Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Top 10 Posts of 2020

I am kind of horrible about checking things like spam folders, inboxes and stats this year.  I was never great at it to begin with but this year just kind of wiped out any and all f**ks given on so many fronts, that seemed to be the least of my concerns.  I thought I'd check my stats to see what people have been reading here this year and it's clear some are quarantine driven.  From projects to do to products to buy and needing to know others are feeling the same, it runs the gamut.

I'm taking it easy at the end of the month so consider this kind of my 2020 recap as chosen by people who have stumbled upon my corner of the internet for one reason or another this year.

I have a feeling many of us were asking ourselves that question about that time.  I do regret that was the only time we got out to paddle this year.  Too many people inundating the waterways and lack of motivation.

Funnily enough, this was months into the pandemic but I also assume many of us felt that 'pandemic fatigue' setting in so I can see why the title was alluring.

I don't know if people got what they were after when they saw that title but I think it was most of my regulars given the number of hits.

I think this was the first one where I started featuring dinners on the regular.

Yet another on how we were handling the pandemic and written after several people reached out to me personally because they were struggling.

That one is pretty self explanatory.

While it didn't turn out the way I expected, it did have some lasting perks.

These top three are ones that are not new and get constant traffic all through the year.

Review of an anti-snoring apparatus.

This one gets a ton of hits and honestly, I'm shocked TJ's hasn't discontinued it given their track record.

The most popular post of 2020 is...

I don't know if people were looking to upcycle for their new WFH space or what but this gets the most hits every year since I posted it.

There ya have it!  My top 10 of 2020.  

Scintillating but it's the closest y'all are probably going to get to a yearly recap of the year of doing nothing.  LOL

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  1. It is really neat to see which ones still get hits even years later. That TJ's thai chili is awesome, I hope they never get rid of it but we know how TJ's is about that, ugh.


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