, Benadryl and all of these non narcotic options people use on occasion have never worked for me.  Even when I was prescribed the equivalent of valium, my body was like "nope."  So I really can't think of a good solution for someone whose hamster is at the ready on the mental wheel anytime.

I began upping my water this week which is good but I've done that before.  I know doing it for a week or two and then slacking isn't going to help me so it's going to be hard to stay on that track.  I think my record is maybe 2 1/2 weeks before I start to slack.  I've been starting the morning chugging my 25 oz water bottle so I can get the ol' system jolted into action.   I'm trying to be better about drinking the Metamucil the doctor has recommended.  (I still don't get why they recommend that when I already get my 100% fiber according to Cronometer.)  Just like with water, it's something I may stick with for a week or two before pooping out even though it's supposed to help me with exactly that.  

A food rut is also a problem.  We've been eating crutch meals for months and the tastebuds are bored.  I did get some Hawaiian Chicken from Aldi over the weekend and I used the sauce as the dressing and added a pepper and a quarter of a zucchini in there and it was quite good.

Even though it was more sodium than I like, I was able to fit it in.  I found a cream cheese chicken chili recipe that sounded amazing and I paired everything down to low salt and made it doable for us and I must say it was damn delicious!

The one thing I need to figure out is how to add more protein in general without adding fat with it since I'm on cholesterol watch now.  So I'm open to ideas if you have any outside the box thoughts on that.

I need to get better about doing plantar fasciitis specific PT.  I go between trying to do enough and not doing too much to overload it and make the pain flair up.  I am being diligent about ultrasounding after dinner as we wind down for the night on both feet to aid healing.  

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to pee for the 757th time.

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  1. Definitely do share your insights. We're looking at the best tweaks we can make to get out of a long rut and every bit helps.

  2. Food ruts are no joke. It's hard over here because the hubs and I have different likes/dislikes, so I find it hard to cook a lot of meals because he's not going to like what's in them. So more often than not I cook two separate things, or I just cook for him and eat cereal or a salad for dinner. And is it weird that I have a huge stack of delicious looking and/or tried recipes, but then feeling overwhelmed with the choosing, the shopping, and then, honestly, having the desire to want to prepare it when the time comes? I can't tell you how many times I've bought ingredients for a recipe and I've wasted them in the fridge because I wasn't in the mood to cook. Pfft. Laziness is a big problem with me when it comes to actually following through on making something. And the hubs is no help with ideas either, lol. It's the old, "Is there anything you'd like for dinner this week?" "I don't know. I can't think of anything." So I buy some things to make and I'll say, "I'm going to make such and such." "Nah, I don't really feel like that." Argh! So neither one of us is good at decision making, follow through, etc. We used to grill throughout the entire year, but circumstances have changed there, so now it's trying to come up with other ideas while incorporating some necessary diet changes we both need.

    1. I can't count how many times I buy mushrooms (which I hate) for the turkey mushroom meatloaf (which we love) and keep saying "tomorrow" and then 2 weeks has passed and the shrooms are bad. I always love it when it's actually done and we're having our last piece of the one I made last week and I'll have to push myself to make it again. You're right, laziness wins so much of the time. Do you have a food processor? That is literally the only way it gets made (even then it's a struggle) because I can let the machine do most of the work. If I can get stuff prepped the day before, no problem but day of? I'm procrastinating fo sho! (I don't know how you do it with cooking two different things. I couldn't do it. LOL)

  3. I started this back in 2010. I can relate to your comment on progress on my personal goal weight. I would have thought I would have been in maintenance by now. It is hard. But for me I realized my focus must be food. Exercise is only 20% of the equation. As for sleep it is critical for loss. Any hope of neighbors moving? I hate when others are so thoughtless!

    1. So much fun still chugging all these years later, isn't it? Yes, definitely reading more and more about how much sleep allows you to lose and I really don't know how to rectify that. I'm a born night owl that takes after her mama. Oh if we could get at least the renter (which isn't allowed but there he is anyway) to move, it would be 60% better. But then we always cringe because 'the devil you know.' I can't imagine some schmuck moving in with EDM music or kids running around. But both of them just have me in a constant fight or flight brace and to say they are unreasonable to polite suggestions is the understatement of the year. Sigh...


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