Friday, December 11, 2020

What I'm Reading This Week #50

Good Friday to you all!  Did the week treat you well?  Are you done with that Christmas shopping?  Just remember the USPS shipping deadlines which go into effect starting today if you're choosing to use that service.  I have unfortunately experienced way too many problems with them the past 2 months (still am) to be able to rely on them so I chose UPS and FedEx to ship stuff this year and everything got where it needed to go.  (Not that I haven't had a snag or two on that front either.  Thank God for honest neighbors.)  I really hope USPS gets it under control and I know their poor workers are severely overworked...all delivery services are.  Bless all of those people who do that job.  Consider leaving out some snacks for them this holiday season as a way to let them know they're still appreciated.  I can tell you it's quite heartwarming to see the smiles or read their notes letting you know they are grateful to be remembered.  

Did anyone catch yesterday's Home and Family on Hallmark Channel?  There was a segment where Debbie and Maria were about to show you how to make some Santa ring toss game.  They kept an outtake in there and Debbie was like "everyone has a chance to win?  I don't understand that because it's hard.  It's a lie...everyone's a loser."  I lost it laughing.  I haven't been that happy in a long time and they should totally keep stuff like that in the show.  I was PRAYING she was going to curse which is the only thing that would've made it better.  

Here was our eats this week.  Monday we made Brussels flatbread with lemon ricotta and walnuts.

Workout was Joel's sandbag strength session but with weights.  I pulled a ham and butt string on that one.

Tuesday was BBQ pork loin, half a baked potato with Borsin and Brussels.

Wednesday was pineapple passion fruit glazed orange roughy with sweet potato gnocchi and veggies.

Workout was strength.

Thursday was potato leek soup and salad.

Now let's get to:

The Most Scenic Winter Drive in Every State  (Lots of beauty to explore this season!)

15 Old-Fashioned Christmas Traditions to Bring Back  (Mr-  you have the eggnog, I'll have the wassail.)

This Is Why 350 Degrees Is Your Oven's Magic Temperature  (For anyone getting baking in the kitchen.)

Unpopular Opinion: I Actually Really Love Winter (So do we Caitlin...this post should help convince a few.)

Winter Squash Lasagna  (This sounds SO good!  Definitely making it!)

Bring Them a Figgy Pudding  (Did anyone else read the end and wonder if she checked the trash instead of assuming what she did?)

37 Fun Christmas Games for Kids  (Don't let 'em get bored!)

Reunited Apart: Wayne's World (Courtesy of the Mr.  Schwinnnng!  If you want to skip past a non-sensical eye rolling portion at the beginning and get the meat of the interview, click here.)

Hallmark’s Formula for a Very Sappy Christmas  (I wonder if they'll end up together?)

Baby boy's face lights up as he sees snow for first time  (I know how ya feel buddy, I do the same thing!)

We're gonna be busy as heck this next week as I'm sure many of you are.  It's that week where it's the last of any leisurely holiday activities and then going "holy crap!" and trying to cram in as much as possible before it's all over.  Just trying to remember to enjoy it all and not freak out.  All of my presents have already been sent/delivered to their recipients so I have to remember that and breathe!  Maybe a Christmas movie marathon is in order.

Any fun plans this weekend?

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  1. Wow. #50 eh? Crazy this year really has only 2 Fridays left! This coming week is the crunch week for sure and to top it off I have a class for work that should keep things busy. I am definitely up for the Christmas movie marathon though!

  2. I have to work today but don't have to go in until 1pm! A coworker volunteered to work the morning since I'll be there later than usual because another coworker has a doctor appt. So I'm thrilled to have the morning off to putter around. Rain/snow between today and tomorrow so I'll need to get the dogs out before that starts. Then it's just the usual house stuff and working. All my shopping is done except for one thing which I'm picking up curbside today and waiting on two things to arrive in the mail, all for the hubs. I did record the Charlie Brown Christmas on PBS for Sunday night and this time I'll be saving it. Have a great weekend with the movie marathon!

  3. Would you ever consider linking or writing out the recipes for the dinners you post? They always look so good! This week I'm focused on the flatbread, which looks and sounds so delicious, but there are always one or two I'd love to try!

    1. Hey Laura! I use this recipe as a template for the flatbreads. ( I don't use any butter or oil they recommend because their calorie count doesn't even include those and they always have you using an insane amount. I add 15g walnuts and a strip of bacon (or vegan bacon bits if I'm lazy) for a little flavor and crunch. I use Atoria's Whole Wheat Lavash Flatbread which are 110 cals for the size you see in the pic. You usually have to hunt for them in the specialty bread section. We also love this one ( I use sweet potatoes instead of squash and their "jar" of honey is equivalent to 1 1/2 tbsp. That one is just A-MAY-ZING! Again, we alter or omit oil use. You'll see the Brussels one lists a seasoning mix. It's not what you think. This webpage has all of the mix ratios so you can refer to them in a pinch. (

      Just shot me a comment on anything that looks interesting and I'm happy to share the recipe!

    2. Thanks so much for the response :) I am going to try this for sure!!


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