Wednesday, May 17, 2017

My Lower Body PT Exercise

These exercises are the ones I do for my lower body physical therapy.  I am posting them because a few people have asked me to share our PT routines.  These exercises have been tailored to my personal injury and therefore should not be considered a plan for you to follow.  I am not a health professional and this routine should not be construed as medical advice.  Please speak with a medical professional before making any changes to your current routine.

Clamshells- Lying on your side with a band  (affiliate link) around the knees, stack your knees and ankles together, lift your top knee into the air, hold for 3 count then slowly return to starting position.  Progression: Do clamshell while in a side plank position.

Bridges- Lay on your back with your arms at your side.  Bend your knees at hip width.  Slowly raise buttocks from floor maintaining a neutral spine and keeping stomach tight.  Hold for 3 counts before slowly releasing to the floor.

Banded Squat Walks- With a resistance band  (affiliate link) tied at the knees, stand with legs hip distance apart.  Go into a squat position.  Move one leg to the side keeping your core tight and move your torso with your outside leg.  (No swinging the upper body!) Continue for 5 reps then move 5 reps back to starting position.

Banded Leg Sweeps- With an elastic band around both ankles and knees bent, walk forward while keeping your feet spread apart.  When you reverse, sweep the right leg back and to the right then sweep the left leg behind and to the left as you travel backward.

Squats- Leaning against a wall, slide your body downward and then return to upright position.  Progression:  Not against a wall- Push butt back as you squat down making sure your shins and chest are at the same angle.  Keep knees in as you squat down.

Lunges- Take large step forward with one foot and bend at both knees keeping most of the weight on the front leg with toes pulled back.  Do not let front knee go over the toes.  Return and repeat on the other side.

Star Excursions- Standing on one leg, make sure the knee does not cross the mid line of your body or go past your toes.  In each direction (to the side, behind you and to the other side) slide your foot an inch off the floor without touching and gently tap as far as you can reach in each direction. Progression:  Don't tap down.

Rocking Balance Board- Place foot on balance board  (affiliate link) and rock the board forward and backward.  Then side to side.  Then in a circular motion.  (This is the one that keeps my ankle mobility in check.)

Release Muscles- Using a softball, place the softball in pressure points on legs and keep pressure there until it releases (no more than 30 seconds.)  Make sure to rub the legs in those spots.

Foam Roll- Foam roll  (affiliate link) tight muscles after PT or workout to aid recovery.

Hip Flexor Stretch- Kneel on soft surface and tuck toes under on the side you are kneeling on. Position yourself in a straight posture until you feel slight stretch in hip flexor.  Tighten glute on the side you're kneeling on to get a better stretch.  Do not lean forward.

Gastroc Stretch- Stand on a solid slanted board (affiliate link)  Slowly lean forward until you feel a slight stretch in the back of the calf.  Keep your knees straight.  Repeat on the other side.

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  1. I want to get better about doing the clamshells. I still have the email you sent me of them in my inbox and I keep telling myself I need to do these before bed and before getting up in the morning. Bridges aren't too bad, but I must laugh when I realize I'm lifting my hips a significant amount off the floor, and yet my but is only about an inch off the floor because it's so bubbly. LOL!


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