Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Sorry, I'm Not Doing That! 😒


Anyone else noticed an annoying AF trend on Instagram where instead of just telling people in the caption what ingredients were in the recipe they just showed or list what colors and materials they used on a project, they're now like "comment RECIPE, LIST (or whatever magic phrase) for links/list/recipe."

So if your little reel goes viral or even has 50 people who respond to it, you're supposed to DM every single person a link????  What if an old one gets a lot of traction and you have to start digging back to find stuff?  It's even worse if there's some tool where it's now scanning the creators DM's for said magic phrase because where is your privacy in that??  Now, links I kind of get because they aren't clickable in the comments section but most people have a "link in bio" section where they'll share info.

So if you, like me, ain't got time for that BS go to the home page of the account, look for a little link icon 🔗 in their description (might look like a paper clip) and about 80+% of the time you will find the link for whatever recipe, project or item they're talking about.  Otherwise out of pure irritation I no longer care enough to comment "recipe!"  "Pantry hack" or whatever secret word handshake to bow to the IG overlords.  

So hopefully that saves you as much time as it saves me!

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  1. I hate it when things like this get pushed because of algorithms being changed by the powers that be. Always pushing for more wasted time to make pennies on the dollar that the content creators don't even get.


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