Monday, January 22, 2024

Testing the Gams Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, party people!  We're sliding into the last full week of January.   Last week we got back to our first week of full exercise.  Not full blast for me, mind you, but I did what I could.  We started with a 3 mile WATP last Sunday, then pulled it down to 2 miles, the next day fitness blender's idea of a "walking" workout and it was nothing of the kind.  Then I was desperate to do a Turbo Fire.  I know, it sounded bad before we even did it and I waited to pay the wrath Thursday and I just felt the usual foot pain.  What came next was seeing how my legs would react to a lower body strength session.  We did one complete with lunges, deadlifts, squats, etc.  I kept the weight light but my calves were giving me occasional fits so I'd do soleus stretches in the middle of a set to attempt to keep things looser.  I got some wide calf compression socks and would wear those after to help with swelling.  What was my bright idea for Friday?  Welp, we got just over 2" of snow and it was set to be melted by today or tomorrow.  Given our track record the past few years, I knew this could likely be the only time we could pseudo snowshoe.  (Not deep enough for conventional snowshoes)  Did I mention it was 22 degrees out?  Well, that's what thermals are for.  I knew the odds of me undoing the minute amount of progress I was just beginning to see and making me worse off than I started was high.  Did it anyway.

We had our walking poles and snow sneakers on because no way was I attempting to use actual snow shoes.  I brought my regular tennies in case the snow sneakers, which are quite hard with little toe wiggle room, didn't work out so I could change if I needed to.  We were only able to get one slow full lap in and both of us were having issues with our fingertips being painful despite having on two pairs of gloves.  We forgot to grab hand warmers on the way out and it got a little scary at a few points.  I had to pull a Mary Catherine Gallagher and put my gloves in my pits and wiggle my fingers and encouraged the Mr to do the same.  After a minute, it made a difference to be able to forge on.  Afterward we saw some woodland friends.

While I knew it was probably the worst thing I could do for my feet and despite having froze fish sticks for fingers, it was good for the soul.  As we were exiting the trail, a horribly underdressed twenty something in her Lululemon wear showed up and I warned her to be careful since quite a few spots were pure sheets of ice.  Just like that, I was the next subject for the Progressive becoming your parents commercial. 🙄

We went down and rolled and stretched when we got home but the Mr was hobbling so that made me nervous.  I immediately got to ultrasounding my feet and when we went up to watch Queen Bees on Netflix I threw on the my compression socks and slathered on some magnesium foam before bed.  I was pretty nervous about what Saturday would hold for me and knew given how bad my usual middle of the night pee was that I'd better brace for the worst.  

I was happy to wake up Saturday and only have slightly worse pain on the left foot for about 10 minutes after walking and it went away.  So I don't feel like I did any damage and I can maybe look into adding some more movement in the coming week as long as I keep up on my PT/rolling after exercise.  Saturday we tried a new to us taco place and it was okay.  We both agreed we would likely just get the taco (burrito really) we got but get our own no salt tortilla chips which we like better.  My lips were stinging after eating theirs and I'm not used to that.  We went out a little later and then finished up a Netflix doc before turning in for the night so another lazy Saturday.

Sunday was a grocery pickup and a healthy breakfast to start the day.  I was waiting on some gloves I got hoping they would arrive so we could test them in the last cold day this week.  Whilst waiting for those we decided it was time to watch some health oriented documentaries to see if we could glean any motivation or new to us information.   On Amazon Prime we watched Beyond Weight Loss.  The format kind of sounded like some rando decided to do a documentary as production value was low but it did give some good formulas to keep in your back pocket going forward.  What it also did was basically tell us that yo yo dieting has effed us up so badly that our body will never recover and even strength training won't help.  But then out of the other side of their mouth gave solutions which is basically stuff we already knew- cardio and strength training.   They all seem to subscribe to the multiple meals per day model and claim the body can't process more than 300 calories at a meal.  (???)  Literally the first time we're ever hearing that.   (Not the 5-6x day eating thing but about what your body can't take in more than 300 calories without storing it.)   We went to the park and got in another round of snowshoeing despite some melt and did one extra lap.  That did it as far as feeling like I did a little damage so I got to ultrasounding.

Then we watched parts of a Netflix doc called You Are What You Eat: A Twin Experiment where they feed one twin omnivore diet and one plant based.  It doesn't take a genius to know that the vegans are going to lose all the weight, improve all the numbers, etc.  It felt very one sided (and I'm not saying they're wrong) but it pissed me off so bad that what I thought I was watching was highjacked by 60% with another agenda that we just skipped to the last episode to see the results like we thought we were watching and then watched Homestead Rescue to get the bad taste out of our mouths.  So that's how we rounded out the night.

How was your weekend?

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  1. I am so glad we got out in the snow. It probably is our only shot at doing that. Sorry you had to pay for it though and I hope it doesn't set you back too far. I definitely have some soreness too and am glad that, if nothing else, we are stretching and rolling after now because that does help big time!


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