Friday, January 5, 2024

What I'm Reading This Week #1

Welp, we're at Friday links #1.  You've made it through almost the first full week of the new year.  High five!


I'm not going to's been difficult, starting a new year without her.  No one ever thinks of that part.  The forced abandonment of leaving your loved one in an old year while you start a new one.  The Mr said he remembered that feeling well from when his dad passed which will somehow be 20 years in September this year.  That turns my stomach to think of how fast 20 years has passed and just knowing how the memory of my father in law feels so far away than when he was here even though we only saw him once or twice a year because of living out of state.  I can still hear his voice though and the Mr carries on his laugh as well as his occasional BS explanations that I laugh at and say "just say you don't know" just like his dad did.  I know parts of my mom will live on through me as well.  People say they know I'm related by smile alone.  I hear her laugh when I laugh as well as phrases and cadence of her when she spoke.   Regional  phrases or sayings that slip from my lips and hear both her and my grandma at times and I smile and feel a little sick inside.  


Now it's time to get to our first go round this year of:

4 Exercises You Need for Better Full-Body Mobility  (These look like they could loosen you up!)

How to Rest, for Real, When You’re a Very Anxious Person  (There are actually some decent tips and not patronizing BS)

6 Ways Stress and Weight Are Connected  (Welp, I'll clearly be fat forever.)

Home Cooking Mysteries, Solved  (A good one to keep bookmarked.  Do people still bookmark??)

We are ready to leave the comfort foods of the holidays behind as most people are but I need some suggestions.  I just don't have a whole lot of brain power anymore to research and scan through online recipes so if anyone has any suggestions on their healthy faves that I can put into rotation, feel free to share it in the comments.  I've got some Hello Fresh recipes I need to look over and put together grocery lists.  I'm really hoping I can get back to some kind of regular exercise.  Tomorrow is epiphany for those who celebrate the actual 12 Days of Christmas.  It would've been nice to get some snow for the occasion but apparently we don't get that anymore.  If I get my feet/legs back, I'm going to start searching it out, chuck the Mr in the car and going to go play in some friggin' snow dang it!

Whatchu got planned this weekend?

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  1. Week 1 just felt like a month to me but Friday is finally here and I'm enjoying it already. Have a good weekend everyone!

  2. I'm sure starting this year has been incredibly hard and painful. My mind never seems to grasp how time can keep going along when you feel like you're stuck in time when life was "normal" (whatever our normal might have been). I'm so sorry. I hope you can get out and find some snow just to have some honest to goodness playtime for a little while.
    It's been a very busy and stressful week. Holidays do not work well when you have to meet deadlines, so it's a constant daily catch up. Add appointments into that and it makes for some late work days. Working today, then grocery shopping. The furnace folks just called to do their maintenance check and water heater flush, so they are coming tomorrow morning. I work tomorrow, the hubs works on Sunday and I have church. Not a lot of downtime, but the necessary stuff will get done.
    I hope you have a good weekend and your legs cooperate and let you go out and enjoy the white stuff!

    1. Ugh it sounds like you're being run ragged! I wish I lived closer so I could help in whatever capacity I could! Hoping all goes well with the service people tomorrow and you can find even a half an hour in your weekend to breathe!


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