Monday, January 15, 2024

Talking Turkey Weekend Recap

Happy Monday my pretties!  I hope you had a good weekend and that any of you in the path of any snowstorms still have power and are doing okay.   We're down to about 10 degrees with not even a dusting of snow.  Definitely won't be any walking outdoors for us this week!  Yikes!  At least the last time we walked we gave the turkeys a concert.

Have y'all seen this on IG?  Well, it cracks the Mr and I up and we started singing the horn part to the turkeys and one group of them stopped and genuinely looked at us like they were going to start following us like we were pied pipers.  Then there was a different group and they were like "they're the devils!" and ran away.  Before you ask, no there was no one around.  😆

Friday night, I thought about our old neighbor when I was a teenager and thought maybe I'd drop her a note since I knew Mom was friends with her on Facebook.  The next morning I was checking Mom's feed as I do every morning and I saw it was that neighbor's birthday.  I was excited because I thought that would be the perfect chance to get back in touch.  I got on her page to see what she'd been up to and I saw a message from her husband wishing her a happy 'heavenly' birthday.  She passed away one month to the day before Mom at 56 years old and only 10 days after her own mom passed.  I just lost it bawling.  She was always the nicest, funniest woman.  She was friends with the family of my first crush and would tease me a little.  When he was injured in a fire, she told me about it and I was able to go visit him in the hospital which he said meant the world to him because his own girlfriend didn't come to visit him.  I was always grateful to her for that.  She and I would knock on the bathroom wall to each other if we heard the other in the morning.  You know that knock that everyone does  "dum dum da dum dum" and then then the other knocks back "dum dum."  Well, one time she did it in the hall at the top of the stairs and when I did the response "dum dum" in my 80's slick heels and I slipped and flew down the stairs!  The thought of what that had to sound like to her on the other side made me lose my shit laughing and she ran over banging on the door "are you okay!?  Are you okay!??!"  I limped to the door laughing saying I was okay (maybe that's what's wrong with my legs!)  When my dog was dying, she took me to the ER vet because my mom was gone that night.   She was the type who was so adorable and you could see her playing Mrs Claus when she got older with white hair.  Big twinkling blue eyes, sweet little round cheeks and a laugh that was contagious.  But, like Mom, she didn't get the chance to get old.  I cannot take anymore death.  I really can't.  Thankfully, the Mr was down with driving around aimlessly because I couldn't be in the house after learning about her passing.  It was nice to be out and about a bit and get my mind off of that.  We watched some tube and passed out but then I had insomnia until about 4am.  I made sure we got our car battery jumpers all fully charged knowing how cold it was going to get.  

Sunday was all about getting my 'new' laptop charged up.  I've had it since November 2022.  Mmm hmm.  The Mr got me up and running and I had to log back in to everything which was a pain in the butt.  We had the fireplace on a few times because that heat seems to retain more than the forced heat.  We went downstairs and I tried my Walk Away the Pounds 3 miles and I was able to get through it.  I'm on day 3 of using my ultrasound.   I need to try to save money right now so I'm going to see how far I can get on my own with that and PT and digging around trying to release what I can.  I talked on the phone with my friend from middle school for almost two hours.  It was nice to laugh and reminisce about our weddings, momzillas (not mine), and what's going on.  I made the Hello Fresh chicken pot pie skillet which I haven't made in a while and it was pretty good.  We watched some of the Netflix Dahmer special because I didn't want to start it until after I watched the real trial to know what was real and what wasn't.  

That about does it!

How was your weekend?

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  1. It was hilarious "singing" to the turkeys and having them respond the way they did. I could almost see them ready to bob their heads. If anyone needs a laugh, try that video. I hope it's not just us that find it hilarious enough to have gut-busting laughter, which is hard to come by these days!

  2. It's nice to know you guys have the behemoth birds by you too! You serenaded them much to their delight...well, half of their delight. LOL
    I'm so glad you got to talk to your friend and catch up one-on-one. Those conversations are cathartic I think. I have to literally schedule a phone call on Friday night with a friend because there has been absolutely no time to converse either by phone or email. So Friday night it is. It's -6 out right now with a wind chill of -22, but it's sunny and crazy as that sounds, it's helping to compress the blowing and drifting somewhat. We have some mighty cold forays out to potty for the dog that's for sure. Finally got her Walkee Paws boots to stay on her for the most part so now she's willing to at least go out. Still slow about going potty but she's at least going now!


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