Wednesday, January 31, 2024

A Moment in the Life: Whose Hand Is That?

A few weeks ago, I was up late and it had been a day of low water and considerable hand washing.  As I was flipping channels, I caught a glimpse of something that horrified me:

Whose old effin' hand is that!?  That is not what my hand looks like.  There's no lotion on it, I'm not hydrated but the light caught it just right to be able to make me recoil in horror.  Sooner than I'd like, that IS going to be what my hand looks like.  It reminded me of my great grandma's hands when I was little.  She lived to be 100 so they ended up looking way worse than that by the time she checked out.  I found a picture of her the other day and she would absolutely be used in a modern day 'judging' meme.  Judging cat got nothing on my paternal great grandma, yo.  But I thought of so many things.  How I'm going to be flipping into new numbers this year and I remember throwing my mom a huge party for hers.  We were at our heaviest then and I've never watched the video from it.  I want to now because I want to hear my mom's voice but I also know it'll be hard to see me looking the way I did then.  I would've called you a bold faced liar if you told me she wasn't going to be around to see me turn the same age 17 years later.  

I don't think anyone properly prepares you for what natural aging does to your psyche and even worse when your mom isn't there to guide you through it.  Even though she and I had different approaches to life, you still want a hug from your mom when life gets hard whether it's a hard situation or you've discovered your hand looks like a 'before' picture for an old school cold cream.  Sooner than later, no amount of my favorite lotion will moisturize the old out of my hands.  I'm one of those people aging is going to hit hard because the Mr and I have been together since we were teens.  These hands have seen a lot.  Though I guess it's presumptuous of me to assume my hands will get much older than this.  We all assume we'll get to a ripe old age but my Mom and his dad are proof that isn't always the case.  

I guess I'll have to work on my grip strength to hang on for dear life the rest of my years.

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  1. oh Do I get that! I've caught myself looking at my hands, and my face for that matter, and at 51 they have changed alot, My brother is 4 years older that me and he said when he turned 55 his whole body changed. I'm trying to stay hydrated and use lotion on my hands, i don't wear makeup, never really did. It's amazing how just a quick glance can make you think, who is that? Them BAM reality.

    1. Oh good so I've got the full body change to look forward to in the next decade eh? I'm hoping if I can finally get my crap together it won't be as drastic. I don't know about you but when I was a teenager I'd always hear "just wait until you get older!"
      "For what?" "JUST WAIT!!!" Well, like TELL ME. I would much rather be somewhat prepared for more than "oh you just get more aches and pains." For the LONGEST time, people told me "do you EVER age?!" but I don't think they're going to be asking much longer! LOL

      I do the same with my face too especially like the edges around the temples I see some little light patches even though I use sunscreen and it's like HEY! I did NOT sign on for those!!

  2. My hands always look terrible, even with creams and such. My right hand is worse because I have that in hot soapy water all the time washing dishes. I can't wear gloves because they just feel awkward. So I hear you on the crinkly hands. I'm not good about consistently using hand creams either (body lotions...forget it...I just don't think to do it enough), so my hands have never felt very soft and smooth.
    One thing I've decided though (and just in this past week) is I'm going to go gray. I'm tired of coloring my hair, the hours and money it takes, plus my grays all come popping out within a week anyway. So I've been doing a lot of reading and am pretty excited for feeling good with my decision. It's gonna be weird and awkward with a lot of judgy comments, but I'll be focused on the freedom over the next couple of years for it to fully grow out. So I'm embracing the gray/silver/white, whatever it turns out to be. =o)

    1. Gloves do feel weird when you're trying to wash dishes and then if it gets down in there, you get prune hands!

      Good for you on the gray. I know a lot of people who do like the freedom of that. I've heard a lot of people will take the previous color out first. This article lists a lot of the products you can use if you're interested and not having the two toned affect for up to a year.

    2. Um no idea why the above paragraph did that! LOL


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