Friday, January 19, 2024

What I'm Reading This Week #3

It's finally Friday.  As usual a short week felt just as long as a regular one.  We finished up the Netflix Dahmer series with Evan Peters just in time to see Niecy Nash win an Emmy for her performance.  She did do a great job.  I kept fact checking the whole time because I had just wrapped up the real trial a day or two before so everything was pretty fresh in my head.  We watched Luckiest Girl Alive which was decent.  Also finished up Emily in Paris so I need to see what to get into next on there.  I will usually list a Netflix gift card once a year for friends to get for birthday or whatever and we catch up long after the hype for everything is over.  Apparently if you don't sign in for over 6 months, Netflix will completely wipe your account and saves so make sure you write down what's in your queue if you do something similar.  I know no one does but still.  

Now let's queue up:

Scientists Say They'll Cut Back on Bottled Water After Learning 1 Liter Contains a Quarter of a Million Pieces of Plastic  (For anyone who still uses plastic bottles.  Trust me, get a big ass one like we have and this isn't an issue.)

Functional Fitness Is the Most Practical Form of Exercise You Can Do — Here’s How  (This is literally just as important, if not more, than traditional strength training.)

Squat vs. Hip Hinge: Which Is Better for Training Your Glutes?  (I didn't know what a hip hinge was.  I can see the benefit though)

Steve Jobs thought devices would become ‘a bicycle for the mind’–but their effect on our brains is similar to that of smoking and junk food  (I friggin hate what technology has done to my brain.  I would give anything to retrain my brain.  I won't even sit through credits or suspense builders because I'm that impatient now.)

Why Bad Grammar Bothers Us So Much (Yes those do but it's the misspellings that are like nails on a chalkboard to me.  'Loose' weight and 'excercise' drive me up a wall.)

No big plans for the weekend that I know of.  All of our Christmas stuff is still up.  Might be time to think about taking it down in the next week or two.  I don't usually like to take it down until there's been at least ONE snow with 2" or at least something that you can't see through it but doesn't look like that's ever happening.  *kicks pebble*    Even if we did, it's going to be in the 40's in a few days.  We really need to move to a snow belt area.   I'm going stir crazy though...might need to see if we can get into something and test out my PT.  

Any tomfoolery on tap for you this weekend?

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  1. Short week syndrome strikes again! So glad it's Friday finally. No idea what to do with the weekend but glad to be off work regardless. Have a great weekend everyone!

  2. My two pet peeves are hearing someone say "eKspecially" or "irregardless"...not a word; it's a double negative... just regardless will do. This was a terribly stressful work week, so I am drained to the bone. Have a lot of house stuff to do, so need to pace myself and not fall into the sloth trap that I so often do. Frigid temps here until next week when there's a warm up. I'm hearing freezing rain for the day we have to be at an appt and I'm already stressing over it...this is how my dumb brain works. Sigh...
    I hope you guys can get out and about and see some different sites and enjoy some time away from the homestead. xoxoxo


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